Chapter 67 : Ten Violet Sun Merit Law (1)

“The Kun Peng’s Six Variants…”

Seeing this scene, the elders and protectors currently present couldn’t help but become greatly alarmed!

In the entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, only First Elder Gu Tie Shou had access to the complete Kun Peng’s Six Variants. When he was practicing it, it was the previous sect master that personally granted permission with the agreement of the other Grand Elders.

Besides First Elder Gu Tie Shou’s complete version, Elder Zhou also practiced the first three transformations of the Kun Peng’s Six Variants.

That year, Elder Zhou risked his life and achieved a great contribution for the sect, and, with the unanimous agreement from the elders and protectors, he was allowed to practice the first three transformations.

To the current sect, the Kun Peng’s Six Variants was an integral secret; even the elders couldn’t approach the method without the agreement of the upper echelon of the sect.

It was stored in the most safeguarded and secretive location in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. The location was unknown to all with the exception of the six elders.

After seeing this merit law in action, First Elder Gu Tie Shou’s countenance was shaken. He practiced a complete version, so he had a higher understanding regarding it than anyone else. Seeing the Kun Peng floating up and down above Li Qi Ye’s head, his heart was incomparably stirred; Li Qi Ye’s Kun Peng was even more profound than his. This meant that regarding this method, Li Qi Ye had traveled farther than he had; this matter was inconceivable.

The Kun Peng’s Six Variants was one of the strongest Emperor merit laws in the sect; it was extremely profound. He immersed himself for hundreds of years in this method before learning the six transformations. He wouldn’t dare to say that he truly grasped the real mysteries of this method! However, this novice disciple was well-versed in its mysteries.

“How did you cultivate the Kun Peng’s Six Variants?”

Gu Tie Shou kept staring at Li Qi Ye. At this moment, his eyes were extremely frightening with even a hint of killing intent being revealed.

Before, Gu Tie Shou’s intention was to protect Li Qi Ye no matter what. Currently, if Li Qi Ye’s Kun Peng’s Six Variants was stolen from the sect, then he would have engaged in a taboo of the sect. Without any decisions from the other elders and protectors, he would still eliminate Li Qi Ye!

To Gu Tie Shou, if he secretly practiced any other methods, there was room for discussion. The Kun Peng’s Six Variants was too crucial to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, however.

“Stealing the core Emperor merit law, kill him without mercy…”

Cao Xiong was secretly ecstatic from seeing the change of the tides, and he said to Elder Gu:

“Older brother, this person cannot be left alone. Even one second longer, and he’ll bring more danger to our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!”

Gu Tie Shou ignored Cao Xiong, and directly asked Li Qi Ye:

“Qi Ye, how did you practice this method?”

Li Qi Ye opened with a smile, and he carefully spoke:

“Elder is calling this method the Kun Peng’s Six Variants?”

Cao Xiong continued to add wind to the fire by saying:

“Still playing the fool; older brother, we should first capture him, then him torture after!”

Gu Tie Shou suddenly snapped towards Cao Xiong and said:

“Shut your mouth!”

At this moment, Gu Tie Shou’s entire body was akin to a fierce lion with frightening pressure; his heavenly aura burned. As the first brother, there was a line of respect that couldn’t be overstepped.

Gu Tie Shou’s sudden outburst caused Cao Xiong, the other elders, and the protectors to feel that his presence could not be provoked!

“Qi Ye, speak; how did you cultivate the Kun Peng’s Six Variants?”

At this moment, Gu Tie Shou thunderously roared; this was the first time Gu Tie Shou had become angry. He was frighteningly serious.

Li Qi Ye slowly spoke:

“This matter began with the Kun Peng’s Minor Six Forms.”

Regarding the heavenly aura of Gu Tie Shou, he was not afraid. He paused for a moment, and then he continued:

“That day when elder agreed to let me practice the Kun Peng’s Minor Six Forms after my selection of the manuals, I immediately researched this method. During my meditation, I inadvertently fell asleep…”

“… At that moment, I experienced a strange dream. I dreamt of an old grandpa; this old grandpa told me our destinies were fated together, so he taught me a merit law close to the Kun Peng’s Minor Six Forms. I didn’t know the name of this merit law. Just now, since the elder had told me, I have finally learned its name…”

Li Qi Ye continuously spoke as if it was the truth; he made the elders and protectors, that were currently present, feel as if his story was too outrageous.

Cao Xiong yelled:

“Nonsense, there is no such ridiculous thing in this world! This story of Dao instruction in your dream could only fool a three year old child!”

Gu Tie Shou didn’t pay attention to Cao Xiong; he was still staring at Li Qi Ye. He then gravely said:

“What did this old grandpa look like?”

“Well, it was in my dream; I can’t remember it very well.”

Li Qi Ye tilted his head, pretended to ponder for a while, and then he finally described the image of Immortal Emperor Min Ren.

In this world, no one was more clear than him on what Immortal Emperor Min Ren looked like in his old age. He said a few lines, and this was enough to have Min Ren sketched out.

