Chapter 683: Allpine Mountain

Fortunately, the Allpine Mountain was vast with countless mountains and valleys. Even though guests came from all over the world, there were still plenty of places for them to stay.

Although there was still some time before the treefather’s birthday, the place was already packed with people, and more arrived on a daily basis.

Even the low-key imperial family of the Alchemy Kingdom, the reclusive Jianlong Clan, and the Beastmaster Citadel that never cared for mundane matters… All of these behemoths sent experts to come congratulate the treefather.

From this, one could see the treefather’s frightening position in the Stone Medicine World.

“Squeakk—” A carriage slowly approached a small town below the Allpine Mountain. Li Qiye was still resting inside the carriage as if he was sleeping. He immersed himself in the carriage’s rhythm. The bull took its time dragging the carriage towards the mountain.

This little town was normally deserted, but now, it was bustling with cultivators staying here. Some of them ran out of the mountain for a breath of fresh air while others were here to trade items.

Li Qiye turned a deaf ear to the commodious town and continued to stay in the carriage as it kept on moving towards the mountain base.

In fact, at this time, new guests filled the mountain base like carps jumping in a river. With this being the case, no one noticed Li Qiye mixing in with the crowd.

Once the carriage finally entered the mountain, Li Qiye immediately opened his eyes to look at the sight before him.

One could only see a verdant scenery with rolling hills and peaks that soared to the sky. There were also straight waterfalls that were three thousand feet high. There were also ancient pines that resembled horned dragons growing on the precipices…

No matter who they might be, they would be praising the majestic scenery before them. This place was different from other locations with its countless clusters of green lights floating in the sky. They were around the size of needles and appeared to be extremely lifelike. Because of these little glimmers of green light, it made the entire Allpine Mountain appear even more magical and exceptionally beautiful.

At this time, Li Qiye’s brows furrowed. In this split second, it was as if his eyes were able to see through the entire mountain range. His gaze stretched across everything and fell upon an old pine tree; it was not a big pine tree, but it was definitely extremely ancient.

After a while, Li Qiye withdrew his gaze and murmured: “Allpine Mountain, Allpine Treefather… A bit interesting… What a shame that after such a long time, he still isn’t able to leave the Allpine Mountain.”

The treefather’s fame had spread across the entire world, but for hundreds of thousands of years, he had never left the Allpine Mountain. Although he could appear anywhere in the millions of miles of the mountain range, he couldn’t actually leave it.

As for the reason why, there had been many different theories. The most plausible and widely accepted one was that before the treefather had gained intelligence from the dao, his root was entrenched in the deepest parts of the Allpine Grand Vein and had fused together with the vein.

Because his root and the grand vein had become one, this allowed for him to appear anywhere inside the Allpine Mountain, but he wouldn’t be able to take a single step outside.

“Squeak…” At this time, the journey continued with the bull dragging the carriage along while Li Qiye kept his eyes shut inside.

However, before they could reach the gate of the mountain, they were stopped by someone.

“You’re still not dead…” A cold, hateful voice appeared. Some bloodlust was even present.

After hearing this cold voice, Li Qiye opened his eyes and saw the Dragon Princess with some disciples blocking his path.

At this point, she glared at him with a chilling gaze and flashed her murderous intent as if she wanted nothing more than to kill him at this moment.

The princess’s deep hatred towards Li Qiye was understandable. Despite her noble birth and high status, she was still slapped by this nobody Li Qiye before the eyes of others — nothing could be more humiliating than this.

If Jian Wushuang didn’t stop her at that time, then she would have killed him already. Since Jian Wushuang wanted his insignificant life, the Dragon Princess thought that he wouldn’t be able to leave the Celestial Peak Mountain alive. Who would have thought that she would be able to see him here fine and well at this place!

She was quite famous in the Alchemy Realm. As a princess and an excellent disciple with a great cultivation from the Radiant-Sea Sect, it could be said that she stood out among others of the younger generation.

