Chapter 635: Longevity Fruit

Big shots like Demon Kings and Stone Kings looked at each other in confusion. However, the Golem Square had a gold-studded reputation and wouldn’t auction ordinary items.

One Demon King curiously asked the auctioneer: “What is this thing?”

“This little one is not exaggerating, this item is truly rare.” The auctioneer explained: “I’m afraid not too many people here today know about it. This is our Golem Square’s first time seeing this thing, and the second time our boss has seen it.”

One Stone King lost his patience and urged: “Okay, don’t keep us guessing, just tell us what it is.”

The auctioneer smiled and said: “This is an incredible King Medicine, and it could even be called an Immortal Medicine! Fellow great alchemists, please take a careful look. You will be able to recognize it immediately.”

Eventually, one alchemist as old as a fossil stood up. His clouded eyes opened up wide as he emotionally stuttered: “No…! Can… this be the legendary Longevity Fruit?”

“What! Longevity Fruit?” The speculation of this old alchemist left the venue in shock.

All the other alchemists stood up and focused their eyes for a better look.

One alchemist whispered: “Longevity Fruit — although it is a fruit, the fruit appears at the area of its roots. With the shape of a potato, it has a shade of purple in the dark…”

He then lost his voice and shouted: “This really is the legendary Longevity Fruit!”

After hearing the confirmation, the ancestors hiding in their private rooms all cried out: “Longevity Fruit!”

Inside these dark rooms came burning bright glares.

“Elder Li’s vision is quite keen, truly worthy of being a renowned alchemist in our Alchemy Realm.”

The auctioneer praised the old alchemist who was the first to recognize the fruit: “Fellow guests, this is correct, this is indeed a Longevity Fruit.”

One old alchemist emotionally muttered: “Longevity Fruit… I have been an alchemist for five thousand years, but this is my first time seeing one.”

The auctioneer said: “Fellow guests, a Longevity Fruit has one root and two fruits; this is one of the two fruits. Our Golem Square is auctioning this in place of its owner.”

All the buyers were breathless, especially the ancestors from the great powers. Just prior to this was the Difficult Dao Era, so new Virtuous Paragon didn’t appear. Thus, all the current Virtuous Paragons ancestors were those who had slept for tens of thousands of years or even longer. They relied on Blood Era Stones to seal themselves deep underground for their slumber.

These characters had limited lifespans. A few of them were even on the verge of dying and didn’t want to come into being until the very last moment. They desired medicines that could prolong their life more than anyone else. Influential great powers, especially imperial lineages, tried their best to buy these longevity items for their ancestors.

Although these Longevity Medicines had exorbitant prices, they were the most common form of life prolongment and had always been greatly sought after.

Imperial ancestors ate these medicines like meals, but it was not an everlasting panacea. Eventually, the ancestors would keep using them until the effects diminished to the point where they would have to find rarer spirit grasses and immortal medicines to prolong their lives.

The auctioneer spoke unceasingly: “Fellow guests, I know that there will always be someone in need of this Longevity Fruit. In fact, even if fellow guests do not need it, you can still buy it as a gift for your elders. It would be an amazing and filial offering…”

The auctioneer talked and talked, but the buyers were mesmerized by the Longevity Fruit so they didn’t mind his constant ramblings. This fruit was far too rare, so just looking at it a bit longer was a fortune in and of itself.

In fact, the Golem Square was working to increase the impact of this matter. The auctioning of an item like this Longevity Fruit was prohibitively rare since owners of them would normally never put them up for sale.

If the square had the ability to auction such an item, then its prestige would rise substantially and it would have even more customers in the future. This Longevity Fruit would become a source of fame to them, so they even waived the usual entrance fee.

“Honored guests!” The auctioneer finally arrived at the main point: “Our boss has personally appraised it, this fruit can increase one’s lifespan by six hundred years!”

“Six hundred years!” The ancestors could no longer sit still, and all the buyers felt their hearts beating faster. Everyone present had one or two elders or an ancestor back in their clan. Nothing could be better if they could give this fruit to their ancestor.

It was incredible to prolong a Virtuous Paragon’s life by six hundred years. They could continue to be buried underground for a much longer time. To a lineage, if an ancestor ate this fruit, they would be able to contribute much more to the sect and could come into being several times later in the future.

