Chapter 69 : Scheming (1)

“Presumptuous and abusive for personal gains! This matter, the sect will never allow!”

Regarding Li Qi Ye’s request, the other elders remained silent; however, Cao Xiong immediately yelled.

Emperor merit laws; these were exclusive for the elders. Even a protector wouldn’t be able to practice a core Emperor merit law. Currently, a third generation disciple wanted to cultivate a core Emperor merit law… Cao Xiong was naturally discontent.

Li Qi Ye glanced at him, and he slowly said:

“Elder Cao, if you personally find and bring back a core Emperor merit law, not mentioning your disciples, even if your grand disciple wanted to practice this core Emperor merit law, I would still agree. Ah, I forgot, Elder Cao currently had lost your disciples, let alone a grand disciple.”

These words of Li Qi Ye seemingly pierced Cao Xiong; his face immediately became dark and twisted. He stood up, and he screamed:

“Little animal, do you want to die?!”

First Elder Gu Tie Shou thunderously roared:

“Little Brother Cao.”

“Qi Ye is only a little child; there is no need to stoop down to his level!”

In the past, Cao Xiong didn’t think highly of Gu Tie Shou in his mind. However, now he knew that the first elder was not only a Royal Noble, but he was an experienced one at that. Moreover, he was also cultivating the Kun Peng’s Six Variants which Cao Xiong dreaded facing. He definitely was not a match for Gu Tie Shou.

Cao Xiong bitterly said:

“Older Brother Gu, you are way too condoning of this animal! He sooner or later will be the calamity of our sect!”

“Children don’t think before they speak; Brother Cao, you don’t need to mind his words.”

At this moment, Gu Tie Shou was clearly partial towards Li Qi Ye. Even the other four elders were on his side; this caused Cao Xiong’s heart to be hateful.

Regarding Li Qi Ye’s request, after some deliberations by the elders, they agreed; thus, they told Li Qi Ye:

“Since you want to use your contribution to back this matter, after our debate, we have decided to grant your request. Protector Mo has been loyal and with us for so long, and his loyalty is without question; he will be allowed to cultivate the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law. As for Nan Huai Ren, ah, he can also cultivate it, but not now. After a few years of trials; if there aren’t any problems, he will be allowed to cultivate this method.”

No one could surpass Elder Wu’s current cheerful mood; Protector Mo was his disciple, and Nan Huai Ren was his grand disciple. Now that they have the qualification to practice the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law, as their master, how could he not be happy?

Cao Xiong’s heart was full of hatred to the point of rage. Currently, he almost became an isolated loner. His disciples Protector Hu and Leng Shi Zhi both died at the hands of Li Qi Ye, and he regretted not being able to cut Li Qi Ye into pieces. However, at this important moment, Li Qi Ye had contributed greatly, and he became an important person, one to be heavily nurtured; he was protected by the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, so it would be difficult for him to get revenge for his disciples.

After hearing the message, Protector Mo and Nan Huai Ren were left without words. At this moment, they recalled that Li Qi Ye had said that within a year, they would be able to cultivate the Violet Yang Ten Sun Merit Law. They didn’t think this matter would come so early, it felt like a dream.

Currently, they felt that the day they chose to follow Li Qi Ye, it was the wisest decision they have made in their entire lives. At that moment, if other people knew about it, they would have laughed and called them crazy. A protector following a third generation disciple, a mortal one on top of that.

Currently, through their efforts, they were reaping the results. Li Qi Ye had always been generous to his loyal followers!

After Nan Huai Ren had received the order, with their excitement at its peak, he and his master went to meet Li Qi Ye.

“Older brother, how did you do it?”

Li Qi Ye opened with a smile, and he said.

“It was only a small matter; it was not difficult.”

Nan Huai Ren was exceedingly ecstatic, an Emperor merit law! Ah!! And a core Emperor merit law at that!!! This would cause others to be reddened with greed. He asked:

“Older brother, you, how did you find an Emperor merit law? Was it really the Patriarch in your dreams?”

The Dao instruction within a dream was sealed off by the upper echelon of the sect. Nan Huai Ren only knew because his grand master, Elder Wu, told him about it.

Li Qi Ye smilingly said.

“Does lying to you do me any good?”

“I can’t repay all the favors you have done for me. As long as you command it, I will do anything you want without batting an eyelid.”

Li Qi Ye glared at him, and he said:

“Sucking up once again?! Humph! If you weren’t loyal to me, would I be rewarding you with an Emperor merit law?”

Being yelled at by Li Qi Ye, Nan Huai Ren didn’t mind, and he only laughed. As for Protector Mo, he was the type of person that was without many words, and he was not good in social politeness. He only turned towards Li Qi Ye and deeply bowed without saying another word.

Li Shuang Yan, who was considered a maid of Li Qi Ye, simply maintained the cool eye of a bystander. Even till today, outside of silence, she was still silent. No matter what had happened recently, she was just watching as a spectator.

