Chapter 628: My Time Is Very Precious

The truth was that this sort of thing was no big deal to the auction house. If it happened, then they would only have to teach the perpetrator a good lesson then kick them out. The Golem Square was quite powerful, so they weren’t afraid of anyone.

“Boom!” Li Qiye didn’t move at all while the two guards were blown away. With a series of bangs, the two guards shot through several large walls of the auction house before finally reaching the street.

This commotion caused an uproar in the auction room as everyone turned around; some were even startled, and one person shouted: “What is going on?”

The finale of the first half was suddenly stopped. The auctioneer was especially shocked to see such a situation.

At this location, Lie Jie also saw Li Qiye, so he sneered: “So it is that ignorant and suicidal human.”

Dozens of experts from the auction house rushed over to surround Li Qiye’s group of three. Bai Weng and Shi Hao were frightened pale and had painful expressions. This was going to be bad.

At this moment, a person who appeared to be the manager walked out with a cold expression full of murderous intent.

The auction was now paused, and many people were looking at Li Qiye. Lie Jie then used this opportunity to fan the flames: “Sovereign Hu, teach this blind boy a lesson! Break his limbs and hang him outside the city walls so that he won’t ever dare to think that the Golem Square is a place for him to show off!”

It was no wonder that Lie Jie hated Li Qiye. He was originally one of the chosen candidates to participate in the Alchemy Conference for the Giant Bamboo Country. Who would have thought that last night, news came that he was temporarily rejected? The Lie Clan asked around and heard some rumors. The problem was because of Li Qiye, so Lie Jie immediately went to cause trouble for him early in the morning.

Lie Jie was happy to see Li Qiye not knowing any better and causing trouble in the Golem Square. This was called ignoring the accepting heavens and barging into the unwelcoming hell!

Manager Hu of the Golem Square stepped in front of Li Qiye. He was called Sovereign Hu because he was a Heavenly Sovereign. An auction house with a manager at this level was quite incredible, and its might was apparent.

Manager Hu spoke coldly: “Friend, if you want to do business, then we very much welcome you. However, if you want to cause trouble, I’m afraid you came to the wrong place.”

Li Qiye relaxedly said: “You are right, I came for business, but those items are not worthy of my consideration so I wanted to go upstairs for a look. However, it seems that you guys don’t want to do business, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m not a person who holds back.”

Li Qiye’s proud attitude caused the auction participants to chatter with each other in a low voice. They wondered where this human came from to act so boisterously in the Golem Square.

Lie Jie sneered and said: “Hahaha, a no-name junior like you still wants to participate in the second half? Give up on this thought, that place isn’t meant for poor brats like you. Fool! Daring to cause trouble in the Golem Square? You are tired of living!”

He didn’t forget to incite trouble so that the square would teach Li Qiye a good lesson.

Manager Hu’s eyes sharpened with killing intent as he said: “Friend, are you purposely causing trouble?”

Li Qiye was too lazy to argue with the manager so he threw out a treasure box and nonchalantly said: “Don’t waste my time, tell your superior to come out. The second half is about to start.”

Manager Hu caught the box and opened it for a look, then he immediately closed it. Aghast, he held it carefully with both hands and immediately ordered someone standing next to him: “Quick, go invite the ancestor!”

Such a sudden development astounded everyone. It all happened too quickly because just a second ago, Manager Hu still wanted to teach Li Qiye a lesson.

In a short amount of time, an old man with pure white hair approached. His blood energy was hidden, but him merely standing there gave off the feeling of a mountain’s immensity.

Manager Hu quickly gave the old man the box with a serious expression and also whispered in the old man’s ear.

After hearing what the manager said, the old man opened the box and was completely shocked. He also quickly closed it.

He bowed his head towards Li Qiye and said: “Our Golem Square’s people have eyes but can’t see Mt. Tai. This old man is apologizing for any offense that Young Noble might have received. Your arrival at the Golem Square is our honor and allows the square to become much more radiant.”

This sudden change left both the buyers and the others in the room stunned, especially those who knew this old man beforehand, they all had to take deep breaths. This old man had a great background and had been renowned since several years ago. With his protection, no one had ever dared to come and mess with the Golem Square.

But now, his respectful attitude towards Li Qiye was simply unbelievable. People were curious and wondered what was inside the box.

Bai Weng and Shi Hao were surprised as well. Just what could be inside the box to cause the square to change its attitude by this much?

