Chapter 659: Opening The Gates To Welcome The Enemy

“I’m afraid both the Qing Clan and Huangfu Clan will not easily halt their troops.” Any wise man was able to see this. The turmoil in the last two days and the rumors that spread everywhere allowed them to conclude that the Qing Clan didn’t just want justice, they wanted to force an abdication.

A cultivator from the previous generation murmured: “If this isn’t dealt with correctly, then the Giant Bamboo Country will change. I think the Qing Clan had the ambition to rule the court for a long time now.”

The sudden upheaval from the Qing Clan was not strange at all. The Qing Clan had been in the country for millions of years. Although they were not considered a great power and could only be considered a first-rate sect at best, they were deeply rooted in the country. Although the clan’s biggest weakness was their lack of invincible experts since it was hard for them to produce a Virtuous Paragon, this was also their strength. The Qing Clan was an alchemy clan that was famous for its medicines. For millions of years, many sects had asked for their medicines, and because of this, they had accumulated a great amount of wealth and had extensive connections.

It was no exaggeration to say that the Qing Clan had great relationships with many neighboring sects. Any sect would be happy to become friends with an alchemy clan.

The Qing Clan’s descendant died a terrible death in the imperial court, so many of the sects outside either publicly or secretly showed their support for the Qing Clan. Some even sent their disciples to help their cause.

Therefore, this was ostensibly a cry for vengeance, but the truth was that this was a call for abdication. Any knowledgeable cultivator knew that the Qing Clan had coveted the throne of the country for a long time now. This had always been the case, but until now, the imperial court had always held a firm grasp of the country’s territories. Moreover, there was very little fighting in the country, so on top of having wise rulers, the Qing Clan never had the chance despite its ambition.

Thus, the current development was a god-sent opportunity for them. The death of Qing Yu along with the uprising caused by the Huangfu Clan, especially the arrival of its ancestor, allowed for a circumstance where they could suppress the imperial court.

In such a situation, the Qing Clan and the Huangfu Clan were hitting it off quite well. The Huangfu Clan wanted to cause a storm in the country while the Qing Clan wanted the royal power. Moreover, the Qing Clan’s Pill King, who had always been in seclusion, finally decided to show himself. This move could only be described as quite menacing.

In fact, they were very optimistic about this situation. The imperial court was not very favored against the Huangfu Clan, so now with the uprising from their Qing Clan, this was definitely the best time to make a move.

If they are successful, then they would seize control of the Giant Bamboo Country. Even if we take a step back and assume that they couldn’t seize it instantly, the imperial court would be too busy dealing with the Huangfu Clan. At that time, the Qing Clan would still be able to gain the greatest benefit.

Moreover, the appearance of the Huangfu Clan made even more sects decide to voice their support for the Qing Clan. With their help, the Qing Clan’s momentum became quite strong and seemingly flooded the country. If Madam Zi Yan made one wrong move, then the country would be sent into a state of separation.

“Will the court survive this disaster? Could it be that the court, which had ruled the country for millions of years, will finally come to an end?” Some of the older generation couldn’t help but worry.

A great character looked into the night sky and slowly spoke: “Morning will soon come. At that time, we will quickly find out the outcome.”

For many sects in the country and cultivators in the capitals, this night was very long and boring. It was nearly torture for many of them. They all knew that tonight would be peaceful, but this was merely the calm before the storm. With a single misstep, the entire country would undergo a massive change tomorrow.

A ray of sunlight finally shone into the capital, waking up many people. At this time, many decided to withdraw, others wanted to watch, and some wanted to offer their support. As for which side they supported, only they themselves knew…

The sun slowly rose and the capital became rowdy with people coming and going. However, compared to the usual bustling scene, the atmosphere was much more somber. Both the pedestrians on the ground and cultivators flying in the sky wore a heavy expression.

At daylight, many cultivators attentively watched for any movement from the imperial court. As the sun was rising, cultivators could already be found standing outside the court in anticipation for the meeting between the two sides.

“Boom!” Finally, it was time. The grand aura of a Virtuous Paragon instantly shot into the sky as if a deity was arriving at this moment.

