Chapter 700: Becoming Ashes

Many people here didn’t like Li Qiye, especially the young male cultivators who even wanted to end him just because he had a beauty like Madam Zi Yan. It was only natural for those who adored her to hate him!

However, even if they considered him as an enemy, they still had to admit that his dao of alchemy was peerless. And now, when Huangfu Hao stubbornly refused to admit Li Qiye’s victory, it truly made others feel that he was shameless.

Before this, many of them liked Huangfu Hao, and some even wanted to become friends with him. He was the descendant of the Huangfu Clan and an amazing young genius. Moreover, he had some ties to the Alchemy Kingdom. The people here assumed that he would eventually become a hero of this generation, but now, those who priorly wanted to befriend him couldn’t help but shake their heads.

Li Qiye nonchalantly glanced at him once and said: “It is not that I don’t want to let you see my cauldron, it is more that my cauldron has a bad temper and might kill you if we are careless about it. That wouldn’t be good. I am a lover of life and peace and do not want someone to die without a burial due to turning into smithereens.”

After hearing this, the madam standing next to him couldn’t help but chuckle. If her Young Master was a lover of life and peace, then everyone else in the world would be considered saints. After hearing this, she knew that someone was about to die.

“It is only a cauldron while I am a Heavenly King, what’s the big deal? I could suppress it at any moment.” Huangfu Hao sneered: “In my eyes, you are afraid of letting me take a look because I will expose your tricks!”

At this time, Huangfu Hao crazily attacked Li Qiye; he wouldn’t allow any opportunities to slip by. His mind was devoured by the situation and his thoughts strayed.

Back at the Golem Square, Li Qiye overwhelmed him with wealth and caused him to lose all face. And then, back at the alchemy garden of the Giant Bamboo Country, he was blown away by Li Qiye without any consideration. Today, he was expecting to reverse the tides and humiliate Li Qiye, but instead, he was met with an even more bitter showing. He absolutely would not forgive Li Qiye, someone who dared to oppose him like this. Even if he was going to become a malicious ghost, he still wouldn’t forgive Li Qiye!

“Okay then, since you want to see it so much, there’s nothing I can do.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “However, if anything does happen, I am not responsible for it.”

Having said that, he slowly took out the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron and gently tapped it.

“Hmph, it’s only a cauldron — can’t reach the apex.” Huangfu Hao harshly smiled. He was extremely confident and accepted the cauldron from Li Qiye’s hands.

At this time, everyone held their breaths while watching this scene play out. Although no one believed Huangfu Hao, they still wanted to see just what kind of cauldron it was.

“Open…!” At this time, Huangfu Hao made a mudra with his hand, but the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron didn’t have the slightest response.

This shameful situation made Huangfu Hao feel unbearable. In the blink of an eye, his blood energy soared to the sky in a very ferocious manner. He changed to a different mudra and shouted: “Open!”

“Buzz!” At this time, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron was finally activated. What fell onto the ground was a regularly shaped cauldron.

Huangfu Hao smirked and came forward. He stretched his hand out in order to check the fire source of the cauldron.

“Poof!” However, the moment his hand went inside, it immediately burst into ashes.

“Ahh!” Huangfu Hao cried out. Horrorstuck, he rapidly retreated. However, the cauldron’s fire source instantly erupted like a volcano. The cauldron’s fire rushed out and filled the sky, instantly surrounding Huangfu Hao.

“Ah…” A very shrill and miserable scream echoed across the sky. In an instant, even though he was a Heavenly King, he was still immediately incinerated into ashes. The moment the fire source returned to the cauldron, one could only see ashes fluttering in the sky. A Heavenly King had died in such an unbelievable manner.

Ever since it completely reached the highest attainment back in the lost alchemy garden of the immortals, the cauldron ceased to be the frog of the past.

Remember that the cauldron was unique in this world. For millions of years, it had always been searching for a chance to reach the highest level to truly transform one last time. Thus, after the transformation, the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron was no longer a cauldron and could be called a god, a true deity!

Its fire source had no equal, so it was not difficult for it to burn a Heavenly King to ashes.

“Such a powerful cauldron, amazing. This type of cauldron can only be controlled by a Legendary Alchemist or Alchemy Emperor…” After seeing the tyrannical flame of the cauldron devouring the sky, many alchemists were lost in admiration. This seemingly ordinary cauldron was definitely incredible!

“Aizz, one will lose out if they do not listen to their elders.” At this time, Li Qiye slowly recalled the cauldron and said: “Like I said earlier, this cauldron has quite a foul temper. It doesn’t want to interact with anyone besides me. Well now, he carelessly threw away his life. Dang it, cauldron, you’ve really done it now. How could you turn a Heavenly King into ashes like this? You think it is easy for someone to become a Heavenly King?”

Everyone suddenly went silent after hearing this while the madam couldn’t help but reveal a smile. She already knew that her Young Master expected such an outcome since Huangfu Hao was courting death.

