Chapter 702: Person Inside The Yellow Cloth

“Okay, little baby, stop pretending to be old in front of me.” Li Qiye interrupted the shadow and said with a smile: “Keep putting on airs and see if I won’t throw you back into the urn or not…”

“You… What kind of man are you?” The small figure from within the cloth was shaking from anger because of Li Qiye. She raised her voice: “Making threats at every turn, have you no shame?”

“Sorry, but I am a person who never cares for face. Moreover, you are only a little shadow inside a yellow cloth right now, so why do I need to put up any facade? If I really wanted some ‘face’, then wouldn’t I use this yellow cloth to wash my face?” Replied Li Qiye with a smirk.

She seemed to be very afraid of being dirtied. It was as if Li Qiye would really use the cloth to wash his face, so she cried out: “You… You dare…!”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Aizz, people are quite rude nowadays.”

Of course, he was only scaring her. He continued on: “You should actually be thanking me. If it wasn’t for me, then you probably would still be sealed inside the urn for who knows how many more years. So what if the urn dispelled the curse? You still wouldn’t have been able to see sunlight.”

“Bah, who said that the urn removed the curse for this lord?” The small figure from within the cloth was not convinced, and she said: “It is this lord who dispelled that damned curse!”

Li Qiye smilingly teased: “Is that so? You dare to say that the urn didn’t contribute at all? Without this urn, you still dare to say you could have dispelled it?”

“Hmph…” The tiny figure from within the cloth grunted. Although she was not convinced, she didn’t refute him any longer.

“There is a great saying — one must repay a great debt, am I right?” Li Qiye leisurely said: “I let you see the sun again — this is akin to giving you a second chance at life. Isn’t it time for you to show your gratitude?”

“Haha, it seems that you want something nice from me.” The little shadow sneered and said: “I won’t make it hard on you, you just have to help me with something. For everything you do, I will tell you a secret until I can get out of this place.”

“I never negotiate with people. Moreover, regarding secrets, I think no one else in this world knows more than I do.” Li Qiye replied with a smile.

The small shadow snorted and said: “Is that so? What I know is beyond your knowledge. For example, the secret of the Ancient Ming.”

“Secret of the Ancient Ming?” Li Qiye laughed and responded: “That is indeed not bad. Bringing up the Ancient Ming right away… a bit interesting.”

The small figure gloatingly said: “Hmph, those fools that year wanted to dig me out just because they wanted to find out about the ultimate secret of their race.”

She had not talked to anyone for a very long time, so although she was especially annoyed with Li Qiye, she was still willing to talk with him.

Li Qiye replied with a grin: “Do you know how the Ancient Ming was finally destroyed? Did you know that back in an ancient era, the oldest Ancient Ming geezer was dragged out by someone? Every bone in the geezer’s was torn asunder, and this person was able to find out many secrets about the Ancient Ming from this geezer’s mouth. Do you think that you can know more than this person?”

“Hmph. Not necessarily. I am a person who knows the ultimate secret. Moreover, I know far more secrets than just that. For example, I know quite a few things about the twelve burial grounds.” The small figure retorted.

Li Qiye responded: “Mmm, I don’t doubt that. I’m sure you do know a few things.”

“At least you can recognize greatness.” The small figure didn’t give up and said: “If you help me, then for each matter, I will tell you one secret.”

“I’m sorry to say that I will not negotiate with you. Besides, if I wanted to know a few secrets, including the ultimate secret of the Ancient Ming, I do not need to learn them from you.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “I only need you to tell me one thing, what must one do to make the writings on this yellow cloth appear?”

“You, how do you know about this?!” The small figure jumped from shock after hearing this. She was actually frightened this time.

“It’s nothing.” Li Qiye laughed and continued on: “Back when this thing was still buried in the ground, I assumed that it was evil. However, after seeing this yellow cloth, I knew right away that it was just you being cursed. The truth is that the evil presence had nothing to do with the yellow cloth, but this cloth does indeed have an incredible origin.”

Although one couldn’t clearly discern the figure of the small shadow on the yellow cloth or even her facial expression, the small shadow suddenly flinched, so one could guess that she was shaken by this comment.

“Hmph, what could you possibly know about incredible origins?” The small shadow grunted, but this made it clear that Li Qiye was on point with his comment.

