Chapter 699: Death Before Accepting Defeat

The old alchemist from the Radiant-Sea Sect was the most accomplished regarding the alchemy dao within the sect. Even his enemies held this view with respect. The moment he said these words, many people gasped and looked at Li Qiye.

All of a sudden, the astonished eyes of every spectator fell on him. Who was Li Qiye? He was too young and had no fame to his name at all. Could such a person actually be an Alchemy Emperor?

A person couldn’t help but ask: “Young Noble Li, are you actually an Alchemy Emperor?”

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Alchemy Emperor… how should I respond? At the very least, I have never wished to become an Alchemy Emperor. For a person like me, plant cultivation and pill refinement is only a hobby, an interest whenever I am bored. A person like me does not wish to become an Alchemy Emperor. Such an achievement is meaningless and unable to satisfy me.”

This answer left everyone speechless. One of the spectators looked up at the sky and started to scream; they even had the impulse to commit suicide by running head first into a wall.

Refining pills like cooking and casually creating five transformations fate pills with seventy percent purity… With a single gesture, he was able to refine the finest of pills. And this was only a hobby, something he worked on when he was bored?

If this was the case, then what about them, the alchemists who worked their entire lives to study the dao of alchemy and pill refinement? How could they withstand such a shock? They might as well just commit suicide by using a piece of tofu. 1

What was even more ridiculous was that he nonchalantly declared his lack of interest in becoming an Alchemy Emperor — an achievement like this actually meant nothing to him.

This truly made people want to dig a hole to jump down. To all of them, an Alchemy Emperor was an apex existence, with unmatched glory. Even a Godking would act cordially towards an Alchemy Emperor. Immortal Emperors would also require the help of one at times.

Becoming an Alchemy Emperor was one of the highest of glories that any cultivator or alchemist in the Stone Medicine World continued to yearn and work towards for their entire life.

But now, Li Qiye’s words made it sound like this achievement was something insignificant. How could they withstand this injustice? How could they not want to just jump off a building?

The madam only smiled while standing next to Li Qiye. If this was her first time listening to these words, then she would be suicidally angry as well, but now, she had slowly grown accustomed to her Young Master’s arrogance.

Nevertheless, no one felt that Li Qiye was arrogant at this moment. Even if he was, they still felt that he was in a position to say such words. Those with power had the qualifications to be arrogant.

A person couldn’t help but whisper: “How does this compare to the four alchemy prodigies?”

This question left everyone present in silent contemplation. Many people felt that Li Qiye was much more talented than the four prodigies.

“You guys have lost.” Li Qiye smirked as he glanced at the group of Huangfu Hao.

The Vinepill King’s expression suddenly paled, and he inadvertently bowed his head. He had nothing to say; Li Qiye’s pill refinement had left him short of breath.

He was a proud person. As an alchemy vine who was born in a cauldron and forged by its flames, he was destined to become an alchemist.

Although he felt inferior compared to true geniuses like the four prodigies, he didn’t necessarily agree with being weaker than someone like Huangfu Hao, who people called the fifth prodigy.

However, after seeing Li Qiye’s pill refinement, he had lost confidence and became speechless. He couldn’t make sense of his thoughts.

“Losing to this level of alchemy dao is not a shameful thing at all.” The Alchemy Saint eventually sighed. He didn’t say anything else as he decisively took his leave.

The Dragon Princess was not convinced at all. Her heart only wanted revenge and to kill Li Qiye. However, she couldn’t do anything except leave at this moment as she followed the Alchemy Saint. Before leaving, she coldly glared at Li Qiye one last time with murderous intent in her eyes.

Meanwhile, Huangfu Hao stood frozen on the spot. He initially wanted to humiliate Li Qiye, and if Li Qiye dared to retaliate, then he would use that as an excuse to kill him.

However, he didn’t expect to lose with the dao of alchemy that he had always been proud of. Before Li Qiye’s refinement technique, his own was not worth mentioning.

He finally regained his sanity and solemnly exclaimed: “There is something strange in his Heavenly Cauldron, there must be a problem inside!”

He wanted to show off in front of Madam Zi Yan by humiliating Li Qiye so that she would understand that only a real genius like him was worthy of her, but due to this sudden crushing defeat that left him with no face, he had to find an excuse.

“You can’t even lose gracefully, how pitiful.” Li Qiye lazily glanced at him and smiled: “It seems that this is the best your Huangfu Clan has to offer. It has to be in decline since it can’t even afford to lose a single king medicine, how embarrassing.”

