Chapter 684: Birthday Celebration

The many experts who were together with the princess could only glare hatefully at Li Qiye after hearing the Demon Monarch.

This place was the Allpine Mountain and everyone was here to celebrate the treefather’s birthday. This was the Stone Medicine World, so everyone would show the treefather some consideration. If they caused trouble at the treefather’s birthday, then it would be too insensible.

Besides, the Dragon Princess had been kicked away and her fate was unknown. If they didn’t quickly save her, then maybe she would die for real.

The newly arrived guests noticed that the excitement was over, so they went back up the mountain. In fact, they already knew that nothing too crazy would happen here, especially at this key moment since no one wanted to offend the treefather.

“Where might Dao Friend be from?” When everyone left, the Demon Monarch from the Allpine Mountain asked Li Qiye.

In front of the mountain pass were many Allpine disciples responsible for greeting the new guests from the sects all over the world. Of course, this was an amazing opportunity to prevent those with malicious intent from mingling inside.

The moment the Demon Monarch asked Li Qiye, he couldn’t help but judge him. No matter how he looked at it, Li Qiye appeared very ordinary. However, his buffalo kicked the princess flying, so this couldn’t be an ordinary beast. Thus, the monarch found it very strange. Just what was the background of this youth who dared to become enemies with the princess?

The monarch was very confident that he would be able to recognize anyone who was famous in the Stone Medicine World, but the youth before him was a complete mystery.

“From very far away.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “I’m here to meet up with a friend and to celebrate the treefather’s birthday.”

“Welcome, welcome.” The Allpine Mountain’s Demon Monarch quickly said: “It is an honor to have Dao Friend here at our Treefather’s grand celebration.” He made a polite comment before asking: “Who might your friend be? Let us know so we can arrange a suitable dwelling.”

With so many guests coming to the mountain, there were different levels of reception and areas for them to stay. For example, esteemed guests such as the Alchemy Kingdom’s imperial family would enjoy the highest level of treatment.

“There she is.” Li Qiye raised his chin slightly towards the front with a smile.

At this time, Madam Zi Yan had arrived from the mountain and heaved a sigh of relief after seeing Li Qiye. She had heard that someone was causing trouble outside of the mountain; she immediately knew who it was, thus she came running.

The Demon Monarch quickly cupped his fist and said: “Ah, so you are a friend of Her Majesty Zi Yan, please excuse us for our lack of reception.”

“Brother Sang is too cordial. This person is our Young Noble Li.” Madam Zi Yan hurriedly responded: “Brother Sang is very busy, so please don’t mind us.”

This Allpine Mountain Demon Monarch was smart, so he looked at Li Qiye then back at Madam Zi Yan and took his leave after a few more polite sentences.

“Have you been well on your journey?” The madam looked at Li Qiye then the carriage with the bull for a bit. She couldn’t help but wonder where he got it from.

Li Qiye gently tapped the spot next to him without saying anything else. The madam quickly got on and sat there, then the bull pulled the carriage up the mountain.

“What a spiritual divine bull.” The madam couldn’t help but voice her praise after looking at the Imperial Draco-Bull. Although she couldn’t see through it, she was still an enlightened Demon King, so her sight was far better than that of ordinary people.

At this time, Li Qiye asked in a relaxed manner with his eyes resting: “I have a divine chariot now, so how about you become the driver?”

The madam was slightly taken aback after hearing this because this was not the first time this proposition came up.

She was a Demon King in charge of the entire Giant Bamboo Country, but now, Li Qiye was asking her to be a driver. If a third person were to hear this, then they would think that Li Qiye was insane and far too arrogant.

However, these resoundingly ignorant words came so naturally from Li Qiye. He uttered them with his eyes closed as if it was not a big deal to him.

In fact, this was the truth. In the past, a Demon King of this level would not be qualified to drive his carriage since all of his past drivers were people he highly valued.

The madam regained her composure and asked softly in a calm and gentle manner: “If I become your driver, how will you arrange the future of the Giant Bamboo Country?”

He only smiled and didn’t say or ask anything.

