Chapter 650: The Dao Of Cultivating Flower

Qing Yu was astounded when Li Qiye quickly revealed the crux of his secret formula, but he recovered very quickly. Perhaps Li Qiye was only lucky and guessed correctly.

Qing Yu coldly spoke: “So what? The Ominous Star Flower is vicious by nature, but this is due to its environment. It usually grows up in nether and dangerous lands so it has vicious tendencies. Coincidentally, the Corruption Ward Sacred Water is able to dispel the evil aura from these spirit plants.

“By dispelling the evil impulses from the flower as well as nurturing it with this fertilizer so that it could have a better growing environment, this would allow for it to calm down. Through time, its vicious nature will be erased, and one day, it will become a divine flower.”

Although Qing Yu and Li Qiye were enemies, it had to be said that Qing Yu was indeed slightly capable with some knowledge regarding the dao of alchemy.

“Young Noble Qing, you definitely deserve to be called the number one alchemist of the Giant Bamboo Country! This solution truly is wonderful.” After hearing what Qing Yu said, many of the surrounding alchemists couldn’t help but voice their praise.

“It really is amazing, to be able to use this fertilizer to change the vicious habits of this flower… As long as we continue to use it, with the passage of time, this fierce flower will turn into a divine flower!” Another young alchemist couldn’t help but admire Qing Yu’s method.

Madam Zi Yan was not an alchemist, but prior to this, she also appreciated Qing Yu’s solution. She told Li Qiye: “Qing Yu’s fertilizer was indeed effective. Ever since the Ominous Star Flower was treated with it, it changed a lot and became very docile while exhibiting great growth.”

Li Qiye looked at Qing Yu and smiled: “This is only an illusion. The Corruption Ward Sacred Water has the effect of removing evil from ordinary spirit medicines, but what is an Ominous Star Flower? It is an extremely precious and rare strand that has its own awareness. The water won’t be able to remove the evil from it. In fact, it would only act as supreme nutrients for the flower.”

Li Qiye nonchalantly continued on: “A young Ominous Star Flower would grow very quickly with the sacred water, so why would it need to catch other prey when this super nutritious water was being handed to it directly? It is only pretending to be docile since there is no reason for it not to.”

“Hmph! How can an alchemist speak such nonsense.” Qing Yu coldly smiled: “Everyone knows of the evil deterring effect of the sacred water, so where is this nutrient nonsense? If it was extremely nutritious, then it would have been used by many alchemists as fertilizer.”

Huangfu Hao added: “Brother Qing makes a lot of sense. I haven’t heard of such a thing before. The usage of Corruption Ward Sacred Water is common knowledge to all alchemists. In my opinion, Brother Qing’s special mix has great effects. When the flower’s evil properties disappear, it will turn into a divine flower.”

Qing Yu became a lot more lively and proud and arched his chest after hearing Huangfu Hao. He stared intensely at Li Qiye with a pressing momentum.

Huangfu Hao was called the fifth young alchemy prodigy in the current generation, so no one dared to question his alchemy skills as his words carried a lot of weight.

Thus, when Huangfu Hao voiced his support for Qing Yu, all the spectating alchemists looked towards Li Qiye.

Many of them were already unhappy with him, so a barrage of attacks came right after Huangfu Hao’s comment: “Being good at pill refinement doesn’t mean you know how to plant. The alchemy dao is separated into these things for a reason. If you are no good at plant cultivation, then don’t spout nonsense and try to destroy someone else’s reputation.”

Another alchemist sneered: “That’s right, everyone knows that the sacred water is meant for dispelling evil, so Young Noble Qing Yu’s application of it to grow the Ominous Star Flower is perfect. It is an incredible formula!”

One more verbally assaulted Li Qiye: “It is not enough just knowing the basics… Haha, it would be completely humiliating to let someone like this participate in the alchemy conference.”

“Complete garbage!” At this time, Qing Yu was emboldened and coldly stared at Li Qiye: “If you don’t have any evidence, then don’t speak nonsense. Li Qiye, your earlier words are blatant defamation towards my Qing Clan’s reputation! It is not too late for you to apologize. Otherwise, my clan will not go easy on someone who tried to maliciously stain our reputation!”

Earlier, Qing Yu was suppressed by Madam Zi Yan’s imperial aura and couldn’t do anything about it, but now, he became much more aggressive after latching onto Li Qiye’s weakness. He would never let go of this rare chance and would take advantage of this opportunity for his counterattack! He would never let go until he completely defeated Li Qiye. If the situation allowed it, he would even kill Li Qiye!

