Chapter 604: Heaven Outcast True God

“This… This… is our progenitor?” The ghost ancestors jittered at the sight of this monster.

Even ancestors inside the Myriad Bones Throne who had once swept through the world were horrified by this creature: “Our progenitor is this thing?”

Although the ghost race had many branches with different appearances, and some were even extremely ugly, this monster was completely different from what the ghosts imagined their progenitor to look like. They didn’t want their progenitor to look like an evil fiend!

The near-death ancestor from the throne of bones murmured: “Heaven Outcast True God!”

Another ancestor quickly asked: “Ancestor recognizes that thing?”

The weak ancestor shook his head and replied: “I don’t recognize him, but I have seen him in an ancient book. There was only a name and no writings about the Heaven Outcast True God’s background.”

Despite the monstrosity standing before him, Li Qiye didn’t bother to bat an eye and spoke slowly: “Heaven Outcast, if you are the only one in this place, then I will be very disappointed. I didn’t come for an abomination that is neither god nor devil like you.”

The Heaven Outcast True God was not angry. It stared at Li Qiye intensely with his dreadful eyes: “Such a big tone. Little brat, you know my identity?”

Li Qiye slowly answered: “Others might not, but I know a thing or two. You have lived for too long so you should just die already. Moreover, in the long years, you have committed many atrocious deeds, and countless True Gods refused to accept you as one of them. In their eyes, you are nothing but scum!”

The Heaven Outcast True God burst out in laughter and said: “Hahahaha! This is called ‘the virtuous won’t live long while the villainous will live on for a thousand years’. Actually, it would be more accurate to say for millions and millions of years… How many of those stubborn old geezers are still alive in this world? Hahaha! There are no more True Gods in this world, I am the only one left!”

Li Qiye smiled and calmly said: “If you are the only True God left, then from now on, there will be no more True Gods in this world.”

The Heaven Outcast True God stared at Li Qiye after his bold declaration and replied: “Brat, if you were an Immortal Emperor, then you might be able to utter that phrase, however…”

“However what?” Li Qiye interrupted him and aimed the ninety-nine cannons in his direction before slowly uttering: “How much time do you think you will need to get over here?”

The Heaven Outcast True God looked at the ninety-nine cannons and spoke without any sign of apprehension: “Hahaha! Brat, although the Primal Ghost-Cannons are things left behind by that geezer, they can’t kill me. You have nearly used up all of your ammunition, so how long do you think they can suppress me for?”

Li Qiye calmly replied: “Enough time for me to kill you. Heaven Outcast, your strength is far from an Immortal Emperor’s. You can’t even compare to the Ghost Devourer so there is no need to posture in front of me. If you were an emperor, then you could brag all you want.”

The True God looked over at the devourer. His pupils narrowed before looking back at Li Qiye with a glimmer of astonishment. He remained unperturbed and laughed: “Hahaha! I enjoy courageous brats like you. I want to see how you will kill my unkillable self.”

Right when the True God intended to take action, a shadow descended from the sky. It was Qin Guangwang! After killing the eight Grand Gods and the Heavenly God, he immediately rushed here.

Qin Guangwang arrived before Li Qiye and gravely spoke: “Young Noble, Heaven Outcast is mine. I want to personally decapitate him. Young Noble can go seize the Ghost Ancestral Tree in the meantime!”

“Oh? Look who it is.” The Heaven Outcast True God looked at Qin Guangwang and said: “Isn’t this the dog who ran with his tail between his legs? What can you do without your master?”

Qin Guangwang’s eyes became fierce as he spoke in an awe-inspiring tone: “Heaven Outcast, your hands are stained with the blood of my ghost race. Today, I will cut off your dog hands and decapitate you and offer them to the ghost race!”

The True God laughed in response and asked: “Is that so? What chance do you think you have? In the past, perhaps you had two or three percent, but now? I have an immortal body!”

He was neither in a rush nor was he angered at all by the provocation. He felt that Li Qiye and Qin Guangwang were nothing but ants who were about to die.

Qin Guangwang exclaimed sonorously: “You will die today!”

“Clankkkk!” With a snapping sound, Qin Guangwang’s chest split open as an enormous light rushed out in the form of a vast sea of blood.

Qin Guangwang then roared: “Ancestors! Allow me to use myself who has sinned to contribute to the ghost race today! In the past, I was a coward, but I shall be a coward no more. I will let the ghost race have a new beginning, I will let the endless eras see the light again!”

In this instant, back in the Sacred Nether World where the Kingdom of Heaven resided… Within the endless world, a divine light shot out. It pierced through myriad realms and reached Qin Guangwang’s body in the blink of an eye.