Under such an overbearing momentum, the entire capital seemed to shake. It was as if the person could crush the entire city with one stomp. The capital was just a tiny boat among the storm that was his aura and could be toppled at any time.

This was the Huangfu Ancestor. Although his hair was completely gray and his once-monstrous blood energy had withered like a sun descending to the west, he still emitted a thunderous aura as if he was riding the storm. This was a power capable of controlling myriad realms.

The Huangfu Ancestor was an extremely powerful existence and was absolutely capable of causing cultivators to tremble. It was as if a slight gesture from him could burn the sky and split the sea. Meanwhile, behind him was a group of experts that included Heavenly Kings, Heavenly Sovereigns, and Ancient Saints. Their blood energies soared to the sky as groups of divine rings pulsed around them. They came with their ancestor and held no one in their eyes as they traveled without any hesitation.

They didn’t bother hiding their auras at all. On the contrary, they released them without any scruple and in an extremely arrogant manner without any respect for the capital.

“Does the Huangfu Clan want to go all out? An ancestor alone is one thing, but there are even three high elders and five elders as well, not to mention the other experts.” Many experts took deep breaths and shuddered after seeing the Huangfu Clan’s lineup.

It was apparent to them that the Huangfu Clan didn’t come for reconciliation. It was apparent that they had no intentions of sitting down for a talk. Even random passersby knew that they wanted to fight.

After the Huangfu people entered the city, the people from the Qing Clan was next. This group was led by the Qing Clan Master, and it was made up of quite a few people, including high elders. Besides the people from the Qing Clan, there were also a few accompanying experts from the other lineages that wanted to assist the Qing Clan.

Although this group was not as powerful as the Huangfu Clan, they made up for it with numbers. They entered the capital one after another with an aggressive momentum as well.

In an instant, the groups from the two clans were right outside of the palace. They were together and created a very powerful aura, causing many spectators to shiver nervously.

At this time, a squeaking sound appeared as the two heavy gates in front of the palace eventually opened. Above the palace on top of a series of steps was a wooden armchair with a very ordinary looking youth sitting on it.

Behind this youth were eighteen Demon Monarchs standing in a line while Madam Zi Yan, the Royal Lord, was standing next to this ordinary youth.

“Who is that guy?” When the cultivators standing far away from the palace saw this scene, they were startled by this unimaginable image.

The eighteen monarchs could be described as lords of their own domains, individuals with great prestige. Moreover, they were all Heavenly Sovereigns! But now, they were lining up behind this young man.

It was even more astonishing for Madam Zi Yan. A Royal Lord and a Heavenly King like her could only stand beside this young man.

A single glance could tell that this young man was the person in charge at the moment and Madam Zi Yan was only standing there to keep him company.

This frightened and confused many cultivators as they tried to uncover the identity of the young man ahead. Just who was he to be able to command the eighteen monarchs and even Madam Zi Yan?

“He is an alchemist that recently appeared in the capital. I think his name is Li Qiye, the one who spent some scary amount at the Golem Square.” A cultivator knew who about Li Qiye told the person next to him.

At this point, many onlookers held their breaths while watching the confrontation between the two sides. It seemed that both sides had shown up with all their forces. All eighteen Demon Monarchs of the Giant Bamboo Country were here, so everyone knew that with one wrong turn, both sides would fight until the very end and bathe the palace in blood.

At this time, the Huangfu Ancestor stepped forward. At this level, each of his steps created an oppressive and terrifying aura. Anyone would have to shudder before this force.

The eighteen monarchs were intimidated and had to take a step back with shocked expressions plastered on their faces. Frankly, this was not shameful at all since the disparity between the two sides was too great. The monarchs were only sovereigns while the Huangfu Ancestor was a true Virtuous Paragon!

Even a Heavenly King like the madam was in awe and unable to withstand the aura of a paragon, leaving her with a shaken expression.

Only Li Qiye remained as calm as water in a well. He remained leisurely seated in his chair as if he was at home and nothing was happening. It could even be said that the Huangfu Ancestor before him was only a passerby — not enough to cause any trouble.