Chapter 634: Immortal Emperor Wan Shi’s Rock

After seeing that no one else was talking, the auctioneer cleared his throat and said: “This rock was left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi. Many of you are golems, so I don’t need to introduce Immortal Emperor Wan Shi too much.”

“Something left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi!” Some buyers were startled after hearing this.

Immortal Emperor Wan Shi was the first emperor of the golem race. He dated back to the Desolate Era and could be considered one of the oldest emperors. His background was up for debate, but many of the future generations believed that he hailed from the golem race.

Those who held this view believed that Immortal Emperor Wan Shi once stated that he used to be a rock, so the future generations believed that the emperor sensed the heaven and earth and eventually gained life.

However, many questioned this view because his background was still muddy. He was a mystery among the emperors. They only knew that he used to be a rock, but his exact origin and sect were unclear.

However, one irrefutable claim was that the golem race had considered him to be their first Immortal Emperor. When he was still of this world, he did not deny this claim.

As one of the oldest emperors and the first of the golem race, Immortal Emperor Wan Shi did not leave behind a lineage. During his era, he suddenly disappeared one day, and no one knew why.

The auctioneer went on: “Everyone knows that the emperor didn’t leave behind a lineage, but he himself left behind a rock. Legend states that his inheritance might lie in this rock, and whether there was only one rock or not is up for debate. However, our square guarantees that this rock was indeed left behind by the emperor.”

At this time, the rock was placed on a tray. It was very ordinary looking; if it wasn’t for the fact that this was an auction of the Golem Square, everyone would think that it was a random pebble picked up from the streets.

One of the buyers asked: “How can one be certain that this rock was something left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi?”

The person in charge of the square didn’t say much and instead pressed down on the rock. It was as if his finger penetrated through the rock.

“Whoosh!” In an instant, the rock emitted a brilliant light as waves of imperial aura exploded. The ordinary rock was as vast as a sea. The man then withdrew his hand, and the light disappeared as the rock regained its ordinary appearance.

All the buyers took deep breaths. The moment the power of the imperial aura exploded, they all knew that this rock was certainly something left behind by an emperor.

One person couldn’t contain his excitement and asked: “What is the starting bid for this rock?”

All the capable buyers were trying to prepare themselves mentally. Such a treasure would definitely have a frightening price. This was also why some ancestors came to the Golem Square; it was just for this treasure!

“This time, it will be an exchange.” The auctioneer answered: “The owner of this item does not need refined jades, he only wants ointments or divine restoration medicines. The owner is here at this moment, so if honored guests have any great restoration medicines, just take them out. As long as the owner needs it, the rock will belong to you.”

Everyone gasped silently in response. To trade something left behind by an emperor to cure a wound, just how terrible could this wound be?

A few wounds went beyond physical ailments. Some of them left behind eternal and incurable damages, and only sacred medicines of a heaven-defying level would be able to cure them.

However, using medicines to trade for a rock of this level caused all the alchemists to be very excited because this was within their domain.

One alchemist stood up and called out his item: “I have here a Hundred-Injuries Powder, it’s my own unique mix…”

A voice came out from a private room: “The level of Hundred-Injuries Powder is too low.”

No one could see who was inside the dark room, but it was surely the owner of the rock. He interrupted the alchemist since he needed a better ointment for his injury.

A Stone King stood up and said: “My sect has a Spirit Serpent Curegrass with a 1,000,000 year old spirit. It can cure injuries of a Virtuous Paragon…”

The owner interjected again: “I have already eaten a 3,000,000 year old Spirit Serpent Curegrass, and it was completely ineffective. Next.”

Huangfu Hao from the Huangfu Clan spoke: “My clan has a small bottle of Soulrending Immortal Powder. There’s not a lot but there is enough for one application.”

An alchemist was shaken after hearing this name: “The Soulrending Immortal Powder is a supreme medicine of the Alchemy Kingdom.”

This powder was very famous in the Stone Medicine World, and ordinary people couldn’t obtain it. If the Huangfu Clan didn’t have an in-law relationship with the Alchemy Kingdom, it wouldn’t ever have the chance to obtain some.