At this time, Huangfu Hao spoke: “The dao of alchemy is a serious study, so one should conduct themselves carefully. Do not utter words carelessly without thought.”

Huangfu Hao’s status and prestige were great. His showing of solidarity not only made Qing Yu bolder, it even caused the other alchemists who were initially unhappy with Li Qiye to want to challenge him.

Li Qiye was now under attack by the crowd, causing Madam Zi Yan’s brows to furrow. How could she not understand what Qing Yu, Huangfu Hao, and the other young alchemists were trying to do?

She wanted to back Li Qiye up, but he waved his sleeve to signal her not to. He smiled and said: “My words are proof.”

“Your words are proof?” Qing Yu sneered and said: “Your irresponsible defamation is proof? Hmph, this Ominous Star Flower is now harmless thanks to the Qing Clan’s unique fertilizing strand. It has been growing here for several years! And not only has it been growing at an incredible speed, it hasn’t even harmed a fly!”

“All of this is proof that the Ominous Star Flower has been dispelled of its evil affinity and is slowly growing into a divine flower. So now, how can you say that the flower is still the same? You are jealous of our Qing Clan’s unique mix and want to destroy our reputation. If you do not make this clear, our Qing Clan will not let you off so easily!” At this point, Qing Yu drew closer to Li Qiye with a frightening momentum, wanting to push him to the very edge.

“This is true!” With Huangfu Hao’s support, all the other alchemists quickly rode the wave as well. One of them said: “Lacking even the most common of knowledge yet you still dare to spew arrogant drivel and defame the Qing Clan. A treacherous man like this should be punished!”

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t mind the brigade branding against him. He asked: “Then you must be very confident with the Qing Clan’s unique mix?”

Qing Yu smirked in response: “Hmph! Actions speak louder than words. No matter how sly you might be with words, you cannot deny the truth that our Qing Clan’s mix has cured the flower of its vicious nature.”

Li Qiye slowly replied: “If you want the truth, then I shall give it to you. In my knowledge, the Ominous Star Flower is very sensitive to loud screams. Whether it has changed or not, you can give it a shot.”

Qing Yu’s pupils narrowed while looking at Li Qiye. He drily said: “Really now?”

Li Qiye smiled and waved his palm in the air back and forth to say: “This is the case as far as I know, but I suggest that you do not try it since it won’t end well.”

“Is that so?” Qing Yu coldly sneered while gazing at Li Qiye: “Since you put it that way, I want to try it even more. What would you do if your method fails?”

Qing Yu clearly didn’t want to let this go until Li Qiye accepted defeat.

“What do you want me to do?” Li Qiye replied with a grin.

Qing Yu suggested with a smirk: “Very simple, it’ll be the same as before. If you are right about it being an act, then I deserve death from being attacked by the flower; it would be because my dao of alchemy was insufficient. However, if you are wrong… Not only did you stain our reputation, you also caused trouble and unfounded defamation, so you have to feed yourself to your cauldron’s Fire Source.”

Madam Zi Yan’s expression sank after hearing this. Qing Yu’s approach was taking things too far; it was apparent that he wanted to kill Li Qiye.

All the other alchemists held their breaths in anticipation. This was a life or death gamble and not something to be laughed about. Although many of them didn’t like Li Qiye, it wasn’t to the extent where they would wish death upon him.

They didn’t say anything else to fuel the fire now that Qing Yu voiced his desire to kill Li Qiye.

Meanwhile, after voicing his support, Huangfu Hao only smiled while calmly watching things play out by the side. If necessary, he would interfere again to fan the flames.

Li Qiye narrowed his eyes and smiled in the face of the repeated attempts of Qing Yu wanting to kill him.

People who were familiar with Li Qiye would shudder with fear since this expression meant that Li Qiye intended to kill.

Li Qiye smiled and waved his hands to say: “I’m afraid that’s no good. In my opinion, this Ominous Star Flower has flourished very well and it might take your life if this goes sour.”

“Hahaha, I should thank you for your concern.” Qing Yu sneered: “But there is no need, I trust my Qing Clan’s unique mix. If you are afraid to die, then just say it. It is not too late to kneel and beg for forgiveness. This would still be much better than losing your life.”