Chapter 669: Legends

“Yes.” Yuan Caihe said: “Legend states that something happened at the Divine School. At that time, it was extremely prosperous with immense might. Some believed that the school, at that time, was no weaker than when it was back during its inception with its progenitor still present. Perhaps this was destined, an inevitable decline from being too magnificent. Many people initially thought that the school would be able to reach the next level, but who would have thought that in just one night, an unexpected event occurred at the school? Legend states that all existences near the Godking level died miserably overnight.”

After hearing this, Li Qiye’s expression quickly changed because he thought about a certain something, a matter that he didn’t want to happen the most.

“It was said that something was dug out from the school’s grounds.” Yuan Caihe didn’t see Li Qiye’s change of expression and continued to speak as she gazed at the ruins: “Because of the unearthing of this item, a disaster befell the Divine School, killing all of their most powerful existences.”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but touch his chin and murmur: “Unearthed…” At this time, he knew what the school had dug out.

“However, no one knew what the school had unearthed, people only heard that this thing carried with it misfortune as the calamity spread across the school in one night.” Yuan Caihe said: “That night, countless powerful characters from the school died, which is why the school started to decline. Eventually, it was unable to rise up and collapsed completely.”

“What about the whereabouts of that thing?” Li Qiye asked with a serious expression. He hadn’t thought that such a thing could have happened because it was essentially impossible.

Of course, he knew that it existed underground and just how terrifying it was. There was a reason why the Ancient Ming chose to fortify this place with such a mighty force in the past.

This was also why he commanded his most powerful Godking to preside over this territory and transform it. At the same time, he warned the Godking to never dig out the item or else it would bring about a calamity to their Divine School.

The Godking also made a grand vow. Moreover, he forever sealed this secret and suppressed this ground. It could be said that the item underground never had the chance to see the light of day again.

After the transformation to turn this place into an auspicious ground, it became quite majestic. Especially after the death of the Godking, no one knew that an item was being suppressed underground at this location.

In fact, the Godking never told this secret to his descendants. This was the reason why Li Qiye could leave with peace of mind. He knew that there was no way the item could come out since no one else knew about it!

But now, it seemed that the Divine School failed their duty and personally unearthed the item. They didn’t know that this action was akin to courting death and bringing them onto the path of no return.

After hearing Li Qiye’s question, Yuan Caihe shook her head in response: “No one knows. By the time the outside world learned about this matter, the Divine School was virtually deserted already. Later on, others found out that after the unearthed calamity, the school’s elite forces were annihilated and the survivors fled to elsewhere in the world. As for the location of the item… This remains a mystery.”

Li Qiye sighed softly after hearing this. He didn’t expect for this thing to eventually be excavated. If he knew that this would happen, he would have paid more attention before and perhaps would be able to find out its whereabouts now.

However, it came as a surprise. The Godking kept his promise that year and the land was sealed, so after the death of the Godking, that should have been the end of it.

Ultimately, all the calculations of man cannot overcome the whim of the heavens; the Divine School somehow dug it up and caused a disaster.

Li Qiye looked towards the distance with a serious gaze. He knew what had been underground. In fact, he had thought about taking it out to put an end to it once and for all.

However, back then was a period of endless war in the Nine Worlds, and he didn’t have time to deal with this matter. Afterward, everything went as planned with the creation of the Divine School and the Godking’s promise, so he no longer wanted to take it out.

“Perhaps it will come out again one day.” Li Qiye murmured as he gazed towards the horizon. If there was a chance to find it again, he absolutely wouldn’t let it go.

“It is possible.” Of course, Yuan Caihe didn’t know what Li Qiye was thinking about, so she misunderstood his intention and said: “I heard that item is extremely ominous. Although it had disappeared, people had searched for it during that era. Such a monstrous and evil item wouldn’t just disappear, it will surely come out again one day. As for when, I’m afraid we’ll never know.”

“Let’s go, we’ll head for the Celestial Peak River.” Li Qiye took one last look around and gently shook his head before burying his thoughts. He had to go to the river to find a certain something before contemplating this matter again.