Li Qi Ye didn’t show amazing talents or an amazing aptitude for cultivation, but instead heaven rebelling tricks and schemes.

Being calm in any situation in order to reserve it, he suddenly became the most important resource of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. He killed five people, and he even got out of that unscathed; he also easily crushed Cao Xiong’s plot and dispelled all dangers. He made it seem like it was as easy as turning one’s hand, but in reality, it required an amazing foresight.

These experienced and resolute actions, as well as the smooth flow of procedures; this was only a thirteen year old boy? Everything this little boy did was impossible to imagine. Every step was without childish temperament; they were all like the flowing of the rivers and the drifting of the clouds. He was like a meticulous antelope, defending itself at night; he essentially did not resemble a little boy, but a wise master that was knowing of all things.

What shocked Li Shuang Yan’s heart was that before coming to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, she thought her master, Demon Emperor Lun Ri, valued Li Qi Ye because of his knowledge regarding a few secrets; however, now it seemed like this was definitely not the case.

Li Shuang Yan thought of the proverb: on the road of cultivation, the most important things were not necessarily Physiques, Life Wheels, or Fate Palaces. This proverb was validated by Li Qi Ye.

Li Shuang Yan remained taciturn – without words. The longer she was by Li Qi Ye’s side, the more she felt how unfathomable Li Qi Ye was.

She was a genius and the heaven’s proud daughter. She was prideful of her talents and aptitude. However, seeing Li Qi Ye’s Mortal Physique, Mortal Life Wheel, and Mortal Fate Palace, she couldn’t help but to remain silent! Even she wouldn’t be able to have such means to control everything in the midst while maintaining a clear view of the entire circumstance. A chess piece moves forward and a chess piece moves back, bringing someone to their death; this was not perception, or talents, but it was a grand wisdom, accumulated throughout the years.

On top of that, such accumulation of the many moons of the past appeared in a young boy, leaving the conceited Li Shuang Yan feel helpless.

If Li Qi Ye was a natural born like her, with an Emperor Physique and a Saint Fate Palace, then where would he be now? She’s afraid that he would have swept through the nine heavens and the ten earths already!

Li Qi Ye’s killing of the three sectional leaders, one protector, and the genius disciple, Leng Shi Zhi; this matter, no matter what sect, would still be as grand as the sky.

In order to bring an end to this matter, the six elders of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect specially called for a meeting, and Li Qi Ye was especially allowed to attend.

Without a doubt, in the minds of the elders, Li Qi Ye was of the utmost importance. Outside of Cao Xiong, the other elders all considered that Li Qi Ye would be the key for the revitalization of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect!

“This matter is only a big misunderstanding.”

In the end, First Elder Gu Tie Shou came to this conclusion. In reality, when this conclusion was achieved, the other elders had discussed secretly without the presence of Cao Xiong.

Before, the other four elders had doubts because of the first elder’s depression; they were disappointed, and their confidence wavered. However, after this experience, the other four elder once again became a group that completely supported the first elder. Not only this, but this matter had caused the four elders to greatly suspect Cao Xiong. In this matter, Cao Xiong and Dong Sheng Long were too close to each other; this caused discomfort in the other elder’s hearts.

The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the Heavenly God Sect were mortal enemies. The two sects hadn’t battled each other since the last war; however, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect still considered the Heavenly God Sect to be its biggest enemy!

Cao Xiong and Dong Sheng Long together brought on the dislikes of the other elders.

It was just a misunderstanding; however, if we end it there, I’m afraid the other disciples would not be convinced. Three sectional leaders, one protector, and one genius in the sect died tragically; this was a heavy loss to our sect!

At this moment, Cao Xiong’s heart was bleeding blood, but he couldn’t do anything else. He had lost everything from this matter, and he had burnt himself down. He also knew the other four elders had defected!

“What else does Brother Cao still want?”

Gu Tie Shou discontentedly said.

In reality, this entire situation, all of the elders and even the protectors suspected it was all part of Cao Xiong’s plan, but unfortunately, the dead cannot testify; they had no way to accuse Cao Xiong, and they could only say that it was just a misunderstanding.

Cao Xiong gravely said.

“Sect members killing each other, this is an unpleasant event for the sect. If Li Qi Ye doesn’t suffer a little bit of punishment, I’m afraid the disciples will be upset and think that we deal with matters carelessly; that we view human life as grass! If this is a misunderstanding, then we won’t harshly punish Li Qi Ye, but a lenient punishment cannot be avoided. Otherwise, we can’t convince the juniors.”

Cao Xiong’s words caused the other five elders to glance at each other. Even though they suspected Cao Xiong, they do admit that his words have some sense. They also had similar thoughts; using a misunderstanding as an excuse to kill three sectional leaders, a protector, and a genius disciple felt like a prevarication.

Gu Tie Shou’s group all thought about giving Li Qi Ye a little punishment of no significance in order to have something to show the junior sect members.