Chapter 697: Sleeping On A Beauty’s Lap

If some cauldrons lacked the screening ability, then the alchemists would use a technique to keep others out and prevent their alchemy art from being stolen.

At this time, everyone gazed at the cauldron ahead with bated breaths, especially the younger alchemists who were even more attentive.

Although the screen was up and everyone couldn’t discern Huangfu Hao’s pill refinement method, for alchemists, especially those that came from weak sects or those who were unknowledgeable in the dao of alchemy, just standing to the side and observing a better alchemist was already quite fruitful. Although they couldn’t look at the refinement techniques, they could still look at the process to gain experience and avoid future mistakes while doing their own refinement.

“Pop!” At this time, Huangfu Hao pushed down on the cauldron and, in an instant, a divine flame escaped from inside to form four fire contraptions. It could be said that the entire process was smooth and swift as if he was very skilled and familiar with it.

There were many knowledgeable alchemists here, so even though they couldn’t see Huangfu Hao’s fire controlling technique, they knew by judging the instantaneous formation of the contraptions that his fire controlling technique was very powerful and should have an amazing history.

“Brother Huangfu is very amazing. Just his flame mastery alone is already hard to match among the younger generation.” The Vinepill King looked at the situation and voiced his praise.

Even Huangfu Hao couldn’t help but become a bit excited after being praised by the Vinepill King. This was someone who became enlightened thanks to natural fire, so he had an innate understanding of fire control with his own amazing techniques. Obtaining his praise could be considered an honor.

At this time, Huangfu Hao threw in the spirit medicines into the fire contraptions in a particular order. All four contraptions started the refinement process at the same time. He was very experienced with the entire process, so it was apparent that he came prepared.

Alchemists would often have alchemy helpers to throw in the materials. When they were still at a low level, they would have these helpers since their skill was not high enough. Controlling the flame required their full attention, so they couldn’t afford to be distracted by adding the materials.

After becoming stronger, they could start to refine a fate pill batch by themselves. Of course, there were still powerful alchemists, even Alchemy Emperors, who chose to have helpers. Naturally, helpers at this level were very powerful in their own rights. Outside of helping the pill refinement process, they also acted as protectors for the alchemists.

After all, the pills refined by powerful Alchemy Emperors had frightening, greed-inciting value, so they required the protection of extremely powerful helpers.

The fire inside the contraptions danced around as if they had their own life. With time, there were occasional hums as if a pill was about to form.

At this time, everyone forgot about time itself and gazed at Huangfu Hao performing his refinement. They, especially the alchemists, all looked at each of his actions carefully without missing the slightest detail.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye had zero interest in Huangfu Hao’s pill refinement. With a single glance, he immediately knew the origin of the branch and sect of Huangfu Hao’s skill.

Because of this, during the whole process, Li Qiye didn’t bother watching at all. He directly laid down in the carriage and slept. The gentle madam, at that time, quietly placed a fur blanket over him.

Such nice treatment of being served by a great Demon King left many people jealous and envious.

Minutes passed by and finally, the day had finally ended. Huangfu Hao was about to open his cauldron, thus he shouted: “Collect…!”

“Pop!” The contraptions opened and four fate pills flew out. Huangfu Hao immediately used a treasure gourd to collect all of them.

At this time, he finally heaved a sigh of relief and put away his cauldron with great satisfaction. He was very happy with the result of this cauldron.

“Quite extraordinary. He only spent one day to successfully refine five transformations fate pills. Truly worthy of his fame! No wonder why others call him the fifth alchemy prodigy.” An alchemist from the previous generation had to praise Huangfu Hao.

The young alchemists were especially astonished with admiration. To refine this type of pill in just one day was indicative of Huangfu Hao’s great dao of alchemy.

Although many people did not agree with calling him the fifth prodigy, they had to admit that his skill was quite formidable.

At this time, Huangfu Hao took out the four fate pills for others to judge. There were several capable alchemists here, such as the Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint and the Vinepill King along with some older ones. They immediately gathered around to appraise the four pills.

The color of the four pills was different, but the difference was not noticeable. All of them had a similar faint yellow color.

“The quality is quite good. With the faint yellow color, this is high quality. One cauldron produced these four pills, so this quality is already quite good, a very admirable attempt from a youth who will eventually surpass us.” The Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint appraised it then left this remark.

He was qualified to make such a statement since he was the most powerful alchemist in the Radiant-Sea Sect. Even among the previous generation of alchemists, he was still quite famous.