“Ommmm—” The hymn of the sword appeared along with the sound of bones breaking. Qin Guangwang then drew out a sword made out of his own bones.

The moment this bonesword appeared, a murderous aura filled the entire heavens while its light encompassed the Ancestral Realm. The hymn of the sword reverberated continuously; it was the number one sword in terms of bloodlust, a sword capable of cutting through all things!

The True God’s expression became serious after seeing this scene and said: “So that old geezer still has one breath of life left!”

Qin Guangwang pointed his sword at the True God and said: “Heaven Outcast, I will use my primordial bones to take your head for my people today!”

With an unbeatable sword intent along with an undying will to fight, he was invincible at this moment. He courageously stepped forward and would never turn back; he intended to kill Heaven Outcast.

Meanwhile, inside the Myriad Bones Throne, the near-death ancestor opened his eyes and gazed at Qin Guangwang intensely while murmuring: “I… I… I know who he is!”

Back at the battlefield, Heaven Outcast cried out: “Come then!” With that, many bone spurs shot towards Qin Guangwang.

Qin Guangwang roared as well then recklessly soared forward with his bonesword.

“Boom!” The two sides collided, causing the dome of the sky to collapse as both of them soared even higher.

At the same time, Li Qiye stood next to the Ghost Ancestral Tree and tried to move it. However, despite his own formidable might, the tree wouldn’t budge at all.

Li Qiye chuckled at this development: “Amazing, indeed worthy of being the number one tree in the Sacred Nether World. However, I’ve come prepared.”

With a series of explosions, a Fate Palace appeared and opened itself. The dried trunk Li Qiye obtained back at the Thousand Islands flew out from inside.

“Whoosh!” This tree trunk, with a touch of green, coiled around the ghost tree like a spirit snake.

“Xshhh!” Little roots as thin as silk grew from this tree trunk and pricked the Ghost Ancestral Tree.

“Buzz!” The sounds of universal laws appeared. The laws that were taking root in the ground and corpse were unearthed and went back inside the tree.

“No!!!” This sudden change caused Heaven Outcast in the sky to scream out. He ignored Qin Guangwang and rushed towards Li Qiye.

“Bam!” The ninety-nine cannons shot mercilessly towards Heaven Outcast, causing him to scream as blood spurted while he was blown flying away.

Li Qiye cheerfully smirked at the blood-stained Heaven Outcast and asked: “Where is your immortal body now?”

The pale True God was aghast as he spoke with disbelief: “Impossible, no one can revive the Ghost Ancestral Tree in this world outside of that old geezer!”

Li Qiye said with a smile: “You are wrong, because I can! As long as I am willing, there are very few things in this world that I can’t do!”

At this time, the tree trunk spread out like a hand and suddenly grabbed the Ghost Ancestral Tree. With a popping sound, it pulled the tree out from the corpse.

At this time, people were able to see that the tree didn’t have any roots since it had been cut by someone beforehand then planted on this corpse.

“Noo!” The horrified Heaven Outcast screamed again and tried to rush forward but was halted by Qin Guangwang’s most powerful attack!

Heaven Outcast and Qin Guangwang fought as their flesh and blood flew everywhere. Prior to this, Heaven Outcast had an immortal body so he held Qin Guangwang with contempt, but this was no longer the case. The True God barely had an advantage against Qin Guangwang’s reckless onslaught with his primordial bones in the form of a sword. It was not easy for him to kill Qin Guangwang either.

“Ahhh!” In the interim, the five Fiend Lords and the evil army all let out terrified wails. These creatures were being torn into thousands of pieces and turned into ashes. The ones that survived the initial onslaught tried to crawl back underground, but they were eventually killed by the devourer.

These creatures and Heaven Outcast all relied on the Ghost Ancestral Tree for their immortality and were refined into the tree. Even an Immortal Emperor wouldn’t be able to uproot this tree, but it was done by Li Qiye at this time. Without the aid of the tree, these creatures and Heaven Outcast were no longer able to regenerate.

“Clickk!” The uprooted Ghost Ancestral Tree attached itself to the tree trunk. It turned out that this trunk that Li Qiye obtained from the Thousand Islands was the true root of the Ghost Ancestral Tree — very few people knew this secret.

“So that is the root of the Ghost Ancestral Tree!” After seeing this, Lan Yunzhu finally understood everything as well as why Li Qiye didn’t mind spending Myriad Star Water and a young leaf from the World Tree to revive this stump!

“It is time for your resurrection.” Li Qiye took out his Myriad Star Water and slowly watered the tree. How precious was this liquid? The answer was that it was priceless, but Li Qiye did not hesitate while pouring it over the tree.