Chapter 677: Challenge

At this time, Li Qiye was prepared for the worst. He hoped that after a period of millions of years, that item would have been refined. However, he had to ready himself just in case.

“Rumble…” A burst of roaring sounds emerged when the bull opened up this ground. Waves of formations came out from below along with radiant lights as if they wanted to illuminate this entire area.

This was a great formation meant for suppression. Back then, when the Imperial Draco-Bull woke up, it forcefully threw the thing into this formation.

Eventually, an item appeared inside the great formation. This was an old urn that was very coarse with rough lines. It seemed to be from an extremely ancient era.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief after seeing the urn intact and murmured: “It seems that that thing didn’t break out of the urn just yet.” Having said that, he went forward and picked it up with his hands for a meticulous examination. He felt the changes inside and found nothing. This made him nod approvingly as he mused: “Very good, it seems to be very effective.”

This old urn was left behind by Li Qiye for the Imperial Draco-Bull in the past. Although Li Qiye was confident in the Godking protecting this area, he was still preparing for the worst. The Godking wouldn’t have dug the item out, but he couldn’t be sure about others.

Because of this, he left this pottery urn to the bull. This urn had a frightening origin; it was from an extremely ancient era and held amazing power. If one day the item underground was dug out by someone, then the bull could use this old urn to suck in that thing and suppress it underground once more.

The truth was that the tension from the war was quite high, so Li Qiye couldn’t observe the thing underground in detail. He was unsure whether the urn could suppress it or not. However, he didn’t have sufficient time back then, so he couldn’t prepare further. After leaving this urn behind, he immediately left.

“I have to look into it a bit if there is time later.” Since there was no activity in the urn, Li Qiye planned to take this thing along with him. He activated the pentagate. With a thunking sound, the gates fell down and began to seal this old urn.

At this time, the gates turned into a bronze box and suppressed the urn inside.

This was also a precaution in case the worst happened. If the thing inside the urn still had its power, then it could still escape from within. However, under the suppression of the pentagate, it would be prohibitively difficult for it to run out.

Do note that the pentagate claimed to be able to seal the heavens. In fact, it had indeed sealed a heaven in the form of an entire world before! Because of this, Li Qiye was able to relax after putting the old urn inside the pentagate.

Even if it could escape the urn, Li Qiye was confident that it wouldn’t be able to escape the suppression from the pentagate. If it could do so, then there wouldn’t be too many things in this world that could imprison it.

Li Qiye happily put away the pentagate then went back to his carriage and ordered the bull: “We’ll go back and take a look at the Celestial Peak River.”

Of course, he was going back not to find Old Demon Tie Yi, but to meet up with Yuan Caihe again. In fact, he didn’t give a damn about the old demon.

The Imperial Draco-Bull took its time pulling the carriage towards the Celestial Peak River while the squeaking sound rang in Li Qiye’s ears. While sitting in the carriage, he closed his eyes, immersing himself within the rhythmic sound, causing him to be lost in time. However, he gently sighed inside since he knew full well that he would never be able to return to those days.

Although he was now sitting inside the carriage of the past and his mount was still the Imperial Draco-Bull, many things had been lost and many events had dispersed into fleeting clouds and puffs of smoke.

For example, the Sword Goddess that once served him, or that arrogant heaven’s proud daughter… or those peerless generals that waged war in all the domains for him…

Everything vanished in the long river of time. His carriage, his bull, and he himself were still here like before, but those who stood beside him with the utmost loyalty and will to serve him for an entire lifetime… were all gone.

For tens of millions of years, the people who stood by his side kept changing from one group to another, but he was still the same as he moved forward. On the cruel path of the grand dao and the endless river of history, there seemed to only be the accompaniment of an unspeakable loneliness.

Eventually, he smiled wryly and shook his head to chase all of these old scenes out of his mind. Ever since he arrived at the Giant Bamboo Country, he had become quite sentimental. Perhaps Yan’er had made him remember too many things in the past, or maybe it was her tenderness that was something he couldn’t forget.

While he was recalling the past in his seat, the carriage slowly came to a halt.

