Chapter 706: Plenty Of Ways To Frame Someone

However, no matter who they might be, no one dared to say a word. This matter involved powerful existences like the Huangfu Clan, the Radiant-Sea Sect, and the Heavenhoof Ravine, so no one dared to utter anything carelessly.

The Radiant-Sea Sect was an imperial lineage with great prestige in the Alchemy Realm. It was needless to say about the ravine since it was one sect with two emperors. Ever since the Alchemy Kingdom, the Jianlong Clan, and the Beastmaster Citadel became more seclusive, the ravine became even more famous. At this time, they were also the most tyrannical lineage. Those who offended them would meet a very bad end.

The trapped madam immediately knew that this was a trap that she had carelessly fallen into. She also understood that this trap was not meant for her, but her Young Master. However, she inadvertently ruined the scheme, so the enemies improvised and trapped her instead.

Ultimately, she was still a great Demon King, a ruler of a country, so she could remain calm. She glanced around at the Alchemy Saint’s group. She knew that today would not end peacefully because her enemies were not just one or two people, but several great powers that even included an imperial lineage! Without a doubt, this plan had been in the works for a while.

“Madam Zi Yan, you are truly vicious!” The Heavenhoof Elder who was also the master of the Vinepill King cried out: “My disciple only made a bet against you guys, yet you held this grievance and cruelly murdered him today. Is there no justice?!”

The elder put on a sorrowful display as if he was particularly stricken with sadness after losing his beloved disciple.

The alerted guests were quite shaken after hearing this. Killing a Heavenhoof disciple was an earth-shattering matter. Moreover, the Vinepill King was one of the most loved disciples of the ravine!

“Elder Fu, I didn’t kill your disciple, cease your accusation.” The madam deepened her voice. Despite being caught in an ambush, she could still retain her calmness due to her great experience.

“Madam Zi Yan, the evidence is as clear as day, the corpse of my disciple and his alchemy helper are right there below your feet, yet you still want to argue?” Elder Fu from the ravine declared solemnly.

“As clear as day?” The madam coldly responded: “They were already dead when I arrived here. In fact, your group appearing right when I found these corpses is quite a coincidence. Too much of a coincidence.”

“What do you mean, Madam Zi Yan?” The chief high elder from the Huangfu Clan retorted: “I, along with Brother Fu and the Alchemy Saint, had a plan to discuss the dao tonight while watching the moon. We brought along our disciples so that they could get to know each other as well. Who would have thought that the moment we got here, we saw you killing our nephews!”

“Madam Zi Yan, was it not enough for you and that little animal Li to scheme against our Huangfu descendant?” The high elder added in an awe-inspiring manner: “Are there no bounds to your cruelty? For anyone who ever offended you two, is there no end until they are all dead? Do you choose to not obey the laws of this world?”

“While all of you are so certain that I killed these two, where is the evidence?” The madam drily replied while standing calmly before her enemies.

“The evidence is right below your feet! Is it not evident that his corpse is laying right there beside you?!” The Heavenhoof Elder raised his voice: “Madam Zi Yan, even though you are a great Demon King, you should know that death is the punishment for murder!”

“Brother Fu, something’s not right about this matter. Perhaps not everything is as we see it.” The Alchemy Saint slowly spoke at this time: “Everyone knows that Royal Lord Zi Yan listens to Li Qiye. I’m afraid the royal lord wouldn’t dare to take charge of something like this, this has to be her taking orders from him.”

“Your words are not without reason.” The high elder from the Huangfu Clan silently pondered for a moment before gravely speaking to the madam: “Madam Zi Yan, you should know that this is not a trivial matter. Killing a disciple of the ravine is akin to opposing the ravine! Don’t tell me that you wish for war between the Giant Bamboo Country and the ravine just because of that Li Qiye?”

The Alchemy Saint acted as the mediator and spoke: “Madam Zi Yan, if you were forced to kill them because of Li Qiye, then before this matter escalates to the point of no return, you still have a choice. As long as you hand over the real culprit, Li Qiye, you will be able to make up for this crime. At that time, Brother Fu and I can intercede for you so that the ravine will not put the blame on your country seeing as how the real mastermind is Li Qiye.” The alchemist finished with a cough.

The spectators were watching with bated breaths. No one dared to involve themselves in such a matter because if this took a turn for the worse, it might result in an all-out war between the two countries!