Li Qiye said slowly: “Okay, no more nonsense. I came to pick up a couple of things and heard that your auctions have decent items in the second half. Now begin, don’t waste everyone’s time.”

“Of course.” The old man quickly replied then asked Manager Hu: “Manager Hu, how is the first half of the auction?”

Manager Hu answered: “Right now, we are auctioning the featured item, the cauldron. It had just begun.”

The auctioneer added: “The current highest bidder is the Young Noble from the Lie Clan with 16,000 Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades.”

Li Qiye glanced at Lie Jie then told the auctioneer: “I want this cauldron.”

There was already a feud between the two, so after hearing Li Qiye, Lie Jie’s expression sank as he coldly said: “Right now, I am the highest bidder. Since it is an auction, you should follow its rules. Don’t tell me you want to bypass the rules and buy it at a cheap price?”

Li Qiye was too lazy to look at Lie Jie as he spoke: “16,000 Heavenly Sovereign Refined Jades?” He told the auctioneer: “I bid 100 Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades.”

“100 Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades!” Li Qiye’s bid caused quite a stir as everyone stared intensely at him.

Bai Weng and Shi Hao lost their minds as well. These were Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades; they had never seen such a grade before.

Although refined jades could be exchanged, that was only in principle. It was virtually impossible to see such a transaction in reality unless one was exchanging jades of a higher grade for ones of a lower grade, or else it would be at a very unfavorable ratio.

For example, using a Virtuous Paragon Refined Jade to trade for lesser ones such as jades of the Heavenly King or Heavenly Sovereign grade… There would surely be many people who would happily make this deal.

However, if one wanted to use these lower grade jades to exchange for a Virtuous Paragon Refined Jade, it would be very difficult even if they offered a higher price than the market standard.

For cultivators, higher grade refined jades were extremely hard to come by, especially those of the Virtuous Paragon level. Almost all of them were monopolized by monsters such as imperial lineages. Great powers who had Virtuous Paragon jades were either extremely strong or had their ancestors accumulate them over a very long period of time.

Everyone felt that Li Qiye was too outrageous. One hundred Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades to buy a Heavenly Cauldron — what could be crazier than this?

Li Qiye looked at Lie Jie and asked: “Do you still want to bid?”

At this time, Lie Jie’s expression was extremely ugly. Although the Lie Clan was very rich, he couldn’t take out Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades. It wouldn’t be easy for his clan either.

Li Qiye lazily said: “Okay, if no one else wants to bid higher, then let it be done.”

Li Qiye’s arrogance left everyone helpless. Many alchemists present also wanted this cauldron, but bidding one hundred Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades or more was too crazy!

“No, no, no.” The old man quickly gave the refined jades back to Li Qiye and said: “If Young Noble wants this Heavenly Cauldron, then we’ll just gift it to you. It is only a little present, it’s not worth anything.”

“Very well.” Li Qiye looked at the old man and said: “Since you have such goodwill, I will sincerely do business with you.”

The old man’s first order of business was to gift the cauldron with a Vermillion Divine Flame Fire Source to Li Qiye. Everyone was astonished; just what was it that made the old man so generous?

Shi Hao and Bai Weng were scared silly. A cauldron with the value of one hundred Virtuous Paragon Refined Jades was given away with just one phrase; this was too unbelievable. They couldn’t understand the life of the rich.

The old man personally led Li Qiye into the place where the second half of the auction was taking place.

It was even more extravagant and luxurious. Each honored guest had their own room where they could clearly see the auction stage.

Here, one could choose to sit on the balcony in the open and feel the atmosphere of the auction. And if they didn’t wish to show their face, they could just stay in the room and be out of sight.

The old man led Li Qiye into his private room. When Li Qiye sat down, the Heavenly Cauldron was already packaged.

The old man personally handed it over to Li Qiye and said: “Just a small gift.”

“I’ll happily accept it then.” Li Qiye accepted the cauldron and didn’t bother looking at it as he handed it over to Bai Weng, calmly saying: “Bai Weng, you have worked hard as my guide, so this cauldron is for you.”

The old man was not surprised at all to see Li Qiye’s action. If he could take out that thing, then it made sense that the cauldron was nothing to him.

However, it was different for Bai Weng. He shivered in shock and stammered: “For… for… me?”

It was the most precious item he had ever received in his life!