Chapter 606: Thirteen Immortal Emperors

It seemed that this person in the darkness caused the ghosts to instinctively kneel as if they were seeing their progenitor. Their souls were shivering with fear towards this person; it was as if he could open his mouth to devour the souls of billions of ghosts.

The entire ghost race was horrified at this second. Those who didn’t know what was going on prostrated on the ground anyway. Those who knew a thing or two couldn’t remain composed; even Virtuous Paragons were affected. They knew something ominous had happened.

“Whoosh!” The person in the darkness reached out. His hand swept towards the devourer and Fei Yang’s battle intent while the other hand went for Li Qiye.

Fei Yang’s battle intent with the Soaring Banner could be considered invincible, and the devourer roared then recklessly pounced forward.

“Boom!” Their combined strength was able to push back this hand. The devourer managed to chomp a mouthful of the crimson muscles as it excitedly swallowed it as if it had just taken in the most nutritious meal it had ever eaten. However, its body was also pierced by a finger and its blood spurted out. Nevertheless, it didn’t seem to care and had an appearance as if it was the one who got the better deal from that exchange.

The other hand tried to snatch Li Qiye, but the Ghost Ancestral Tree above his head emitted a bright radiance as countless laws poured down. These laws contained the heavenly grand dao, and the even more incredible matter was the battle armor adorning Li Qiye’s body. With a hum, The battle armor that combined with the tree made it seem like there was an apex tyrant taking over Li Qiye’s body, protecting it with myriad worlds.

“Rumble!” The ninety-nine cannons bombarded the gigantic hand, but they couldn’t repel it.

“Boom!” It grabbed Li Qiye despite him having the battle armor and the Ghost Ancestral Tree protecting him, blowing him away and causing blood to spill everywhere. This showed the mightiness of the person in the darkness, an existence just like an Immortal Emperor.

However, Li Qiye stood straight up in a stalwart manner. Although he was gravely wounded, that attack couldn’t take his life.

The person in the darkness couldn’t believe it after seeing the armor on Li Qiye’s body and exclaimed: “Primal Ancestral Armor! He let you borrow this?”

Li Qiye burst out in laughter then calmly spoke: “I have the Ghost Ancestral Tree and the Primal Ancestral Armor. Although I cannot utilize their full potential, how many moves do you think you will need before killing me?”

“Unfortunately, you are too weak. Even with these two items along with the devourer and Fei Yang’s battle intent, you still won’t be able to escape death.”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye replied with a smile. With a buzzing sound, all ninety-nine cannons fused into one in an instant and aimed straight for the existence in the darkness.

“Just a trivial little cannon. This toy might be able to suppress the Godking level, but it won’t be able to stop me.” The person in the darkness spoke with great confidence.

“I know that killing you would not be so easy.” The lamp in Li Qiye’s hand suddenly emitted an endless black beam that shot to the sky. In just a moment, a black planet enveloped Li Qiye and protected him in its core.

“This thing!” The existence stared at the lamp in Li Qiye’s hand and seemed to be able to identify its origin.

“Frankly, this fire is too precious to me and I really can’t bear using it. Nevertheless, it is not a bad defensive measure. How many moves do you think you will need to kill me now?” Li Qiye paused at this point for a bit before saying: “I have something else that you should take a look at.” With that, he slowly took out another item.

“Hzzzz…” In an instant, strands of laws wove together as a divine spear appeared in Li Qiye’s hand.

“Origin Sealing Spear!” The existence in the dark finally changed his expression after seeing this item and uttered: “How could this thing be in your hands? Impossible! No one can borrow it!”

“Others aren’t able to borrow it, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t.” Li Qiye spoke with an indifferent tone: “You have been buried underground for too long and remained ignorant of many things. However, that doesn’t matter anymore since the important point is that this will be the source of your demise!”

“I can’t let you live!” The existence in the dark was shaken. Although one couldn’t see his face, his tone alone showed that he was quite astounded. Clearly, this spear was his nemesis. Other items wouldn’t be able to kill him, especially when he had the Ghost Ancestral Tree that allowed him to become immortal.

However, in the present, Li Qiye had stolen the tree. Moreover, he had the Origin Sealing Spear as well. The existence must kill Li Qiye since he didn’t expect for him to successfully borrow the spear; in the past, this was frankly an impossible matter.

“Boom!” The existence took out his weapon and destroyed countless worlds in the process. His weapon was extremely terrifying; it looked like an ancient fiendish tool that originated at the start of time. Even the devourer was apprehensive of this weapon while the battle intent that belonged to Immortal Emperor Fei Yang became affected and turned dark for a moment.