At this time, many people were watching Huangfu Hao. Although they were reluctant to speak, they couldn’t help shake their heads. If there was something strange going on with Li Qiye’s Heavenly Cauldron and he intended to cheat under their watchful gazes, then people would have already noticed and pointed it out. Moreover, the fire energy and medicinal fragrance of a newly refined pill was apparent even to those who didn’t study the dao of alchemy.

“I would have nothing to say if you actually defeated me with your true abilities.” Huangfu Hao turned red and made more excuses: “Refining pills like cooking — anyone with some common sense would know that this is impossible. Hmph, in my opinion, something is definitely going on with your cauldron. It can’t be a cauldron, it must be some kind of illusionary spell.”

“Common sense?” Li Qiye glanced at him and smirked: “To me, common sense ain’t shit! Only the unskilled would consider common sense as words of truth!”

An expert from the previous generation gently shook his head and interjected: “That is impossible, even if it was an illusionary spell, how could it fool so many people here? Moreover, these four fate pills are real and completely new; they are anything but fake.”

“Yes, these four fate pills are definitely authentic.” An older alchemist added after appraising Li Qiye’s pills.

It didn’t matter if the people here were biased against Li Qiye or annoyed at him; real experts would still admit the truth. For alchemists, people with such a supreme dao of alchemy were worthy of respect, just like how they admired Alchemy Emperors so much.

“Haha, not necessarily, a few evil arts can’t be seen through.” Huangfu Hao sneered and said: “Maybe there were already four fate pills hidden inside this cauldron. Refining them like cooking was only an illusion. Give me these four pills and I can also do the same.”

At this time, Huangfu Hao was resorting to extreme excuses. No matter what, he had to break Li Qiye’s reputation since this was his only way out.

“Five transformations fate pills with seventy percent purity, moreover, they have a yellow shade that’s almost at the point of a golden glow, where can you find this type of fate pill?” Someone felt that Huangfu Hao was going too far. Were it not for the fact that they were wary of the Huangfu Clan, they would have laughed at him already.

“I’m afraid no one in present times can refine such pills. If there was someone, then perhaps the venerable ancient alchemist from the Alchemy Kingdom would be capable.” A Royal Lord mused.

Huangfu Hao tried to discredit Li Qiye, but he was underestimating the situation. Earlier, many people were on his side and voiced their support. But now, no one stood up for him, causing his face to burn red.

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and leisurely stated with a smile: “Can’t even afford to lose. Just say the words and I will have pity on you. I’ll let you have your king medicine, no big deal, it’s only a cabbage. Is there a need for you to act so shamelessly?”

“You…” Huangfu Hao was shaking with anger. He was in a dilemma, but he had to follow through to the very end. If he chose to bow down to Li Qiye, then he would lose all face in the future.

Huangfu Hao took a deep breath before glaring at Li Qiye and saying: “If you didn’t use any evil tricks or an illusion, then very well, let me and everyone else have a look at your cauldron. Whether it is an evil trick or an illusion will be clear at a glance.”

An alchemist couldn’t help but shake his head and comment: “This request is too unreasonable.”

The cauldron was an alchemist’s second life; it was a part of the alchemist. Even ordinary alchemists would not easily let an outsider look at their cauldron.

The reason was very simple. Each cauldron was carefully groomed by an alchemist with careful feeding. Whatever they fed the cauldron or its fire source were things that alchemists would not easily reveal to others.

What’s more, each alchemist had refined countless items and shared these experiences with their cauldron. Any alchemist would have deep ties with their cauldron; they would even consider it as part of their body.

Unless it was someone very close or trusted, alchemists would normally not take out their cauldron for outsiders to see, let alone this many strangers.

“What, you don’t dare to do so? If you don’t, then clearly you have a guilty conscience.” Huangfu Hao sneered and said: “Bah! Using such despicable means yet you still dare to say you have beaten me!” At this time, Huangfu Hao was going insane from shame, growing his anger. He was like a vixen that had lost her mind!

Madam Zi Yan couldn’t help but coldly say: “How shameless.” A wise ruler like her seldom talked people down, but today, she had to voice this negative statement.

Huangfu Hao’s face was flushed after being called out by the madam. However, he still wanted to struggle to the very end, so he sneered at Li Qiye: “Li, do you dare to take out your cauldron to prove your innocence? If not, then you are a cheater who only knows how to use wretched means!”

Many people in the crowd couldn’t help but shake their heads. Some even despised Huangfu Hao’s actions.


  1. It is just creating an image of someone who is helpless and lamenting, an exaggeration in the face of something so unbelievable since you really can’t kill yourself with a piece of tofu. Just a common phrase.