Li Qiye didn’t mind her attitude at all. He chuckled while saying: “Little girl, your act can scare or trick other people, but who do you think I am? Even if your origin is amazing, I know far more things in this world than you.”

“Bah, who is a little girl?! Call me a little girl one more time and I’ll really show you who’s boss!” The small shadow was very displeased by what Li Qiye called her. Even if one couldn’t see her figure, it was clear that she was bearing her fangs at him.

However, Li Qiye ignored her protest and chuckled: “Little girl, if you are still unconvinced, then I’ll let you know something. There was once an ancient shrine that had been smashed apart, do you know what I saw inside? It was a scene where the earliest people and ancient immortals were prostrating. There were also a whole bunch of old rumors regarding a certain something. Do you know what thing it was? Someone was holding a piece of yellow silk towards the sky with myriad realms on their shoulders.”

Li Qiye paused for a moment before continuing: “Little girl, you should know that the things I have seen are beyond your imagination. Do you know what the firmament institution is? Do you know the sceneries before even the Desolate Era? Do you know how I know the situation of this yellow cloth? No matter who you may be, the locations I have been to are beyond your imagination.”

The small shadow on the cloth was clearly unconvinced and snorted: “Hmph. What’s the big deal? Bah, I have been to many places that you haven’t.”

Instead of being angered, Li Qiye cheerfully said: “Oh, then do tell, what kind of places have you been to before? I have plenty of time right now, so I would be more than happy to listen.”

“Bah, why do I have to tell you? Don’t even think about prying any secrets from me.” The small shadow sneered and acted as if she would never fall into his trap.

Li Qiye started laughing while clapping his hands together, saying: “Little girl, you think too highly of yourself. To be honest, there is no way I would force you since your old stories won’t be that interesting to me anyway.”

“You…” The little shadow was now shaking from anger. If she could escape from the cloth, then she would absolutely teach Li Qiye a good lesson.

Li Qiye continued in a relaxed manner: “Although I have no interest in your past, I actually need to know about the writings on the cloth. Therefore, if you don’t mind, tell me the method of revealing the writings on the cloth. Maybe it will also be beneficial for you.”

“Well, I do mind. Why should I tell you?” The small shadow sneered and said: “The only way I would tell you would be if you worked for me. When I am satisfied, then I will tell you the method.”

Li Qiye answered with a beaming smile: “Is that right? It seems that you still don’t understand my principles. Only I bring out the conditions, not others. Moreover, your situation of being trapped inside the cloth right now is quite unfavorable. The heavens won’t heed your cries and the earth will also turn a deaf ear. Do you really think you can talk about conditions with me?”

The little shadow snorted and said: “Fine then. If you don’t do as I say, you will never obtain the writings on the cloth.”

“Mmm, good point.” Li Qiye laughed and continued: “However, little girl, there is one thing you should know. I am a person who goes to the extreme. If I can’t get something, then others shouldn’t even dream about getting it. How about this, I might as well burn this cloth and finish everything, what do you think?”

“Haha, such an overconfident brat.” The little shadow sneered: “Do you know what this cloth is? Do you think you can burn it as you please? Even if you tried for one hundred years, you still wouldn’t be able to burn it!”

“Well, that could be the case.” Li Qiye slightly nodded his head and put on a grave expression to say: “But I don’t mind trying different things. For example, my green lamp over here.”

Having said that, he placed the green lamp on the table and held the yellow cloth while cheerfully smiling: “If you don’t mind, I can try it once with my green lamp’s dark flame. This green lamp right here… Hmm, regarding its origin, it might not be any less formidable than your cloth. In my opinion, it shouldn’t have a problem burning a True Immortal to death, so I do feel that using it to destroy this cloth shouldn’t be a problem…

“Of course, I am also a very patient person. If I can’t burn it in one day, then I can burn it for five hundred years or even five thousand years. You know, I am someone who has a lot of time. What do you think?”

Li Qiye held the cloth closer to the flickering black flame of the green lamp.

At this time, the little shadow inside the cloth became silent and still. No one knew what she was thinking.

“Before I burn this yellow cloth, do you have anything to tell me?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I am willing to listen right now.”

However, the shadow remained silent as if she had disappeared, refusing to answer Li Qiye.

“Okay, in that case, I’ll burn it.” Li Qiye chuckled and placed the cloth on top of the black flame.