“You are right.” The Huangfu High Elder coldly added: “Madam Zi Yan, the mastermind is Li Qiye, he is the real culprit. We cannot allow for such a villain to be outside of the law! If you are willing to tell the truth, then maybe the ravine will let this matter go. This matter is no joke. It is not wise for the Giant Bamboo Country to go to war with the ravine.”

The madam had already guessed that this was a plot against her Young Master from the very beginning, and now, the truth confirmed her speculation.

The madam snorted and shook her head, saying: “I do pity the Vinepill King. As a disciple of the ravine, he was forced to be offered as a sacrifice in the end. Even if he was a disciple of the elder, in the end, he was discarded as a pawn. It is so pitiful to come from a lineage like this. I’m afraid that even upon his death, he still didn’t know what had happened.”

“Madam Zi Yan, what are you trying to say?!” The Heavenhoof Elder shouted: “You murdered my disciples yet you still dare to spew false accusations towards my ravine?! Madam Zi Yan, you really think that your country is powerful enough to be so lawless? You really think that your country can do as it pleases just because of your Divine Guardian?”

“Lawless?” At this time, a laid-back voice interjected: “There is no need for the Giant Bamboo Country to act lawlessly. I am the one who is above the law, and since I am the law, I am the heavens.”

At this time, a person reached the top of the mountain; it was Li Qiye. Tie Yi followed right behind him with a scared demeanor. He was hiding right behind Li Qiye as if he was afraid of being stepped on.

“Li Qiye!” Upon seeing him, the Heavenhoof Elder’s group cried out and immediately rushed to him.

And it wasn’t just his group. In an instant, the Alchemy Saint and the Huangfu High Elder along with a large group of experts all rushed forward and immediately surrounded him with many layers.

The madam who was trapped earlier was immediately forgotten. Judging by their actions, it seemed that Li Qiye was the real culprit.

Some of the guests were now quivering, especially the famous ones with great status; they felt that something was about to happen.

The Heavenhoof Elder shouted: “Li! You killed my disciple, hand your life over!”

Li Qiye could still retain his cool and leisurely demeanor despite being surrounded. He looked at the elder and smilingly said: “Oh? The Vinepill King is dead? That is a surprise for me.”

“Li! You know this full well!” The Alchemy Saint raised his tone: “The Vinepill King only betted against you and used a few unpleasant words. However, you actually held a grudge and ordered Royal Lord Zi Yan to kill him. Someone as vicious as you who slays fellow daoists is unforgivable!”

“Yeah?” Li Qiye couldn’t keep himself from laughing. He leisurely responded: “It was only a disciple from the ravine, what’s the big deal? Do I need to order someone else if I wanted to take his life? I could easily crush him with a slight touch. Moreover, this Vinepill King, if I wanted to kill him, I would already have done so two days ago, so why would I have given him a chance to leave?”

“Excuses!” The Heavenhoof Elder shouted: “Do you think people will believe your explanation? It is as clear as day that my disciple was killed by Madam Zi Yan! She is your follower and obeys you without question, so only you could have commanded her to kill him!”

“So it is this type of play.” Li Qiye didn’t give a damn. He didn’t mind even if these elders accused him of killing the Vinepill King. He brought his arms in front of his chest and acted as if he was watching a fun play while telling these elders: “I really do think the truth is just as you said… Since all of you are so into your roles, I’ll join in this play as well. However, acting is quite difficult. Moreover, killing your own disciple just for this play is even more difficult, am I right? All right, I killed your disciple, the Vinepill King, how do you all want to catch me?” Li Qiye acted as if he was without a care at this moment.

The madam couldn’t help but quiver. Her Young Master knew that this was a conspiracy, yet he still chose to jump right in. She wanted to say something, but Li Qiye waved his sleeve and stopped her.

“The punishment for murder is death!” The Heavenhoof Elder shouted: “You killed my disciple, so blood for blood and life for life!”

“Brother Fu, calm down, calm down a bit.” The Alchemy Saint hurriedly interjected: “We are not unreasonable people who can’t tell right from wrong. Li Qiye, the way you said it, do you think we are setting you up?”

The Alchemy Saint cleared his throat and continued slowly: “Although the Vinepill King’s death is as clear as day, we will give you a chance to a fair trial. Plus, we are here to celebrate the treefather’s birthday, so it is not good to spill blood here.”

“Oh, so to say, I should be thanking all of you for your kindness and merciful ways?” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Good, then a fair trial it is, what do I have to do?”

This response didn’t only surprise the Alchemy Saint’s group, many spectating guests to the side were also astonished.