And now, this very princess was blocking the path of a nobody with a crew, so this attracted a lot of attention from the guests. Many of them were curious about how this unknown human had offended her. Some even began to quietly discuss with others.

As for Li Qiye, he only blinked an eye and slowly said: “I’m quite tough. The king of hell and all the little devils couldn’t take my life, so it shouldn’t be strange that I’m still alive now, right?”

“The king of hell and all the little devils can’t take your life?!” The princess snorted, exuding a sharp killing intent as she coldly said: “Then today, this princess will take your dog life!”

Li Qiye was too lazy to take another glimpse of her. He leisurely sat in his carriage and said: “With just you and your insignificant skills? Stand side. Today, I am here to celebrate and my mood is especially good, so I’ll spare your life for now. Of course, if you really want to die, then I can help you. Alas, painting the earth red with blood is bad luck at a birthday celebration.”

These words enraged the princess. She had already been slapped by him in front of everyone back at the Celestial Peak River and now he dared to utter these boisterous words? How could this not drive her mad?

Many guests even halted their steps after hearing Li Qiye’s raving and couldn’t help but click their tongues while glancing at each other. They wondered what the origin of this junior could possibly be for him to say these blustering words. He truly didn’t know life from death.

“Junior, don’t be arrogant!” An expert by the princess’s side cried out. He wanted to rush forward to decapitate Li Qiye.

However, the princess stopped him and took a step forward herself. With a chilling visage like a vicious, unsheathed sword, she said: “I want to personally kill this little animal. I want to peel his skin and shred his tendons, to shed and drink his blood!” She gnashed her teeth while speaking these words. Nothing else could appease her anger besides doing so!

As for Li Qiye, he continued to keep his eyes closed and rested as if he didn’t hear what she had said.

“Little animal, hand your life over!” The Dragon Princess cried out as her vitality erupted all the way to the sky like a flood dragon. Such powerful vitality was enough to illustrate her amazing strength.

“Worthy of being a dynasty’s princess and an excellent disciple of the Radiant-Sea Sect.” Even a cultivator from the previous generation had to voice his praise after seeing her powerful blood energy.

“Fellow Daoists, please take it easy.” The moment the princess took action, a great character from the Allpine Mountain stepped out and told them to stop.

“Moo!” However, in this split second, a moo came about, followed by a popping sound. The princess was kicked flying by a hoof, shooting all the way to the sky and eventually disappearing into the horizon.

Her fate was unknown, one could only see blood dripping down from the sky. She didn’t even have the chance to scream.

The great character from the mountain was a Demon Monarch, but before he could finish his words, the princess had been blown away and disappeared, causing him to swallow his words.

Everyone stood there looking silly. In the beginning, all eyes were on Li Qiye and the Dragon Princess. They began to guess his background since he was extremely arrogant, not to mention that they all thought that he was tired of living for opposing the Dragon Princess.

None of them looked at the Imperial Draco-Bull pulling the carriage. In their view, it was not worthy of attention. It was just a regular common buffalo, so what was there to look at?

They didn’t expect that this ordinary looking buffalo could casually kick the princess flying with just one hoof.

Li Qiye opened his eyes at this time and calmly spoke: “Excuse me, you came a bit late. I was going to show mercy, but unfortunately, my divine bull accidentally kicked the girl flying.”

The Demon Monarch from the Allpine Mountain was completely speechless. What else could he say now? The person had been kicked away already, so it was too late for him to resolve this conflict.

“Little animal, we’ll cut you into little pieces!” At this time, the experts who were with the princess regained their sanity and shouted at Li Qiye.

The Demon Monarch quickly stopped them and said: “Fellow Daoists, everyone here are guests of the Allpine Mountain. I hope that everyone can change feuds into friendships and get along with each other. If you all are hell-bent on seeking revenge, then wait until after the celebration. Besides, you all should be focusing on saving the Dragon Princess, don’t let a less important matter delay saving her life.”