Chapter 601: Killing An Army Of Million With The Force Of One

Li Qiye murmured while standing inside the Ancestral Realm: “Legend said that before the Desolate Era, this was the best sacred ground in the Sacred Nether World; only a few territories across the nine worlds were comparable to it. What a shame that such a good place was occupied by these false gods for so long.”

At this point, the Ancestral Realm was ready to meet its enemy. An army of one hundred thousand had amassed under the leadership of eight Grand Gods. Above them was the supreme ruler of this place — the Heavenly God!

The Heavenly God imposingly stood in the sky with the heavens right behind him as if he was the master of myriad dao. He was the tyrant of this realm and his will reigned supreme. Anyone would have to prostrate before this deity.

This was a dreadful existence; even God-Monarchs and eternal existences from imperial lineages would be quite wary in the presence of this being.

The tales told that during the era without Immortal Emperors, no one was his match. Of course, people couldn’t verify these words since no one had seen him in action. However, it was undeniable that the Heavenly God’s might was dreadful.

All the heaven-defying masters from the imperial lineages watched with bated breaths as their gazes were fixated on their mirrors.

Meanwhile, in the outside world, the Ancestral City had been destroyed. Some experts from great powers lingered around the ruins, but they didn’t dare to step inside, let alone enter the Ancestral Realm.

At this time, the Heavenly God spoke: “Your actions will bring about damnation to the human race.” His words formed a mantra that suppressed the heavens. Against this type of compelling rhetoric, even Heavenly Kings would fall to the ground.

Li Qiye glared at him and said: “There is too much talking that I do not have the time for. Today, I shall not show mercy to those who oppose me!”

“Animal, don’t act so presumptuously!” One of the eight Grand Gods interjected with a loud cry.

This was met with a swift rebuttal from Qin Guangwang: “A bunch of pretentious false gods still dare to act arrogant here? Tell that devil underground to come out!” With that, he rushed forward to pave a path for Li Qiye.

“Boom!” Layers of defensive perimeters rose up from the Ancestral Realm. Each layer carried the power of an invincible character.

“Break!” Qin Guangwang’s three bloodswords slashed the sky with a world-destroying power and flew towards the barriers while he himself threw his trident at the same time.

“Rumble!” In the face of the trident and the three bloodswords, the defensive barriers of the realm trembled. One attack already caused the realm’s light to darken.

His prowess shocked the great army, and all eight Grand Gods’ expression greatly changed. Even the Heavenly God standing in the sky became more serious.

An extremely archaic existence from the Myriad Bones Throne was astonished as well as he commented: “Even our patriarch’s number one divine general couldn’t be any better than this in the past.”

“Boom! Boom!!!” Right when Qin Guangwang attacked, Li Qiye’s ninety-nine cannons began to bombard the barriers as well.

Qin Guangwang alone was terrifying enough, but with the help of the cannons, the Ancestral Realm’s barriers couldn’t withstand it despite their own formidable power.

“Bang!” With one last blast, a horrifying hole formed on the barrier after the combined efforts of Li Qiye and Qin Guangwang. The two then passed through the barrier into the realm.

The army of one hundred thousand cried out at this time: “Kill them!” All of them formed an extremely harrowing grand formation. In just a split second, the soldiers appeared to be bolstered into an endless army that consisted of 80,000,000 divine soldiers.

A great formation such as this would cause even gods to quiver; 80,000,000 divine soldiers could completely crush the Sacred Nether World with ease.

Li Qiye looked at the mighty army then told Qin Guangwang: “You deal with the Heavenly God’s group, I will take care of this grand formation.”

“Okay!” Qin Guangwang responded with a nod.

At this time, Li Qiye boldly stepped inside the formation.

“Kill!” He was surrounded by the endless army in the blink of an eye. The ninety-nine black holes hovering around his body fired instantly.

Meanwhile, Qin Guangwang flew into the sky and screamed out: “I have waited for this day for a very long time!” He pointed the three swords at the eight Grand Gods while his trident carried an unstoppable momentum that flew towards the Heavenly God.

The gods let out a battle cry and took action at the same time. Their divine weapons roared as divine laws appeared beneath their feet. The nine of them used an unstoppable momentum to plow their way towards Qin Guangwang.

At this moment, all of them were extremely cautious since they knew they had encountered an absolutely terrifying enemy. Qin Guangwang was an unbeatable Godking; his strength was enough to sweep through the nine heavens and ten earths.