“That’s right, this is not an Immortal Medicine but, in fact, is even better than one.” The auctioneer concluded: “Regardless of how many Longevity Medicines your ancestors has taken or what level they have reached, as long as they are not an Immortal Emperor or the highest level of Godking, this fruit would absolutely be able to increase their lifespan by six hundred years! Of course, ancestors who had taken this fruit before would have diminishing effects, but I trust that the ancestors in the Stone Medicine World that have tasted this fruit before can be counted on one’s hand.”

Cultivators of different realms used different Longevity Medicines. As for the extent of life prolongment, it would depend on each person’s circumstances.

However, the Longevity Fruit neither cared for levels nor was affected by the previous usage of other Longevity Medicines, it would always increase one’s lifespan by six hundred years. This was a precious length of time for a near-death big shot.

In fact, just as the auctioneer had stated, those who had tasted this supreme and rare fruit in the Stone Medicine World were exceedingly few in number.

While the buyers were drawn in by the fruit, Bai Weng glanced at Li Qiye. At this time, he understood what Li Qiye had brought to the Golem Square. He took a deep breath at this point and wondered for a bit. If Li Qiye could take out even a Longevity Fruit, then what does the Giant Bamboo Country have to attract him? Right now, it was not Li Qiye asking the country to allow him to stay, it was the country begging for him to stay!

Shi Hao, on the other hand, didn’t think too much about it. He only curiously stared at the supreme Longevity Fruit.

As for Li Qiye, only a smile could be found on his face. The Longevity Fruit was something plucked from the lost garden of the immortals by him and Lan Yunzhu. The two of them managed to grab many King Medicines.

Since the start of time, only around three people had made it to the lost garden. King Medicines were as common as vegetables in this garden, so one could imagine how many Li Qiye had plucked. Others wouldn’t dare to dream about Immortal Medicines like the Ancestor Ginseng, but Li Qiye had quite a few of them.

The Longevity Fruit was something Li Qiye casually took out since he wanted to see if the Golem Square had something worthy of his attention.

The Longevity Fruit had two stems, so Li Qiye took the fruit with the younger spirit and kept the other fruit capable of prolonging one’s life by eight hundred years.

While the others didn’t mind continuing to look at the fruit, one ancestor from a great power eventually voiced his question as he could no longer stand waiting: “How will you sell this Longevity Fruit? What is the starting bid?”

The auctioneer replied: “This fruit is being auctioned for an esteemed guest. This guest does not need refined jades, so he will only trade item for items.”

All the buyers here were well-versed in this style of exchange. Someone who could take out a Longevity Fruit wouldn’t give a damn about ordinary refined jades. The type of person who could produce supreme treasures would only trade with items.

The auctioneer said: “The esteemed guest is here as well. Everyone will only need to take out an item. After half a minute, if the owner does not ask for it, then we’ll move on to a different person.”

The moment these words came out, all the buyers quickly planned ahead. Some did an inventory check on their treasures to see if there was anything that could tempt this mysterious owner.

A bit later, the auctioneer slammed his gavel and proclaimed in a serious manner: “Very well, let the auction begin. Anyone can bid now!”

An ancestor in a dark room started with his bid: “I am willing to trade a Divine Monarch’s Life Treasure for this Longevity Fruit.”

This offer startled many others. Divine Monarchs were true experts among Virtuous Paragons since they were eternal existences. A person who could take out such a treasure must be an incredible character.

However, a treasure of the Divine Monarch level couldn’t get into Li Qiye’s sight, so he didn’t bother looking at it.

Since the owner didn’t answer, the Virtuous Paragon could only sigh.

Before another ancestor could name his price, an older alchemist seized the opportunity and said: ”I will use my clan’s alchemy scripture to trade for this fruit! My Nanhu Clan is renowned for its alchemy even in the Alchemy Realm!”

However, these words went into one ear and escaped from the other. No alchemy scripture could compare to the canon in Li Qiye’s possession.

The alchemist laughed wryly after not getting a reply. He understood that the owner didn’t like his clan inheritance.

In a different room, another ancestor spoke at this time: “I have a Saint Physique Law for the Diamond Saint Physique. I am willing to trade this law for the Longevity Fruit.”

But of course, this item also couldn’t pique Li Qiye’s interest since no law in the present times could compare to his Physique Law.