“Not bad at all, not bad at all. One cauldron for four pills of five transformations with a faint yellow tint. This is exceptional among the younger generation.” The other alchemists also took a look and praised him one after another.

The other young alchemists here couldn’t help but reveal looks of envy. They all felt that at this moment, Huangfu Hao was worthy of his fame. If only they could reach such a level — that would be incredibly amazing.

Huangfu Hao inevitably revealed a gloating look since he was indeed very satisfied with the result of his fate pills.

At this time, Huangfu Hao turned around coldly said: “Your turn…” However, the moment he saw Li Qiye sleeping in the carriage, his face became quite unsightly.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye didn’t budge at all since he was already asleep. With a contorted face, Huangfu Hao coldly uttered: “Even if you pretend to sleep, you won’t be able to hide from this bet. It is not too late to give up if you want to avoid further humiliation.”

Li Qiye didn’t react and was still sleeping in the carriage. At this time, the madam next to him sat down and softly called out: “Young Master, it is your turn.”

The beauty’s soft call was so gentle that it seemed as if she was afraid of startling Li Qiye.

Seeing this scene, many people almost forgot about the bet and were jealous to an indescribable extent. A beauty was calling for him, moreover, she was a Demon King, a charming ruler of an entire country. What kind of romantic luck was this!

Huangfu Hao became livid as his face turned pale. He couldn’t help but shudder. One could even hear the sound of his teeth grinding together. He tightly clenched his fists and swore that he would cease to be a human if he didn’t kill Li Qiye.

Huangfu Hao’s adoration for the madam was no secret. But now, the madam was being so gentle towards Li Qiye, so how could he not be driven mad?

“He finally finished?” At this time, Li Qiye got up from the carriage with a sleepy appearance. The madam quickly put on his cloak for him lest he became cold. Such careful and thoughtful consideration was truly adorable.

However, many here were extremely annoyed, especially the younger ones who were about to go berserk from jealousy. This brat’s life was really too good to enjoy such treatment and service from the madam. There was no justice in this world!

“It is your turn now!” While gnashing his teeth, he slowly uttered each of these words. He swore to take his time when it came to shaming this little animal. He didn’t only want to appease this anger, he also wanted to do so in front of the madam.

“Only a five transformations fate pill cauldron, did you need to take so long? Was that really necessary? Isn’t it just like stir frying a vegetable side dish? “ Li Qiye stretched his back and still had a drowsy appearance like before.

“You…” Huangfu Hao was livid from Li Qiye’s attitude. To him, refining a single five transformations fate pill cauldron that produced four pills was already quite amazing. But now, according to Li Qiye, it was an unworthy display.

“Such a big tone!” At this time, the Dragon Princess smirked and went to Huangfu Hao’s rescue as she uttered: “I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to refine such a batch even in three days!”

“Three days?” Li Qiye was too lazy to look at her. He fixed his belt as if he just got up from bed and slowly said: “To someone as great as me, there is no need for three days. Three seconds is enough to finish one batch like that.”

Li Qiye’s words caused a lot of eyes to roll. No one believed him! Some even burst out in laughter and felt that Li Qiye was boasting to an unbelievable degree. No one had ever been able to refine a fate pill cauldron in just three seconds, not even an Alchemy Emperor!

“Those are some strong words. There should be a limit to your boasting.” The Vinepill King snorted and said with disdain: “Even a reborn Alchemy Emperor wouldn’t be able to refine five transformations fate pills in just three seconds. Hah, you should think carefully before bragging next time.”

“Only an unskilled fool would have blind faith in common sense.” Li Qiye lazily sat on the carriage while he enjoyed the madam fixing his collar and brushing his hair straight.

Li Qiye’s ostentatious manner and enjoyment caused many people to truly hate him. They all shared a thought: ‘This brat is too arrogant and is such an eyesore!’

“You…” The Vinepill King glared at Li Qiye. He wanted to act out, but he endured it instead and snorted before coldly speaking: “I won’t bother with a junior like you. Since you like to bluster so much, then let everyone see how to refine a five transformations fate pill cauldron in three seconds.”

“What is so hard about it?” Li Qiye lightly said: “However, I really don’t have the ingredients to make something like a five transformations fate pill, will anyone lend me a batch?”

“Haha, oh? Looking for an excuse now?” Huangfu Hao sneered: “If you can’t do it, then just say it. Prostrate on the ground and accept defeat, then I might just spare you.”

Huangfu Hao would not give up any chance to attack and humiliate Li Qiye.