At this time, the madam felt that something was different, but she couldn’t tell what it was. She quietly said: “Is Young Noble unhappy?”

This was hard for outsiders to imagine. She was the ruler of a country, so how could she act so gentle towards an ordinary looking brat?

“No, I can understand.” Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “A great Demon King and a driver — there is too big of a gap between these two positions. People would know which to choose between the two — nothing is strange about this.”

“I…” The madam opened her mouth, wanting to say something. In fact, she was indeed hesitant since the proposition was a bit too crazy.

“Don’t worry, I will give you a chance.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “You can think about it. I am very patient when it comes to you.”

This type of patience was very rare for Li Qiye; it spoke plenty of how much he valued Madam Zi Yan. Apart from her being from the Giant Bamboo Country, it was also because of her personality.

She gently sighed while Li Qiye maintained the quiet atmosphere as if the matters of this world had nothing to do with him.

“Did Young Noble and the Dragon Princess have a fight?” The madam gently asked while looking at Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye as he nonchalantly replied: “It was nothing, not worth mentioning.”

The madam didn’t say anything else. This wasn’t her first time seeing Li Qiye’s overbearing and arrogant manner, so what could she say if he didn’t even care for the Radiant-Sea Sect?

She quietly sat beside him and pointed the way for the bull to enter the Allpine Mountain.

She enjoyed a very high-level reception at this place and had her own valley. Such treatment was comparable to that of an imperial lineage; other great powers would not have this privilege.

“Not a bad place.” After entering the valley, Li Qiye took a look around and nodded approvingly.

The madam wryly smiled and said: “This is due to the blessing of our Divine Guardian. With my reputation alone, I would not be able to claim such a valley.”

This was indeed the case. Although the Giant Bamboo Country was considered a great power, there were other countries much more powerful than it. There were many guests from all over the world who came for the treefather’s birthday, so normally only imperial lineages could have their own valley.

However, the Giant Bamboo Tree was also a Demon Forefather just like the Allpine Treefather and was even more ancient, so the madam enjoyed the highest level of accommodations.

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t say anything else. He slightly tapped the bull then entered the house. Meanwhile, the bull pulled on the carriage and stopped in a corner where it lied down near a water source just like a coiling dragon.

The madam prepared dinner for Li Qiye and also washed his face. She was busying herself as if she was his maid.

Such a matter should be left to the servants, but the madam chose to do it personally. This would have been an unimaginable sight to outsiders. She was very thoughtful and gentle as she took great care of Li Qiye.

This made Li Qiye comfortably sigh, prompting the madam to softly ask: “Is something on Young Noble’s mind?”

“No.” Li Qiye slightly shook his head and replied: “Just recalling something. It is very hard to find a suitable candidate these days.”

Of course, she didn’t know that Li Qiye was talking about her progenitor. It could be said that she was someone who Li Qiye thought of very highly, someone who had never disappointed him before.

There was still some time before the treefather’s birthday, so Li Qiye stayed in the valley without leaving while the madam served him as if he was a young master.

Of course, although he didn’t leave the house, this did not mean that he didn’t do anything. He took a stroll around the valley every day over and over again. It could even be said that his steps filled every corner of this valley.

During his strolls, sometimes he would gaze towards the far distance or listen to the earth as if he was surveying something.

Although Li Qiye’s actions seemed strange, the madam knew that Li Qiye had something he wanted to do, so she chose not to ask. However, she was quite anxious since she knew of Li Qiye’s lawlessness and propensity to do anything he wished. She was afraid that he would cause some trouble at the Allpine Mountain.

On this day, the madam was not in the valley while Li Qiye was lying on a hill to bask in the sun. Although he had a lazy appearance, no one knew that he was calculating something over and over again in his mind.

Some time later, Li Qiye suddenly stood up and heavily stamped the ground. With a boom, part of the ground collapsed.

“No, no, no…” At this time, a figure immediately climbed out of the ground and quickly begged for mercy: “Young Noble, please no. We’re on the same side.”

Li Qiye laid back in his armchair and finally opened his eyes in a lazy manner while looking at the figure crawling up from the ground, saying: “On the same side? Since when?”