The invincible Qin Guangwang roared as well and fought against nine by himself with his demonic bloodswords and the unstoppable trident.

However, the Heavenly God and the eight Grand Gods relentlessly attacked to stop Qin Guangwang. They had no other choice; either he would die, or they would perish.

“Rumble!” Meanwhile, inside the grand formation, Li Qiye used his most overbearing style to unleash the ninety-nine cannons; each cannon aimed towards a different direction.

Amidst the grand formation, countless divine soldiers could be seen. Each of them was stalwart and holy as if they were actually troops from the immortal world. However, despite their numerous and brave attacks, they were bombed to pieces by the cannons. The tidal-like onslaught couldn’t get close to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye unleashed powerful attacks one after another. He trod among the vast grand formation as his tiny figure seemed to be lost.

The truth was that this was not his first time seeing this unstoppable formation. This time, he met it head-on only to get familiar and recall some memories. Although it seemed that he was lost within the formation, the army still couldn’t get close to him despite their efforts due to being blown into pieces by the cannons.

After finding the familiar sensation in the formation when some time passed, Li Qiye used an amazing speed to reach the center of the formation — this was also its weakness! He roared: “Have another taste of these unstoppable cannons!”

With that, the ninety-nine holes arranged themselves to form a gigantic cannon array that locked onto the center of the formation.

“Boom!” With a huge blast, the black light from all ninety-nine cannons was concentrated at the same spot and fired. The power of this shot was absolutely peerless; it was no weaker than a Heavenly Annihilation, capable of killing gods and immortals!

“Boom!!!” Finally, the unbeatable formation was completely destroyed. The 100,000 troops revealed their true selves as the remnants of the blast went on and caused the army to fly. In just a second, the majority of them went belly-up from this shock wave.

“Boom—boom!” Li Qiye defeated the grand formation in one breath and didn’t show any mercy. The ninety-nine cannons aimed for the huge army once again.

With shrill wails, mangled flesh flew everywhere. The bombardment of the cannons rendered this huge army into dust in a short amount of time.

The imperial elders back at the Sacred Nether World couldn’t hide their amazement and gasped while watching this scene.

After destroying the 100,000 man army with his cannons, the remaining experts from the Ancestral Realm didn’t dare to approach Li Qiye.

In the sky, Qin Guangwang was still fighting the Heavenly God and the eight Grand Gods, causing the heaven and earth to collapse and the moon and stars to lose their brilliance. The eight Grand Gods were full of wounds from being continuously pushed back by Qin Guangwang’s bloodswords; they were clearly not a match.

However, the Heavenly God was indeed worthy of his title. He alone fought against Qin Guangwang’s trident. Although he was not at an advantage, at the very least, he could still withstand the assault. Without his help, the other eight gods would have been massacred by Qin Guangwang long ago.

“But… this is the Ancestral Realm!” The imperial elders from various sects all took deep breaths while watching this scene.

The archaic existence from the Myriad Bones Throne that had been sealed for many years and was on the verge of dying murmured: “Although the Ancestral Realm is strong, Necropolis’ Imp is no less notorious. Legend states that he is an extremely old and invincible existence.”

Another ancestor from the throne of bones asked: “Does Ancestor know his identity?”

The near-death existence replied: “Yes, I have heard of it from our Patriarch Immortal Emperor when he spoke about Imp. This was a very, very old story; Imp is even older than our Patriarch Wan Gu.”

The other ancestors all felt a chill running through their spines after hearing this. Immortal Emperor Wan Gu tested his dao during the Desolate Era, but if Qin Guangwang was even older, how was it that he had managed to live for so long?

At this point, Li Qiye climbed to a highland — the center of the Ancestral Realm. This place was abandoned and only had a few large ancient temples towered here.

This land was out of place in this realm. The entire realm was extremely sacred; springs were everywhere and lotuses bloomed with every step. Each inch of the earth was covered by a sacred breath. However, this desolate land seemed to have been abandoned.

In the Sacred Nether World, the imperial mirrors from the sects followed Li Qiye’s path. Many people were quite confused once they saw this highland as well.

A Simple Mountain Ancestor quietly asked: “Where is this place?”

An older existence in his sect took a calming breath before saying: “Legend states that this is the divine shrine of the Ancestral Realm that was used to worship the various senior gods of this place.”

“Open!” At this time, Li Qiye shouted and recommenced the bombardment with his cannons.