Chapter 696: Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint

“Spectacular, an imperial medicine…” All of a sudden, the stunned crowd looked at Li Qiye as if they were looking at a ghost. Their faces all had indescribable expressions.

“Damn, I have never seen an imperial medicine before. Who would expect to see one here? This is so unbelievable.” An old alchemist couldn’t help but curse.

In an instant, an endless amount of saliva dripped down to the ground from the spectators. They couldn’t be blamed because even characters of the ancestor level would be driven crazy by an imperial medicine root. Roots of this level were invaluable and were even out of the ancestors’ reach, let alone other people.

“All of your king medicines together would still not be worth as much as my one imperial medicine. However, seeing as how both of you want to bet, I’ll entertain you. Money is fine, spirit medicines are okay too. I have too much money to spend, but I’m more afraid that you two won’t have enough to make this bet.” Li Qiye ruthlessly uttered these words without any mercy.

Prior to this, others might have thought that Li Qiye was ignorant, but those thoughts were quickly dispelled. Although many people remained unconvinced, they had to admit that this brat had the money to act in such a haughty manner.

Madam Zi Yan, standing next to Li Qiye, could only wryly smile. At this point, nothing could surprise her anymore. From her perspective, her Young Master’s wealth was even greater than an entire country.

Huangfu Hao, who initially wanted to use this opportunity to humiliate Li Qiye then kill him afterward, didn’t expect to — once again — be humiliated by Li Qiye, causing him to nearly vomit blood from anger.

“I will lend a helping hand to Young Noble Huangfu.” At this time, a hoarse voice came out, signaling the arrival of an old man. Next to him were other experts.

This old man took out a medicine box and slowly said: “I have a king medicine over 4 million years of age. This might be of assistance to Young Noble Huangfu.”

“It is the Alchemy Saint of the Radiant-Sea Sect!” Exclaimed someone who recognized this old man’s identity.

A lot of people then shifted their gaze over to this old man. His identity was quite prestigious since he was the best alchemist from the Radiant-Sea Sect, the one known as the Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint.

“Brother Huangfu, give this little animal a good beating.” At this time, a woman standing by the Alchemy Saint spoke coldly.

This woman was the Dragon Princess from the Radiant-Sea Sect. At this moment, she needed help to walk, so one could imagine just how serious her injury was from the bull’s kick. If it wasn’t for their Alchemy Saint personally going to save her, she would have been bedridden if not dead.

Her hatred for Li Qiye was bone-deep, so when Huangfu Hao and the Vinepill King wanted to fight Li Qiye, how could their Radiant-Sea Sect miss such an opportunity?

“Very well.” Li Qiye dismissively glanced at them and said: “Out of consideration for your poverty, your three king medicines and the stone flower versus my imperial medicine will suffice.”

Although Huangfu Hao’s group had more spirit medicines, king medicines couldn’t compare to an imperial medicine; its name signified that it was used exclusively by Immortal Emperors. Although this was not the case, it was enough to illustrate its value.

The Dragon Princess coldly uttered: “Foolish thing, don’t repudiate once you lose or we’ll take your dog life instead!” Oh how she wished to taste Li Qiye’s flesh and blood due to this burning hatred.

Li Qiye didn’t bother giving the princess a glimpse and instead dismissively said: “You won’t be able to beat me, and even if you could, it is only one imperial medicine. They’re no different from some cabbages, so why would I need to renege on this bet? Only impoverished people like all of you wouldn’t be able to afford to lose.”

This silenced everyone present once more. The Huangfu Clan, the Radiant-Sea Sect, and the Heavenhoof Ravine; all of these lineages had frightening wealth. But now, in Li Qiye’s words, they had been reduced to poverty-stricken lineages.

However, no one here was willing to dispute this. Whose fault was it that this unknown brat Li Qiye was so chaotically rich? Even if others were annoyed with him, they had no choice but to be convinced. What else was there to say to such a prodigal son?

The Dragon Princess was shaking with anger and gnashed her teeth. Her eyes revealed an awe-inspiring glint with terrifying murderous intent.

“Cease your insults.” Huangfu Hao coldly uttered: “Since the bets have been placed, let’s get on with it. Today, I want you to lose to the point of no return!”

Killing Li Qiye alone would not appease the hatred in his heart. Only by killing him after great humiliation would he be able to find solace.

Li Qiye arched his brows and nonchalantly said without a care: “Let’s do it then. Pill refinement, right? I’ll do it. Will the two of you challenge me, or will you choose a representative?”

“How about Brother Huangfu go?” The Vinepill King hesitated for a moment and said: “Brother Huangfu’s dao of alchemy is peerless, so as long as you display your skill, you will be able to be utterly obliterate this type of nobody.”

The Vinepill King was indeed capable regarding alchemy, but Huangfu Hao was much more famous since he was called the fifth alchemy prodigy; he was only a bit weaker than the other four.

