Chapter 663: Warning To The World

Just imagine, when the country was founded, even a group of Godkings came to celebrate as well as many different races of the Nine Worlds. The Immortal Emperor of that generation came as well. Even the founding of an imperial lineage would not enjoy such grand treatment!

Because of the Giant Bamboo Country’s mysterious origin, it became a real forbidden ground to many grand characters, giving it generations of peace.

The truly invincible people were not willing to invade the country while ordinary characters couldn’t cause any big trouble, so the giant bamboo rarely had to take action in the past millions of years. Thus, the world had forgotten that the giant bamboo was an actual Divine Guardian and instead only saw it as part of the beautiful landscape.

But today, the giant bamboo had taken action and immediately shocked the world by slaying Virtuous Paragons and massacring Heavenly Kings as if it was nothing!

As the blood flowed down the street, the heavy stench permeated throughout its corners without dissipating. The smell just lingered in everyone’s noses, making them nauseous.

“Bleghh…” The moment they regained their thoughts, many people threw up nonstop, almost spitting out all the contents within their stomachs. Those who were more cowardly dropped to the ground and defecated their own pants since they were scared out of their wits.

Others were frightened and paled. This was a Virtuous Paragon, but he died just like that. Moreover, an alchemy clan that had stood strong for generations was immediately destroyed; even with the protection of another paragon, it couldn’t escape its fate.

The eighteen monarchs were completely aghast as well. This scene was too terrorizing.

“What a pity.” At this time, Li Qiye was still sitting in his armchair, feeling at home, as he said: “I love peace and didn’t want the fires of war to reach this place, but unfortunately, a few people needed their blood to wash this land before understanding this simple logic.”

Having said that, Li Qiye gently blew on the bamboo leaf in his palm. It slowly floated up into the air and went back to the bamboo tree; it was still as green and pretty as before.

At this time, this leaf didn’t resemble a murderous weapon that had killed many Heavenly Kings at all. It was no different from an ordinary leaf! Many couldn’t help but lift their heads to look at the giant bamboo in the sky amidst the clouds. Amidst the gentle breeze, the bamboo leaves slightly fluttered, causing tiny rustling sounds that were quite difficult to hear.

Anyone who saw the giant bamboo now had a respectful and awe-struck demeanor. No one dared to harbour even the tiniest bit of disdain since they all understood — right now — that this giant bamboo was not a simple tree, it was an invincible deity!

Before anyone knew it, some even got down on their knees and stared at the giant bamboo with great piety in their eyes.

Li Qiye’s eyes slowly drifted towards the spectators as he slowly said: “The Giant Bamboo Country is a peaceful town for its inhabitants to settle and have a good life. Even I don’t want to dye this land red with blood, but if anyone dares to offend the country, I don’t mind painting this land red, painting the entire Stone Medicine World red, or even the entire Nine Worlds red! No one will be forgiven for breaking the tranquility of the Giant Bamboo Country! This is an ironclad rule that has never changed throughout the eras, no matter whether it is the past, the present, or the future!”

Li Qiye’s remark was very light and calm, but it contained a bloody and ruthless warning! These words were not only meant to warn the people here, they also served as a deterrent to the slumbering giants beneath the Stone Medicine World!

The inviolability of the Giant Bamboo Country was an ironclad rule! After many generations had passed, even if Li Qiye didn’t come back to take a look at the country, he would still be concerned about it.

At this time, no one dared to utter a sound. Before, they would think that Li Qiye was mentally ill, but now, they understood that this wasn’t the case. In his eyes, the Qing Clan and the Huangfu Clan were not worth mentioning as a source of trouble!

Even Madam Zi Yan, who was next to him, was shaken. In fact, she was even more shaken than the others because she knew that Li Qiye could communicate or even command the giant bamboo tree!

How could she not be astonished by this matter? For millions of years, the only person who could communicate with the tree was their progenitor.

While many people were still stunned, Li Qiye clapped and said: “Very well, it is now over. Hang them by the wall so that everyone can see the fate of those who provoke our Giant Bamboo Country.” With that, he turned around and left.

In everyone’s view, Li Qiye seemed to have only done a trivial matter. This was killing a Virtuous Paragon and destroying a clan! But he didn’t even bat an eyelash. Even great characters had to shudder after seeing Li Qiye’s attitude because they understood one thing: this unknown kid before them was definitely a ruthless character, a killer who committed murder without batting an eyelash!