This time, Li Qiye came to find a certain thing, a living creature, to be exact. However, Li Qiye was not too certain about whether this creature was still alive or not. After all, so much time had passed.

Nevertheless, he still had to find it because he had a certain plan for going to the Alchemy Kingdom; it was not just simply to participate in the alchemy conference.

After traveling through the extremely vast ruins, some pavilions and palaces could still be found standing. One could imagine just how majestic and extravagant this place used to be. Alas, even the most powerful lineage would collapse in due time.

One couldn’t help but become emotional when gazing at this scene, including someone who was numb like Li Qiye. However, before they made it through the ruins, a rustling sound appeared and a figure emerged from the ground. This thing immediately stopped Li Qiye and Yuan Caihe while shouting: “This is my mountain and these are my trees. If you want to pass, you must pay the toll.”

Li Qiye had yet to truly see the appearance of this thing that came out from the ground, but he was already speechless after hearing such bandit-like words. What generation was this to still have robbers hanging around?

The thing that blocked their path was a very old-looking demon. It was clear that he was from the demon race because his entire body had taken human-shape, with the exception of his left hand which retained its ant-like features.

People would be able to immediately guess his origin just by looking at his left hand. This had to be an ant demon.

“Ah…” This demon bandit had just finished speaking, but he choked on his words the instant when he saw Yuan Caihe, showing a very embarrassed expression.

“Umm…” The old demon scratched his head with his left claw and said: “So it is Fairy Yuan, I didn’t think someone as great as you would come here.”

“You know this fella?” Li Qiye was going to teach this blind bandit a lesson, but after hearing him, Li Qiye stopped.

“You are…” Although this old demon recognized Yuan Caihe, she didn’t seem to remember him.

The old demon hurriedly said: “Fairy Yuan doesn’t remember me? I am Tie Yi, the one who went to the Serene Garden five years ago to ask for medicine.” 1

“Oh, I remember now.” Yuan Caihe responded: “You are that old demon who came with the Sacred Curewater.”

Having said that, she couldn’t help but take another look at him and found something strange: “In my opinion, your wounds that year were impossible to cure, but you are now completely fine. What Immortal Medicine did you find?”

“Ah, this is all because of you.” The old demon quickly said: “You handed me a bunch of medicine that was able to buy some time for my injuries. Yeah, maybe I had good luck, after a period of hardship, I found more amazing medicines and actually managed to heal the old wounds.”

Yuan Caihe was not a meddlesome person, so she didn’t pursue it any further after hearing this answer.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye, who was standing to the side, gauged this old demon and leisurely said: “For you to stay at such a desolate place to be a bandit, it seems that life must be really tough right now. It is more difficult to find a fat sheep here than to be hit by a pie from the sky.”

The old demon, Tie Yi, blushed after hearing Li Qiye’s sarcastic remark and gave a dry chuckle: “It is just a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, really. Young Noble misunderstood me. I am only hiding here to scare people a bit. There is no other intention, it is not like I really want to rob them. This is just a joke, nothing more.”

The more Tie Yi tried to explain himself, the more people would feel that he was truly a bandit.

Li Qiye only glanced at him and replied without pressing the issue: “Is that so?”

This old demon Tie Yi looked honest, but he was a bit sly as well. His red face didn’t want to discuss this matter any further, so he quickly changed the topic. He spoke to Yuan Caihe: “Is Fairy Yuan here to pick some herbs? I am very familiar with this area of the Celestial Peak, so if you want, I can lead the way.”

Although Yuan Caihe’s background was illustrious and many great powers were very respectful to her, she was easy to get along with and wasn’t the type that put others at a distance. She gently shook her head and said: “The main reason I came this time is for the Draco-Bulls; I’m just picking some herbs along the way.”

“Ah, so Fairy is here for the bulls.” The old demon clapped his hands and excitedly said: “I almost forgot until you reminded me. It is now the season for the Draco-Bulls to go out to the river, the best time to gather Immortal Sulfur. I know of a path to the river, so let me lead the way for Fairy and this Young Noble.”


  1. Tie Yi is Iron Ant.