Chapter 701: Yellow Silk Cloth

Even the madam was finally shocked this time. He even let this bull eat an imperial medicine, could anyone be more wasteful than him in this world?

“You, you, do you know that that was an imperial medicine?! You know, right?!” An old alchemist squatted to the ground and cried out in pain while holding his head.

In the eyes of any alchemist, letting a bull eat an imperial medicine was wasting the resources of the heavens. This was simply unbearable for them.

Li Qiye chuckled and nonchalantly said: “I know, it is only an imperial medicine.”

At this moment, countless legs were quivering while some couldn’t get up from their prostration. Anyone would lose their minds if they met someone like this. They could only say one phrase: “You win!”

“Aizz, why must men receive such different lifestyles? I’m not even equal to a buffalo. I haven’t even tasted a petal of an imperial medicine, but this buffalo ate an entire root like grass.” A great character, with his butt on the ground, helplessly exclaimed amidst his daze.

At this time, countless people were quiet and felt as if the strength had been sapped from their bodies. Compared to Li Qiye feeding the bull an imperial medicine, Huangfu Hao and whatever great sect he came from no longer mattered.

“Big Brother, are you recruiting more mounts? I am the descendant of an auspicious beast with the bloodline of a divine beast, can I be your mount too?” A Demon Monarch couldn’t help but make this joke.

In fact, in the eyes of many people here, they were not even equal to his buffalo. It instantly ate four king medicines and one imperial medicine. Many people would never be in a position to obtain such items for the rest of their lives, so now, being his mount would simply be a privilege.

“I am a very picky person.” Li Qiye smiled and then took his seat in his carriage. The madam smiled as well before leaving with him in a cool manner.

Those who were left on Dao-sense Peak were still absent-minded. At this time, they finally understood why Madam Zi Yan was willing to stay by Li Qiye’s side. Even if one wanted to join such a person to work for him, he might not necessarily accept them.

After a long silence, someone who finally calmed down lamented with a soft sigh: “Aizz, I finally opened my eyes today. An imperial medicine being fed to a bull — what could be more shocking than this?

The rest of the crowd couldn’t help but smile helplessly. They could only sigh since they were not even equal to a bull.

Back at the valley, Li Qiye smilingly told the madam: “Meditate on the God’s Hands. Although its power is not as great as the Immortal Devouring Evil Jar on your body, its power will definitely not be weaker than an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure.”

“How does Young Master know that I have the Immortal Devouring Evil Jar?” Asked the madam with a jolted expression. The people who knew that she brought along this item was fewer than few, and she didn’t tell Li Qiye either.

She had it with her in preparation for the worst case scenario. Because of the feud with the Huangfu Clan, she knew that the enemy would definitely not let this go, so she brought the evil jar with her just in case.

The Immortal Devouring Evil Jar was the defining protective treasure of their Giant Bamboo Country. They had rarely used it in the past millions of years because its power was quite terrifying. For generations, even the country itself wasn’t privy to the jar’s true origin, they only knew that it was left behind by their progenitor.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Very few things can escape my sight.”

Of course, he couldn’t tell the madam that the evil jar was left behind by him in the past for Yan’er. Its origin was extremely frightening, and its power was comparable to an Immortal Emperor True Treasure’s!

“I will try my best to learn about these gloves.” The madam took note of Li Qiye’s reminder and nodded her head.

After returning to the valley, he didn’t leave again. Initially, he was waiting for Tie Yi’s news. However, the ant had yet to return. During this moment where he had nothing pressing, he thought about a certain something.

With a solemn expression, he took out a bronze box. This was the box formed from the transformation of the pentagate, and inside was the item taken from beneath the Divine School.

Li Qiye carefully looked at the bronze box for a moment and found that it was safe, giving him peace of mind. He formed a mudra with his hands and, with a buzzing sound, the pentagate unsealed itself and returned to its original form, causing five bronze doors to hover around Li Qiye’s body.

With a series of sealing gestures, a clanking sound rang. The pentagate immediately sealed the entire room as five different patterns emerged on each of the doors — Celestial Sunbird, Moon Eating Wolf, Star Devouring Ant, Heaven Shrouding Eagle, and Earth Sealing Rat!

Each of the patterns on the five doors of the pentagate was ancient and depicted mysterious beasts. At this time, all the patterns appeared; this was Li Qiye activating the true, mighty power of the Heaven Sealing Pentagate.

After sealing the room, Li Qiye carefully looked at the urn. After so many years, this old urn was still as simple and crude as before.