Although this kind of title was a bit on the side of flattery, in the Vinepill King’s eyes, the Radiant-Sea Sect was helping Huangfu Hao, thus his side should be even more serious about the bet. Because of this, he elected Huangfu Hao to be the one to challenge Li Qiye.

“Brother Huangfu is the fifth alchemy prodigy, how could it be enough to just defeat this nobody? Brother Huangfu, let him see your Huangfu Clan’s supreme dao of alchemy.” The Dragon Princess also supported Huangfu Hao trying his hand.

Huangfu Hao stepped forward and coldly glared at Li Qiye while aggressively speaking: “Little animal, I’m afraid your good luck has run out! Today, I will let you taste complete defeat.”

Huangfu Hao was also completely confident. In his view, very few people among the younger generation could compete with him in the dao of alchemy. He was proud of the fact that outside of the four prodigies, no other would be worthy of his consideration.

As in-laws of the Alchemy Kingdom, the Huangfu Clan had also obtained a lot of benefits that improved their dao of alchemy and allowed them to have some great achievements in this regard.

Thus, to Huangfu Hao at this moment, defeating Li Qiye in the field of pill refinement was an easy matter. He decided that he would first humiliate Li Qiye before killing him.

Li Qiye ignored him and lazily asked: “You talk too much, let’s begin already. How shall we do this?”

“Fate pill refinement, we’ll settle this bet using a five transformations fate pill refinement!” Huangfu Hao sneered: “Only one cauldron opening. Whoever refines a batch with greater quantity and quality will be the winner!”

“Okay, fate pill refinement it is.” Li Qiye acted without a care as if this matter was not enough to reach the apex.

Li Qiye’s attitude made Huangfu Hao scowl with a fierce gaze. He would definitely show Li Qiye a good time.

He calmed down and told the group of the Vinepill King: “I need four batches of ingredients for five transformations fate pills. I only have one batch, do you all have more?”

The Vinepill King looked at his stash and said: “I also have one batch for a five transformations fate pill.”

The Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint calmly said: “I will help good nephew out with two batches to defeat this ignorant junior. Teach him a good lesson.”

In just a moment, Huangfu Hao was able to gather four batches of ingredients for five transformations fate pills.

The people present were jolted after seeing Huangfu Hao wanting four batches, even the older alchemists were no exceptions.

An alchemist from the previous generation emotionally wondered: “One cauldron but four batches of ingredients, could it be that Young Noble Huangfu could form four contraptions within one cauldron?”

“Four contraptions would not necessarily be difficult for a good Heavenly Cauldron. However, it is not easy to refine fate pill contraptions in just one cauldron. Plus, these are five transformations fate pills, not one transformation.” Even skillful alchemists changed their expressions after seeing Huangfu Hao’s desire to try four batches of ingredients at once.

Anyone with a little common sense would know that each cauldron could only produce one fate pill. To be more precise, the fire source could form one fire contraption to refine one fate pill.

Of course, better Heavenly Cauldrons were able to form more than just one fire contraption, especially those used by Legendary Alchemists and Alchemy Emperors. This type of cauldron would be able to form several contraptions, and rumor has it that an Alchemy Emperor’s cauldron could even form more than ten fire contraptions.

However, the number of fire contraptions formed from the Heavenly Cauldron didn’t mean that the user would be able to refine that many fate pills at the same time. Controlling several fire contraptions required an extremely powerful mastery of fire from the alchemist. Moreover, this alone was not enough to refine several batches within one cauldron. The alchemist would also require a deep and profound understanding of the alchemy dao. For higher level pills, these contraptions became even harder to control and refine.

“Okay, open your dog eyes wide for me to clearly see a master at work.” At this time, Huangfu Hao sneered at Li Qiye as he stomped once on the ground and summoned a Heavenly Cauldron.

With a buzz, a cauldron fell down and enlarged. This cauldron resembled an entrenched White Tiger sucking and spewing out strands of crimson flames. The moment these fiery strands jumped up and down, the cauldron seemed to become a volcano that could erupt at any moment.

“A really powerful Heavenly Cauldron.” Many cultivators here couldn’t help but quiver after feeling the aura of this cauldron. Even those who weren’t knowledgeable about this subject knew that this cauldron was incredible.

“This is the legendary cauldron of the Huangfu Clan. It was once called the family‘s defining treasure. People have said that this cauldron had accepted an augmenting ceremony from an Alchemy Emperor.” Of course, there were also knowledgeable alchemists at the scene. One became emotional and immediately recognized the origin of this cauldron.

At this point, the cauldron poured down a vast radiance that covered its entire body. This was a very common situation and was usually referred to as the screening — the act of a Heavenly Cauldron to keep outsiders from peering.

Any good Heavenly Cauldron had the ability to screen. As an alchemist, they naturally didn’t want outsiders to look at their pill refinement technique, so the screening of a cauldron was without a doubt the best and most convenient method to prevent prying eyes.