“This supreme medicine of the Alchemy Kingdom…” The owner pondered for a moment and said: “It would be effective, but one bottle won’t do. If you have a pot full of it, then I would trade with you.”

After hearing this, everyone present had to gasp. Clearly, the owner had used Soulrending Immortal Powder before. Anyone who could use such a medicine must have a frightening background. Just how terrible was his wound?

Huangfu Hao sat down dejectedly. He would never be able to gather an entire pot’s worth. The clan struggled just to obtain one small bottle. Outside of a great character from the Alchemy Kingdom’s imperial family, who would be able to have so much?

“I have a box of Sacred Jade Curewater…”

“I have a Soulreturning Clayflower…”


Momentarily, many alchemists reported their items, but all were denied by the owner. Surely he was mortally injured. The ointments mentioned by these alchemists had stunning effects, but the owner did not need any of them since they couldn’t cure his injury.

While the others were offering their items, Li Qiye sealed the space around him and put five petals of the Immortal Injury Peony into a box.

Meanwhile, the buyers’ medicines were all denied by the owner. Eventually, no one could take out something better than what had already been mentioned.

The owner was slightly disappointed and gently sighed: “If anyone has a way to introduce me to a High Elder of the Alchemy Kingdom so that I can trade for Soulrending Immortal Powder, then I will reward them.”

The owner’s wound was taking a turn for the worse and needed sacred medicines to cure it. However, the buyers’ sacred medicines were not things the owner needed, so he had to make this deal.

The participants glanced at each other. It was easier said than done to gain an audience with the royal family of the Alchemy Kingdom. They all turned towards Huangfu Hao. If there was someone here who could gain an audience, then it would be him and him alone.

Huangfu Hao could only show a bitter smile. How could it be easy to be acquainted with a High Elder from the imperial family of the Alchemy Kingdom? Even an ordinary Virtuous Paragon wouldn’t be able to gain an audience.

At this time, Li Qiye gave the box that contained the petals from the Immortal Injury Peony to a worker of the square: “I have a little something here. Show the guest and see if he needs it.”

Many suddenly looked towards Li Qiye’s direction; they were very curious about what was in the box. Twice in a row, Li Qiye acted extremely generously, so it was hard for him not to attract attention at this moment.

The worker brought the box to the other room right away. Afterward, the owner’s exclamation came from the room: “This thing actually exists in this world?”

His shout caused everyone to look at each other then back at Li Qiye as they tried to guess his background. With such a frightening style of bidding on top of having a supreme restoration medicine, just who could this young man be? Could he be from an imperial lineage or the progeny of an Alchemy Emperor?

However, both of these types of people would be famous in the Stone Medicine World, yet Li Qiye was a nobody where no one knew his identity.

From the private room came the voice of the owner: “If this Young Noble is willing, I agree to trade with you.”

The owner was very anxious since he needed Li Qiye’s items. Although it was only five petals from the Immortal Injury Peony, it was already a supreme Immortal Medicine capable of curing all wounds. Since it was called an Immortal Medicine and was capable of even curing Li Qiye’s fatal injuries, other wounds would definitely not be an issue.

“Deal.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

At this point, everyone was curious to know what Li Qiye traded to the owner. What could be even more valuable than Soulrending Immortal Powder? They worked their brains to the limit but couldn’t think of a better ointment than the powder.

While the other buyers were both shocked and lost in speculation, the auctioneer spoke: “Very well, the next item is also the last, the ultimate finale. Honored guests, let us come together to end this auction in a magnificent manner!”

Everyone became even more attentive. The rock left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi was supposed to be the finale, but now it had to give up its spot. They were curious to see the item that caused something left behind by an emperor to lose its spot.

On the other hand, Li Qiye, who was sitting on the balcony, was very relaxed and calm. He, of course, knew what the next item would be since he had asked the Golem Square to auction it for him.

The item being auctioned was being carried onto the stage under countless gazes. The tray had an item that looked like a sweet potato. One couldn’t see what was special about this ordinary looking thing.