Both the devourer’s and the battle intent’s prowess didn’t need further explanation. However, the dark existence’s weapon was still able to affect them. This was indicative of its terrifying might.

“Emperors! What are you waiting for? Today is the one and only chance for your ghost race!” Li Qiye shouted the moment the existence took out his weapon. His voice reverberated thunderously throughout the entire Sacred Nether World.

“Die!” The dark existence took action with a strike capable of rending the heaven and earth, time itself, Yin and Yang, and all of eternity. Even the devourer and Immortal Emperor Fei Yang’s battle intent wouldn’t be able to withstand this.

“Boom!” However, at this time, timeless imperial auras filled the Sacred Nether World. Inside the Myriad Bones Throne, one imperial aura woke up. Right afterward, two more awakened as three Immortal Emperors departed from the throne of bones.

Meanwhile, another invincible aura came out from the Thousand Carp River as well. An ethereal figure departed and was followed by a thousand carps.

In another region of the Distant Cloud where the towering Simple Precious Tree was located, two more emperors went straight for the Ancestral Realm’s basin. In the blink of an eye, they had arrived there!

At the same time, within the ancestral ground of the Nether Crossing Swamp, a strand of imperial aura woke up. A golden sea capable of drowning all things appeared along with a ferry. An emperor rode this ferry and quickly entered the Ancestral Realm.

In five extremely mysterious locations in the Sacred Nether World where five ancient reclusive clans were located, such as the War Clan, five imperial auras soared into the sky as five more emperors headed for the Ancestral Realm.

“Boom!” The strike capable of annihilating the nine heavens and ten earths, the most invincible blow in this world that was intended to kill Li Qiye, had been stopped by the thirteen Immortal Emperors.

Three from the Myriad Bones Throne — Immortal Emperor Wan Gu, Immortal Emperor Yang Sheng, and Immortal Emperor Yao Shi. Two from the Immortal Kingdom — Immortal Emperor Di Yu and Immortal Emperor Fan Chen. There were also Immortal Emperor Qian Li, Immortal Emperor Ming Du, and Immortal Emperor Fei Yang along with the five emperors from the reclusive clans. Thirteen emperors in total all arrived at the same place today!

At this moment, the entire Sacred Nether World was suppressed; even the strongest existences felt this oppressive aura while the hidden bosses across the eons felt so much dread that they didn’t dare to breathe too loudly.

All the ancestors watching from the mirrors kneeled on the ground. One of them yelled out in fear: “This… this… is thirteen Immortal Emperors! This… is too unbeatable!”

An older ancestor added: “They are the eternal battle intents of thirteen emperors!”

Inside the Myriad Bones Throne, all the ancestors were stunned and speechless while looking at the mirror. They didn’t expect their three emperors to help Li Qiye.

“Wan Gu… All of you…!” The dark existence was taken aback after seeing the thirteen eternal battle intents from the emperors.

Despite his own invincible prowess, victory was not assured against these thirteen intents. However, what posed the most danger to him was the Origin Sealing Spear hovering in the sky.

After taking a deep breath, the dark existence asked: “Why… are all of you working together?”

Li Qiye smiled and answered instead: “This is called ‘persisting in evil brings about self-destruction’. Today has been long overdue; Immortal Emperor Qian Li had come before and knew that killing you was near impossible, so the emperor went to find the eternal battle intents left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Gu’s group. All of them agreed that as long as you lost the Ghost Ancestral Tree and someone successfully borrowed the Origin Sealing Spear, then they would take action to annihilate you. What do you think about that?”

“Brat, if I knew this was the case, then I would have killed you from the start!” The dark existence replied coldly.

Li Qiye answered: “I know. Nevertheless, I was successful since I knew you fiends are greedier than what I imagined. You were taking a gamble to see if I could revive the tree or not, then you would kill me afterward so that you could possess a real immortal body. Who do you think won the gamble, you or me?”

All the ancestors that heard Li Qiye’s swift explanation had to compose themselves. Not even in their dreams did they think that this plan that had been laid out tens of millions of years ago in Immortal Emperor Qian Li’s generation, a plan that was only now coming to fruition.

After thinking to this point, they were frightened of Li Qiye. This guy had been carrying out the big plan from millions of years ago!

At the same time, the Thousand Carp Elders were shaken as well. They now understood why Immortal Emperor Qian Li chose him as the Guardian. So it turned out that Li Qiye was the person carrying out this grand and ancient scheme!

The dark existence still couldn’t help himself from vomiting blood due to anger despite his training throughout the eons. If he had just killed Li Qiye from the start, it surely would have been without any resistance; alas, he was too greedy. He wanted to see if Li Qiye could revive the tree or not since it was something he had craved for countless ages!