Chapter 636: Mysterious Wooden Horse

“I have a Lifesaving Order Writ from the Jianlong Clan. As long as you have this writ, no matter where you are or what danger you are facing, the Jianlong Clan will do their best to guarantee your safety.” Another hidden ancestor spoke.

These words shocked everyone. The Jianlong Clan was a monstrous existence, the only existence comparable to the Alchemy Kingdom in the Stone Medicine World. With its protection, one wouldn’t have to worry about offending anyone. However, this writ also couldn’t tempt Li Qiye.

The arrogant Jian Wushuang stood up and spoke in a serious tone: “I will trade a supreme secret technique for the Longevity Fruit.”

Li Qiye didn’t budge. In fact, he didn’t even open his eyes.

As there was no response from the owner, Jian Wushuang gritted her teeth and lowered her tone once more: “I have three drops of Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood. If the owner is willing, then I will use the supreme technique along with the three blood drops to trade for this fruit.”

Jian Wushuang didn’t need the fruit, but she had an elder who really needed it. The rest of the buyers were shocked as they exclaimed: “What?! Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood?”

This was something coveted by everyone due to its peerlessness. Even imperial lineages might not have some. However, this still was not enough to make Li Qiye open his eyes.

Both Bai Weng and Shi Hao were astounded by these incredible treasures. They had never seen so many ungraspable items before, but now they were revealed as offers.

Bai Weng shuddered and reminded Li Qiye: “That… That is Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood…!”

Li Qiye still didn’t respond, making Bai Weng understand that Li Qiye didn’t care for Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood either. Bai Weng couldn’t help but feel afraid; not caring for such a level of treasure — too domineering!

Jian Wushuang also sat down in frustration after getting no response from the owner. This was her second time being defeated today. The first time was her pride being trampled by Li Qiye. Now, the owner also didn’t react to Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood, so how could she not be frustrated?

The other big shots all listed what they had, resulting in quite a cornucopia of items that included weapons, treasures, King Medicines, and manuals among other things… However, Li Qiye still didn’t bat an eye.

After the other buyers offered their items, one hidden ancestor finally spoke: “I have a little wooden horse.” He was very unwilling, but ultimately, he still mustered his will and made the decision to say: “I can’t say what this little wooden horse can do right now, but it is something left behind by the Immortal Emperor Patriarch from my clan, a treasure of the utmost importance…”

The ancestor was still quite hesitant and full of remorse, but he really needed the Longevity Fruit: “If the owner is willing, then I will trade this wooden horse for the Longevity Fruit.”

He was afraid that the owner wouldn’t be able to see the horse, so he told the workers from the square to bring a tray over.

This was a very normal tiny horse carved from wood of a gray color — not too eye-catching.

The group stared at the horse, and no one could tell how this was valuable, but this ancestor was able to become an esteemed guest at the square, not to mention that he introduced his patriarch as an Immortal Emperor. Even if outsiders couldn’t guess its background, it would surely not be a scam.

Li Qiye opened his eyes after hearing the words “little wooden horse”. After a while, on the balcony, he told the worker from the square: “Bring that wooden horse here so that I can take a look.”

After hearing this response, the auctioneer immediately told this great power’s ancestor: “The owner agrees to see your little horse.”

“Good! Very good!” The ancestor was in urgent need of the Longevity Fruit. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have offered his Immortal Emperor’s precious treasure to trade for it.

Very quickly, the horse was in Li Qiye’s hands. He took a careful look before telling the worker from the square: “I’ll agree to this trade.”

The auctioneer heard it right away and immediately announced: “I’m relieved to tell everyone some good news; the Longevity Fruit now has a new owner! Its previous owner is willing to trade the fruit for this guest’s little wooden horse!”

After this announcement came out, everyone couldn’t help but look at each other. Many wanted to know the effects of this horse left behind by an Immortal Emperor.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t research this horse at all. Neither the buyer nor the seller wanted to reveal much about this horse, so the curious crowd couldn’t obtain an answer.

The auctioneer excitedly slammed his gavel and announced: “Very well, I now announce that this auction has officially ended with great results!”

He was very jubilant. This was the biggest and most surreal auction he had ever hosted. It would leave a bright mark on his career as an auctioneer.

With the end of the auction, those who chose to remain hidden used a special passage to leave; outsiders couldn’t see all the participants.