This old urn had a heaven-shattering origin and was taken by him from a very terrifying location. Later on, he left it to the bull just in case the worst case scenario arose. Eventually, it had come in handy.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and made a decision. At this time, Li Qiye summoned each of his treasures… The Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror, the Declivity-Mountain Bell, the Elusive Heavenly Vase… All of these invincible treasures emerged above him and poured down unstoppable universal laws. At this split second, these treasures unleashed their most powerful barriers, creating layers protecting Li Qiye.

At the same time, Li Qiye’s right hand held the green lamp while his left held the little wooden coffin. He was preparing for the worst; if this defensive line couldn’t hold, then he would go about it the hard way and fight evil with evil, by using the little wooden coffin to suppress it!

After everything was ready, Li Qiye took another deep breath and performed a mudra as he shouted a mantra: “Open!”

“Pop!” Eventually, the urn was opened, but contrary to his expectations, there was no terrifying evil energy that penetrated the sky, and neither was there any terrifying curse. Only a faint black mist came out that eventually dissipated without leaving behind a single trace.

“This is…” Li Qiye’s eyes became serious after seeing this scene. Eventually, he looked inside the old urn only to find an item inside.

He took it out and spread it over the table. It was a yellow silk cloth.

This silk cloth had experienced countless moons and appeared to be very ancient. The colors on the cloth had faded, so it became white.

His pupils were fixated on this ordinary-looking cloth. Others would think that this was only a regular silk cloth, but Li Qiye didn’t think so. Although he didn’t quite grasp the item under the Divine School, he knew a thing or two about it.

“Hahaha! Junior, you are very lucky to actually meet this Immortal Monarch. This lord is the ruler of myriad realms, the emperor of the nine heavens!” At this time, a cold voice came from the yellow cloth and declared: “If you worship this lord as your master, then this lord will help you command the nine worlds and become eternal!”

Anyone else would most likely be jumping and screaming in fear after hearing such an awe-inspiring voice from this ordinary-looking yellow cloth.

However, Li Qiye remained unperturbed. He leisurely smirked and said: “Command the nine worlds and become eternal? It is not difficult for me to command the nine worlds, but as for being eternal…”

Having said up to this point, he couldn’t help but burst out in laughter.

Anyone else would be shaken or be extremely excited by these words as if they had found a treasure. However, Li Qiye did not budge. Who was he? He was an existence that had once commanded the nine worlds and obtained everlastingness.

“Brat, you don’t believe this lord?” The awe-inspiring voice appeared once more and said: “This lord is an existence who rules myriad realms, the supreme ruler of the nine heavens…”

“Okay, no need to pretend in front of me. Only I tease people. No one else has ever dared to tease me.” Li Qiye smirked and said: “At the moment, you are nothing but a piece of torn handkerchief in my eyes — not worth mentioning.”

It seems that this voice was enraged by Li Qiye’s response, so it shouted in a thunderous and awe-inspiring tone: “Junior, you don’t understand the immensity of the heaven and earth. Did you know, back in a distant and ancient time when the immortals were still in charge of the myriad realms…”

“Don’t act wantonly before me.” Li Qiye interrupted the voice and lightly smiled while saying: “If it was like before, when you weren’t thrown into the urn, then this yellow cloth would indeed be very devilish. But now, it just won’t do. If I am not mistaken, this cloth had been sealed inside the urn for millions of years, and the power of its curse has already been dispelled.”

“Bah, Junior, you underestimate this lord too much. This is me dispelling the power of the curse, not your broken urn!” The voice became exasperated because of Li Qiye. It was obviously unconvinced.

Li Qiye cheerfully retorted: “Is that so? Is my urn really that useless? Very well then, I’ll put you back and wait for the day where you break out of it.” Having said that, he threw the yellow cloth back into the old urn.

“Wait, wait, everything can be negotiated and discussed. Let us have a talk.” The moment when Li Qiye was about to seal the urn again, the voice hurriedly came out from the cloth, admitting defeat.

Li Qiye chuckled and took the cloth out from the urn before revealing a faint smile: “If you don’t want to be imprisoned inside, then it would be in your best interest to not play around with me. Reveal your true form or I’ll imprison you again and throw you into the deepest parts of the sea so that you won’t be able to escape for eternity!”

“Bah, Little Devil, do not threaten this lord!” The voice was finally no longer awe-inspiring and instead became very clear.

At this time, a small figure emerged on the faded yellow cloth. This figure was very fuzzy and ethereal.

“Mmm, this is more like it.” Li Qiye looked at the faint, small shadow and sneered: “You’re clearly a little girl, yet you still dare to pretend to be an old man and refer to yourself as ‘this lord’.”

“Bah, you are the one who is a little girl!” The tiny figure on the yellow cloth was very annoyed with Li Qiye and said: “This lord is the ruler of myriad worlds, the supreme ruler of the nine heavens…”