He thought that they had arrived at the river, but after opening his eyes for a look, he only saw one person blocking his path.

The person standing in front blocking the way was the Jian Clan’s golden daughter, Jian Wushuang, who was as proud as a phoenix.

Seeing Jian Wushuang’s imposing and extremely arrogant attitude, Li Qiye couldn’t help but narrow his eyes and slowly utter: “As the saying goes, a good dog does not block the street. Get out of my way.”

“Li Qiye, there is no need to show off your capable tongue. I won’t be wasting words with you, I am only here to take your dog life.” Jian Wushuang glared at him with her always-aggressive demeanor that didn’t change no matter where she went.

It was as if there was no one in this world that was her equal. No matter who it was, she would alway look at them with contempt while showing off her superiority. No one could enter her sight. She was supercilious to the extreme as if no one had ever been able to make her bow her proud head.

After hearing her words, Li Qiye finally remembered what she said back at the river. The truth was that he never paid her any mind, so he didn’t bother to hear what she was saying before.

“Do you want to fight?” Li Qiye didn’t bother batting an eye and slowly said: “No problem, we can fight. However, I have to meet someone first.”

“Yuan Caihe, right?” Jian Wushuang sneered and said: “Don’t worry, she is fine and is still chasing that one bull. However, it is better if you don’t see her. Being separated by life and death is ultimately a terrible thing. Do you really want a girl like Yuan Caihe to see your dying figure?”

Li Qiye couldn’t help but glance at her after hearing her response and quipped: “This is truly rare; an uneducated and uncultured girl like you still has a little bit of compassion. This is really a first, is the sun rising from the west today?”

Li Qiye’s remark made Jian Wushuang angry to the point where her pretty eyes were spewing out glints of fury. However, this was not her first time experiencing Li Qiye’s razor sharp tongue. His words were capable of enraging people to death.

Jian Wushuang harshly said: “I’m not wasting my breath on you!” She had always been good at verbal jabs, but before Li Qiye, she never held the advantage, so she decisively chose to quit while she was ahead to not bring about further humiliation.

She coldly stared at him and said: “I’m afraid you won’t be able to escape. Now that you are in my sight, there will be no chance to run. I suggest for you to face death head on. At the very least, I will give you a fair chance for battle. Although you will still die in the end, at least you tried.”

It had to be said that her unique arrogance was very straightforward and upright. Although she had wanted to kill Li Qiye for some time now, even to the point of torturing him, she still chose to meet him in the open in a direct confrontation despite her hatred. Even though Li Qiye’s foul mouth was truly vicious, she still gave him a chance for battle.

This was the demeanor of an imperial descendant. No matter how annoying Jian Wushuang was, in this regard, she was worthy of being someone who came from an imperial lineage.

Li Qiye looked at her for a moment. Suddenly, a flash ran through his eyes. He revealed a smirk and leisurely said: “Since you want to kill me so badly… Fine, I’ll die then. You can watch.”

This reply caused her to be startled. Li Qiye had always been arrogant and put up an aggressive front whenever they fought before, so now, him suddenly going along with her caused her to look at him suspiciously.

Li Qiye smiled and nonchalantly said: “Don’t worry, there is no scheme or anything. Since you want me to die, I’ll die for you to see.”

No matter what Li Qiye was planning or what scheme he concocted, Jian Wushuang was confident in herself as always.

She looked down at him and laughed before aggressively declaring: “Since you didn’t bring along a coffin, I will show mercy and give you a chance. You can pick the location, one that you’ll want your grave to be located so that you can’t complain about me not even giving you a chance to die with a burial.”

“Very well, I also want to die at a pretty location.” Li Qiye smiled calmly and said as if he was at home: “People only die once in their lifetime, so if I were to die, then of course it has to be at a beautiful landscape. This should, at least, be a memorable event for me.”

Li Qiye’s carefree and cheerful expression made it seem as if he was talking about someone else. Others would lose their mind at the thought of death, but Li Qiye was talking about it as if it was completely trivial, as if he was simply tired of living.