The eighteen monarchs quickly escorted Li Qiye back to the palace. Of course, they were astounded by him as well. Back when Li Qiye said he wanted to kill the Huangfu Ancestor, they all felt that Li Qiye was acting unreasonably. But now, everything happened just like he had said, so how could they not be shocked?

At this time, they found Li Qiye to be unfathomable and enigmatic.

On the same day, the Giant Bamboo Country released a message: the Qing Clan had been destroyed with its ancestral ground completely demolished. All of its heritages had been turned into ashes. Although its young and old were still alive, with all the former destroyed, the Qing Clan was finished. From now on, it would be no more in the Giant Bamboo Country. The survivors left the country overnight and disappeared from the world from then on.

Prior to this, rumors were spreading everywhere throughout the country. Some lords became quite fickle to the point of dispatching troops, but in just one day, the entire country became silent again, and all the rumors instantly disappeared.

The once-ambitious lords received news from the capital and shuddered. They instantly sat down with pale expressions as cold sweat ran down their backs.

Meanwhile, the sects who took no action found themselves fortunate and were glad that they didn’t blindly join in. Otherwise, their end could be easily envisioned.

At night time, a group of old men with gray hair all kneeled outside of the palace. Some of them were the heads of their sects while others were high elders and seniors…

These were all members of the sects who had voiced their support for the Qing Clan; all of them had great status. After these sects received the news from the capital, they were paralyzed. Once they calmed down, these sect masters and senior members all ran to the capital to beg for forgiveness.

How could they dare to retaliate? The result of the Qing Clan was clear for all to see. An alchemy clan that stood strong for generations disappeared so easily. Even an existence like the Pill King was killed so sects like them were even more negligible.

Thus, the sects masters and senior members could only prostrate within the capital. As long as this could protect their sects and heritages, they were willing to do so even at the expense of their own life!

In one night, the chaotic unrest and rumors were instantly quelled. No sect or cultivator dared to do anything reckless.

This was the result Li Qiye wanted, to use a ruthless method to deter the ambitious individuals. He would kill the chickens to warn the monkeys and instantly stop those with mischievous thoughts.

As the night curtain fell, Madam Zi Yan asked Li Qiye: “Many sects masters and seniors are prostrating outside, ready to accept their punishment. How will you deal with them?”

At this moment, the eighteen monarchs were respectful before Li Qiye. They looked at him with eyes full of awe and fear.

“Let them kneel, then you can deal with them however you want.” Li Qiye answered nonchalantly: “I am not the Royal Lord, you are, thus, you are in charge of this matter.”

The madam couldn’t help but softly sigh after looking at Li Qiye. In her heart, she knew that Li Qiye would not stay at the Giant Bamboo Country. Another way to put it would be that there was nothing here that could hold him back.

“Why is it that you don’t want to stay here?” The madam gently asked Li Qiye. She was willing to immediately abdicate if Li Qiye wanted to stay.

Li Qiye met her gaze and, after a while, he looked away towards the distance and slowly said: “I am a mass murderer. The lands trodden by me are destined to be paved with dry bones. With me here, the stench of blood will eventually permeate the air. This is a peaceful land, so I won’t involve it with scenes of carnage.”

The madam became quiet. Li Qiye had said similar words before. After a while, she lifted her head again since she couldn’t help but ask: “Why did you pick the Giant Bamboo Country? What did you come here for?” She knew that Li Qiye’s visit was not a simple coincidence. However, she didn’t think that he was here for their treasure since there was nothing here that could tempt him.

Regarding this question, Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t answer. He continued to quietly look at the horizon for a long time.

Of course, he couldn’t tell her his secrets. After a while, he gently sighed and lamented the ongoing vicissitudes of time. He eventually turned to look at her and asked: “Why must you participate in this conference?”

The madam didn’t hide it and revealed the reason: “There is one item that I really need from this alchemy conference. It is crucial for me to break through to the Virtuous Paragon realm.”

“You are a Violet Bamboo that took form with the dao, so it could be said that your roots are quite amazing and rare. Your talents are very high and, with such a great dao origin, you should have soared to the heavens easily. If I am not mistaken, before you took form, you suffered a lightning tribulation so your dao origin had been harmed. Although the wound is now gone, it is difficult for you to continue to take the next step, thus you need a heavenly treasure, correct?” Li Qiye slowly said while looking at her.