Meanwhile, since Li Qiye ignored Immortal Emperor Longevity Blood for this little inconspicuous wooden horse, the shocked Bai Weng had to ask: “Is… this worth it?”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “That would depend on the person.”

Bai Weng and Shi Hao couldn’t discern the use of this little horse and didn’t know what was special about it. Li Qiye didn’t tell them either.

After finishing the transaction process with the square, Li Qiye left along with the other two.

Both of them were very happy and excited. It was needless to mention Shi Hao, he obtained a cauldron left behind by the Hundred-grass Alchemy Emperor, something he wouldn’t even dare to dream of before.

Bai Weng also obtained a Vermillion Divine Flame Cauldron. Although it was not comparable to Shi Hao’s, this was more than enough for him. At the very least, he wouldn’t have been able to buy one like this even if he strived for it for his entire life.

They felt very grateful to Li Qiye for giving them items this precious.

As they left the Golem Square and crossed a couple of streets, they were suddenly stopped.

The person blocking his path was Lie Jie, the descendant of the Lie Clan. Bai Weng reacted very quickly; the moment Lie Jie went in front of Li Qiye, Bai Weng immediately stopped him.

Bai Weng spoke calmly: “Young Noble Lie Jie, if you have something to say, then say it right here.”

“Dog servant, scram to the side!” Lie Jie coldly shouted with an oppressive momentum. In his eyes, Bai Weng was only a servant.

However, Bai Weng’s status was not low. Although he didn’t come from a prestigious clan, with Ancient Pine as his backing, he was not afraid of Lie Jie if push comes to shove.

Bai Weng beckoned by waving his hand as Ancient Pine’s disciples all gathered and awaited his command. He coldly spoke: “Young Noble Lie Jie, please return. Young Noble Li is an honored guest of the Giant Bamboo Country and is not someone that you can meet at your whim!”

Bai Weng’s attitude enraged Lie Jie. He wished he could rush over and teach Li Qiye and this dog servant a lesson, but he was stopped by Ancient Pine’s disciples.

Lie Jie shouted a threat at Li Qiye: “Brat, listen well! The capital isn’t for an outsider brat like you, having money is nothing! There are countless clans that you can’t afford to offend at the capital. Know your place and get the hell out now. If not, you won’t have a chance to leave the capital with your tail tucked between your legs, you will die without a grave!”

This was the disparity between Lie Jie and Jian Wushuang. Both of them hated and wanted to kill Li Qiye, but Jian Wushuang wouldn’t block his path like this with meaningless threats. If she wished to, then she would immediately kill him instead of posturing.

A minor character like Lie Jie was nothing to Li Qiye, but his threat caused Li Qiye to pause. Li Qiye took a look at Lie Jie and slowly spoke: “Lie Clan, right? What kind of trash clan is it? So what if you have a little fire spark? Remember, a Fire Source can destroy your Lie Clan as well as end your life.”

Li Qiye then lazily walked away, not bothering to care for a response.

Lie Jie took note of this arrogant retort and angrily shouted: “Hahaha, you think I’m afraid of you? Brat, I dare you to not walk away!”

He didn’t have a chance to chase after Li Qiye since Ancient Pine’s disciples were blocking his path. Eventually, he stamped the ground exasperatedly and swore that he would teach this little unknown outsider a lesson.

The moment Li Qiye returned to the mansion, the Demon Monarch had already been standing there, waiting, and quickly ran to greet him. The monarch revealed a wide smile: “Congratulations, Young Noble, for your triumphant return from the Golem Square.”

At this point, the monarch’s attitude was even more respectful, and he became even more humble.

Li Qiye looked at the monarch and smiled: “Your information gathering is quite fast.”

The monarch wryly smiled and said: “I only heard it just now. Young Noble’s grand gesture shocked the four directions; it would be hard to not catch wind of it.”

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t respond.

The monarch rubbed his palms together and said: “Early this morning, I went to meet the other monarchs and couldn’t come with Young Noble, please excuse me.”

His tone then became more serious: “Her Majesty wishes to meet Young Noble, would that be okay?”

“Wait a bit.” With that, Li Qiye went inside.

The monarch stood there on the spot, not knowing what to say. Being summoned by the ruler of the Giant Bamboo Country was an honor, but it was different for Li Qiye since they needed him and not vice versa.

Bai Weng then whispered to the monarch. After hearing the report, the monarch’s expression quickly changed.