A tranquil atmosphere ensued right after as no one dared to step out to demand justice for Huangfu Hao. Many of them believed that he was asking for it.

The Vinepill King, who was also antagonistic towards Li Qiye, turned pale. At this time, his palms were drenched in cold sweat while he himself shuddered from the chill that assaulted his spine.

He was secretly glad and praised his own fortune. Luckily, he didn’t follow Huangfu Hao along to the very end. Otherwise, perhaps his end would be just like Huangfu Hao’s, being incinerated into ashes without a burial.

He quivered and didn’t dare to say another word or stay at this place any longer. He turned around and used his fastest speed to leave Dao-sense Peak.

At this point, Li Qiye gathered his winnings. A stone flower over one million years old, a three million year old king medicine, and a four million year old king medicine from the Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint.

“Sigh, are these not just cabbages? If you can’t handle losing, then just say it. What’s the big deal? Losing your life just for these common spirit medicines… Was it worth it?” Li Qiye looked at his spoils but didn’t pay it any mind. To others, king medicines were priceless treasures, but Li Qiye was too lazy to even bother looking at them. Not mentioning the distant past, he had taken an amount of king medicines from the lost garden that could scare people to death.

This sarcastic remark left everyone here speechless. They could only lament the fact that the fella had the ability to make such arrogant comments.

However, at this moment, he did something that would drive people even crazier. He looked at the king medicines in his hands and threw them to the Imperial Draco-Bull as if they were cabbages while saying: “It has been tough carrying me this whole way, so I’ll reward you with these.”

This maddening turn of events left everyone looking silly. From the beginning, they all thought that Li Qiye was just saying it for fun, to exaggerate his wealth by calling king medicines cabbages.

But now, it turns out that this guy truly considered king medicines as cabbages! He actually threw these million year old king medicines at a buffalo to eat.

“Gnom-nom, nom…” At this time, the Imperial Draco-Bull was like a cow eating peony; it quickly ate the king medicines.

“No!” An old alchemist couldn’t help but to bellow a sad scream after seeing such a wasteful act. He couldn’t help but tremble with his eyes wide open, glaring at him while stuttering: “But these, these are king medicines…”

Everyone was stunned. These three king medicines couldn’t be obtained by many alchemists, even many great characters, despite trying to find one throughout their entire lives. Even a great power would treat a king medicine like a priceless treasure.

But now, such priceless treasures — in the eyes of everyone — were fed to a buffalo by Li Qiye. Could anyone actually be more irrationally wasteful than Li Qiye in this world? Little ancestors, the nouveau-riche, and even the most lavish young immortals in the heavens couldn’t compare to a fart from a prodigal son like Li Qiye! Even the most wasteful little ancestor wouldn’t feed king medicines to a bull, right? This was simply absurd! 1

Even a little ancestor would treat a king medicine like a treasure! However, Li Qiye considered them as cabbages!

After seeing the buffalo before them actually swallowing all the king medicines after just three bites, a lot of people here felt hurt. There was no justice in this world!

In just a moment, the hearts of many people cried out in pain. They actually had to witness three king medicines being swallowed by this buffalo.

“Damn it, just let me go jump off a building. You guys, don’t stop me!” After seeing such a heart-breaking scene, someone howled and couldn’t bear to look any longer.

However, after the bull finished swallowing the three king medicines, it still looked as if it wanted more and stared at Li Qiye in a pitiful manner. The bull was a Draco-Bull, and its species liked eating spirit medicines the most. For the Imperial Draco-Bull, king medicines were scrumptious delicacies.

Li Qiye looked back at the more than three million year old king medicine and the imperial medicine whose age exceeded five million years in his hands and quickly said: “Fine, we still have a long ways to go, and you will still need to work hard later on. Stuff yourself and put more effort into it.”

Having said that, he threw the king medicine and imperial medicine over to the bull as well.

“Gnom—nom…” The bull’s tongue rolled out and swept the two roots into its mouth where it then began to chew.

Suddenly, many people directly went down to their knees and stayed there. A lot of them had turned pale due to unbearable heartache. They had no words for such a prodigal son.


  1. Little ancestors are just really wasteful children to the point where you would call them ancestors since you have to treat them with the utmost care; just an expression of speech. The nouveau-riche might sound a bit out of place in a xuanhuan novel, but it is also a new word that came after the reformation during the late 1970s in China, describing a newly rich generation where they lived extremely lavish and expensive lifestyles. Although there is no direct translation and even the English version use Fu Er Dai, I think it is fitting to use this term here. The last term is the most lavish young immortals. This one is a wordplay on little ancestors. The characters for “Little Ancestors” are “Second Generation Ancestor” — this would be the raw translation. Of course, this wouldn’t make much sense. Most lavish young immortals’ characters are Immortal Generation Ancestors, so I changed it a bit.