Chapter 622: Most Arrogant Throughout the Eons

This house was the property of the Giant Bamboo Country, so although no one was staying here, the country maintained this house carefully so that it remained intact.

It was the dead of the night so all the villagers were sleeping. There were only one or two flickering lights.

In the dark, Li Qiye stood before the old house at the end of town that had lasted for millions of years with his emotions running rampant. It was still here…

He looked at it and past images resurfaced in his heart. The events of old still lingered in his mind as he stepped inside. After tens of millions of years, Li Qiye finally came back as if it was just yesterday. Some things were hard to forget; Li Qiye had assumed that with the passage of time, he wouldn’t be able to remember, but everything was still the same.

In this house, he walked from corner to corner. There were no changes inside compared to what he remembered. The scene remained the same, but the people were no longer there.

He lit up all the lamps around the house and laid down in the tallest chair in the hall. He slowly closed his eyes and became lost in the past.

In the present times, how many people knew that back in the old era, countless strategies that affected the entire Nine Worlds came from this ordinary old house?

How many knew that in the old era, countless orders that were obeyed by the rest of the world came from this house?

How many knew that in that old era, numerous Virtuous Paragons and Godkings stood in this very room, awaiting their next order?

Although this was an ordinary house, back in that time, even invincible Godkings had to wait by the door for permission before entering.

Li Qiye gently sighed with his eyes closed. That year, Yan’er was only a little girl with a humble origin, but her personality was quite commendable so Li Qiye decided to train her.

After being immersed in the past for a long while, he suddenly opened his eyes and looked outside the door with a serious glare.

A shadow flickered right outside. Someone was entering, a woman. Her beauty was quite alluring, shaming even the flowers and the moon. An elegant and noble air emanated from her body. With a single glance, it was clear that she held great authority.

The woman was stunned to see Li Qiye relaxing in the main hall, but very quickly, she regained her leisurely elegance and slowly walked inside and sat down next to a table.

Li Qiye only gave her a glance before closing his eyes again as if nothing had happened.

After sitting down, she took a look at Li Qiye, immediately recognizing him as a human. A body of flesh and blood without visible blood energy or cultivation — only a human could have these characteristics.

She carefully gauged him once more. As someone who had weathered countless storms and met many great characters, she still hadn’t met anyone as arrogant as Li Qiye.

He sat in his high chair not putting anyone in his sight. He was too lazy to even care for the heaven and earth with his supercilious demeanor. However, on this second attempt at judging this arrogant young man full of hubris despite his ordinary appearance, an indescribable temperament could be found.

The woman noticed that the little man sitting on his throne didn’t emit a terrifying aura, but he had a monstrous blood energy. His leisured pose as he rested with his eyes closed was as calm as the water in a well.

This little man before her seemed to be sitting above the nine heavens as the lord of myriad worlds. Even a Godking would need to stand aside with their head hung low.

This little man, at first, seemed to appear conceited, but a closer look would reveal that he had an unrivalled style that encompassed the Nine Worlds.

At this moment, when he closed his eyes to rest, he gave off the feeling that the world would be dark when his eyes were closed, and the world would be bright when his eyes were open!

After observing this little man for a while, the woman secretly chuckled and shook her head. How could that be? How could this young man be above the nine heavens and order the Nine Worlds?

She also found the whole thing to be quite strange. This place was quite remote and only had mortals around, so why did this young man come to this old building? His relaxed appearance would hint that this was his own home, and he didn’t look like a homeless beggar either.

After a long silence, the woman finally broke the serene scene: “Do you know where this place is?”

Li Qiye opened his eyes and answered with a question: “Where is this place? You tell me.”

The woman smiled in response: “I want to hear your opinion.” Her voice was very pleasant; it was clear with a touch of gentleness.

Li Qiye laughed then closed his eyes again before answering while laying down: “This is the place where one orders the Nine Worlds, controls the gods, and reigns over myriad realms. The world trembled before any order from this place and myriad races obeyed every single word. Although this place is small and crowded, it is the frontier of the Nine Worlds, the aspiration of all the races and sects, even though they didn’t dare to disturb this quiet place.”

The woman couldn’t help but feel like laughing, but she didn’t laugh. She looked at the little man ahead and felt that he was too immersed in his own play, how he thought that he was the ruler of this world. Nevertheless, she did find it odd the way he nonchalantly uttered each word. They didn’t resemble the words of a boastful liar at all.

“But that is not the case in my knowledge.” The woman spoke: “As far as I know, this is the place where the Giant Bamboo Progenitor used to meditate. Rumor has it that whenever the progenitor needed to think about something, she would come here and come up with a solution.”

“That was indeed the case as well.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “But this place was also the commanding throne of this world, a location admired by countless races.”

“Really?” The woman jokingly replied after seeing Li Qiye’s serious demeanor: “If this was the location that commanded the world, who are you to sit in such a high and mighty seat? Are you the king of gods? Or maybe the Immortal Emperor of a generation?”

Li Qiye only smiled to see the woman’s doubtful appearance. Of course, it was already good enough that she didn’t consider him as someone insane, so he also laughed at her joke before answering seriously: “No, what is so good about being the king of gods or an Immortal Emperor? That would be very boring. Since time immemorial, there have been many Immortal Emperors, so there is nothing new about being one. It would be very meaningless.”

The woman was speechless after hearing this response. This was the most arrogant thing she had ever heard in her life.

Who were Immortal Emperors? They were invincible existences that ruled the Nine Worlds and all its inhabitants. For millions and millions of years, countless geniuses, both old and young, aspired and dreamed of the day where they could shoulder the Heaven’s Will and become an emperor.

Yet this young man said that it was very boring being an Immortal Emperor. Anyone would think that he was crazy upon hearing this.

However, the woman was an open-minded person on top of having great knowledge, so after hearing his reply, she didn’t laugh at Li Qiye but found it rather interesting instead, so she asked with a smile: “If it is boring to be an Immortal Emperor, then who do you want to be? Or rather, what position do you find interesting?”

“The dark hand behind the curtains.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after noticing her interest and continued: “The person behind the countless eras, the one who controls the scenes for millions of years, manipulating the direction of the Nine Worlds — now that is interesting.”

“The dark hand behind the curtains? The one who controls the scenes and manipulates the direction of the Nine Worlds?” The woman jolted after hearing his answer, repeating his words while in a daze. This kind of thinking was quite surprising and interesting. To be the person behind the curtains instead of an Immortal Emperor.

The woman calmed down and began to playfully joke with the little man: “Then would even Godkings have to serve this person behind the curtains?”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but take another look at this patient woman playing along with him: “Godkings? They are nothing. If I was the person behind the curtains, then even Immortal Emperors would come from my tutelage. Training one or two Immortal Emperors would be very ordinary.”

The woman was at a loss for words once again since this one phrase was more outrageous than the previous. Throughout history, who would dare to utter such arrogant words? Teaching one or two Immortal Emperors? The woman felt that one couldn’t surpass the haughty attitude embedded in such a phrase.

However, how could she know that Li Qiye was simply telling the truth? For tens of millions of years, Li Qiye had been the Dark Crow behind the curtains; how could anyone know of his past deeds unless they were his followers?

The woman broke into a smile and said: “So to say, anyone who could sit in this room would all be unbeatable Godkings, peerless True Gods, or Immortal Emperors?” She didn’t sneer at him since she found his ideas to be very interesting. No one would dare to say what he had said.

In fact, in her eyes, she felt that although there were many geniuses right now in the Stone Medicine World, no youth would dare to declare such bombastic rhetoric, outside of the young man in front of her.