From Li Qi Ye’s description, the group of elders were shocked. There was a statue of Min Ren at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, but this was made from the hands of others; it did not contain his godly presence.

However, the sect had secretly hidden a portrait of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. This portrait was personally painted by Min Ren. It was not just a simple painting as it carried the emperor’s power and the immortal spirit of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. It was the bulwark treasure of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; when this portrait was respectfully summoned, it could expel powerful enemies.

This portrait could not be used carelessly. If activated often, then its power would greatly decrease; the emperor’s power and immortal spirit would gradually disappear. Thus, unless it was a sect-destroying calamity, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect would not easily utilize it.

The six elders had all seen this portrait. The emperor aura of the Patriarch had left them an unerasable impression. Currently, with Li Qi Ye’s few lines, they immediately realized that he described the heavenly aura of the Patriarch. Unless one had seen this portrait, they couldn’t possibly describe the heavenly aura of the Patriarch like this.

Hearing Li Qi Ye’s vivid details of the heavenly aura of Immortal Min Ren like this caused Gu Tie Shou’s group to be shaken; could it really be that the patriarch had appeared in his dream?

In the end, First Elder issued this command:

“All the other disciples take leave; protectors and elders stay behind. Without my command, no disciple can come closer.”

After the departure of the disciples, only the protectors and elders remained on the scene. The atmosphere of the yard intensified.

At this moment, First Elder Gu Tie Shou had quarantined this location; no one was allowed to come close.

“Bring out your Kun Peng’s Six Variants in your dream so that I and Elder Zhou can see it for a bit.”

Finally, the first elder said with a deep tone.

At this time, Cao Xiong was extremely discontented, so he said:

“First brother, you wouldn’t really believe this irrational matter, right?”

Gu Tie Shou stared at Cao Xiong as Cao Xiong gravely said:

“This matter is definitely this animal secretly stealing the Kun Peng’s Six Variants!”

“The hidden location, aside from the six of us, is known by who? If one wants to open that place, brother Cao should know the entire process. Without our permission, how could others open it? It would take a Virtuous Paragon to personally come and use brute force to open it. Otherwise, who could take out the manual? Whether the manual is still there or not, we know the truth in our hearts!”

Elder Sun also seriously spoke:

“That is right; if that place was breached by others, our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect would already be in danger. Currently, we are fine without any losses; Brother Cao, do you really think that Li Qi Ye has the ability to steal the Kun Peng’s Six Variants from that location? Unless you are implying that First Brother secretly taught Li Qi Ye this method!”

Cao Xiong bitterly said:

“This little brother doesn’t dare to say that!”

Even if he wanted to make this implication, it was still an impossibility. The other elders and protectors wouldn’t believe in such an allusion.

Eventually, Li Qi Ye silently wrote down the incantations of the Kun Peng’s Six Variants. He also added his own profound knowledge.

This copy of the merit law, only First Elder and Elder Zhou were allowed to read it; with Zhou only being able to see the first three transformations. During their examinations, Gu Tie Shou and Elder Zhou were both surprised to see that this was not only a complete merit law, but it was also encompassed by mysterious truths that were more profound than their previous understandings!

To be able to understand to this level, not to mention just them, but even the Grand Elders from the past wouldn’t be able to! To be able to understand to this level and have this accumulation of experience would be enough to reach the Virtuous Paragon rank!

At this moment, both First Elder and Elder Zhou were frightened. Maybe it was true that the Patriarch had reached out to Li Qi Ye in his dream? Otherwise, how would one explain this matter?

First Elder and Elder Zhou didn’t say a word, and so the elders and protectors could not infer the current situation.

They glanced at each other; maybe this type of Dao instruction in one’s dream was a real thing. However, this was so irrational and difficult to believe.

Finally, Gu Tie Shou asked Li Qi Ye:

“Did the old grandpa from the dream say anything else?”

Li Qi Ye seriously thought about it, and then he said:

“Hah, that’s right; old grandpa also said that I carry a great responsibility. In the future, the rise of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect will fall on my shoulders. Old grandpa also said that later on, if I wanted to learn even more profound merit laws, then I should use a similar merit law and call out for him. Then he might appear in my dream again…”

Cao Xiong loudly retorted:

“Ridiculous and shameless! To say that you alone could revitalize the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect…”

Gu Tie Shou interrupted Cao Xiong, and he told Li Qi Ye with a deep voice:


Li Qi Ye scratched his head a couple of times, and then seriously said:

“What those similar merit laws are, I cannot understand. So recently, I am upset that I am not able to seek out old grandpa.”

At this moment, Elder Sun busily said:

“You have to call them minor Emperor merit laws!”

“You practiced the Kun Peng’s Minor Six Forms, so old grandpa taught you the Kun Peng’s Six Variants. If you practice the other minor Emperor merit laws, then maybe he will teach you other core Emperor merit laws.”

Cao Xiong coldly yelled in response:

“This matter is too ridiculous!”

“Little Brother Sun, you trust such ridiculous statements? These statements could only fool a three year old boy! Hmph, this argument cannot be proven, so he can say whatever he wants.”