Chapter 707: The Play

The Alchemy Saint’s crowd actually thought that Li Qiye would keep on denying the claim or make up excuses or even push this crime onto Madam Zi Yan. They didn’t expect Li Qiye to fall into this trap so easily, so they had prepared many different methods to force him into submission.

However, Li Qiye agreeing and readily jumping into their trap caused them to be unable to carry out their best schemes.

The spectators were astounded as well. Admitting to killing Heavenhoof disciples was a heinous crime. A light punishment would be death, a grave one would be sect-destruction.

Everyone could see that Li Qiye still had a chance to refute, yet he chose not to and directly admitted to the accusation. This was too irrational; was Li Qiye confused?

Even the madam found this to be unexpected. She didn’t know what her Young Master was planning. Could he have an even better plan to counter the opponents?

Him directly admitting to the act left the Alchemy Saint’s group at a loss; they didn’t know what to do. From their perspective, this was simply too illogical!

The Alchemy Saint composed himself and cleared his throat to say: “Both our Radiant-Sea Sect and the ravine are reasonable. We will not wrongly accuse others. Although the punishment for murder is one’s death, we will give you a fair chance. Before the trial, our three great sects, including the Huangfu Clan, will take you into custody. After the end of the celebration, we will give you a fair trial.”

Li Qiye chuckled after hearing what the Alchemy Saint had to say. To all of these powers, revenge was only a ruse. It was clear that they simply coveted his treasures.

Li Qiye had revealed his hand back at Dao-sense Peak and made many people realize that a prodigal son like Li Qiye had countless treasures, including king medicines and emperor medicines. Both treasures and herbs were things that made people salivate.

However, the thing that his opponent craved even more was Li Qiye’s supreme alchemy skill.

The Radiant-Sea Sect and the ravine were already powerful enough with a dao system from Immortal Emperors. However, the dao of alchemy was not their forte since they lacked systems passed down by Alchemy Emperors.

This was especially true for the ravine since its ambition was great. If they could steal Li Qiye’s supreme dao of alchemy, then maybe they would be able to produce an Alchemy Emperor in the future. This would allow them to have the capability to compete against the behemoth that is the Alchemy Kingdom.

Because of this, the ravine wanted nothing more than to seize Li Qiye’s method. This was the thing that they coveted and required the most. In fact, his skill was why the Heavenhoof Elder was able to throw away his disciple, the Vinepill King, like a pawn. As long as they could obtain his supreme alchemy method, so what if they lost one disciple?

The group didn’t want to kill Li Qiye right away with this trap, they only wanted to capture him alive and force out his treasures along with the alchemy method until he has nothing left!

The Alchemy Saint’s suggestion seemed fair and impartial to the point where he seemed to be mediating for Li Qiye and the ravine. However, the truth was that his intent was extremely sinister and vicious!

Many eyes were fixated on Li Qiye at this moment, especially the great big shots whose eyes were flickering rapidly.

At this place, no one was stupid, especially the rulers and lords of their own domains. Which one of them wasn’t a sly fox? The moment they saw Li Qiye, a few of them were already able to guess the scheme of his opponents.

However, no one dared to expose this conspiracy because to do so at this key moment was akin to becoming enemies with the Radiant-Sea Sect and the ravine.

Many people had the same thoughts. Innumerable treasures and spirit medicines, a supreme dao of alchemy, either of these would be enough to excite people. If they could capture Li Qiye alive, they wouldn’t hesitate to squeeze every last drop out of him.

Li Qiye smiled cheerfully and asked: “So, should I be thanking you for being so merciful?”

The Alchemy Saint coughed as he replied: “There is no need for that. Young people will always make mistakes, so nothing could be better than turning back time. If you obediently let us take you in, then out of consideration for your repentance, we of the Radiant-Sea Sect will ask the ravine to give you a chance to start over on the day of the trial. Brother Fu, what do you think?”

“Hmph!” The Heavenhoof Elder acted as if nothing could calm him down. He snorted and coldly replied: “Because the Alchemy Saint is asking in his stead, if this little animal gives up now, then I can give him a chance for a fair trial. Otherwise, blood will be paid with blood!”

“I have been moved after hearing your words. At this moment, I feel as if I am the worst sinner, and dying ten thousand times still wouldn’t be enough for atonement.”

The Huangfu High Elder coldly spoke: “Hmph. To realize this now is not a bad thing, it shows that you can still be saved. If you admit your mistakes now and choose to repent, then despite the fact that you murdered our descendant, our clan can still show benevolence and give you a fair trial as well as a second chance. Turn yourself in — this is your only way out!”

At this time, the Alchemy Saint and the Heavenhoof Elder were both glaring at Li Qiye. In their eyes, he was nothing more than a piece of fat meat, a priceless treasure trove, so they couldn’t carelessly take action. They wanted to capture him alive instead of causing an accident. If Li Qiye died, then everything would have been meaningless!

“I see…” Li Qiye appeared to be wavering. He looked a bit hesitant as if he was struggling internally.

Meanwhile, his opponents all watched him with bated breaths. For them, nothing could be better than Li Qiye obediently accepting his captivity. As a result, there would be no disturbance at Allpine Mountain, and they would also have captured him alive!

Many guests were full of anticipation as well. However, they all had different thoughts and intents. A few of them didn’t want Li Qiye to go down without a fight because, by doing so, he would fall into the hands of the opposing group; this would mean that other people wouldn’t be able to get a cut.

There were also guests who could see through this conspiracy and wanted to remind Li Qiye to not fall for this trickery. However, these kind guests didn’t dare to open their mouths at this moment. There was a great saying: to stop someone’s path to fortune was akin to killing their fathers and stealing their wives; it would be an irreconcilable feud!

By interfering with the business of the ravine, it would absolutely bring about a catastrophe, so no one was willing to take such a risk.

The madam, on the other hand, naturally didn’t believe that her Young Master would be stirred by a few words from the Alchemy Saint, so she didn’t say anything. Her Young Master had his own plans, and she didn’t want to ruin them.

“I’ve thought it through now.” Said Li Qiye as he clapped his hands while smiling.

These words left the Alchemy Saint’s group heaving sighs of relief. They didn’t have to do a single thing, Li Qiye gave up right away. This was the best possible outcome for them.

“Acknowledging one’s mistakes and repenting is a good thing.” The Alchemy Saint revealed a smile and added: “Don’t worry, the Radiant-Sea Sect and the Heavenhoof Ravine are imperial lineages with reputations to uphold, we will certainly give you a fair trial.”

“No, I think you are mistaken.” Li Qiye shook his head and smilingly continued: “I was trying to say that if I am a heinous villain who will never be able to atone for my sins, then why should I change my ways? How great is it to be a bad guy? How free is it to be a brute? To be able to kill whoever you desire, to destroy whoever you please — what could be better than this?”

This response immediately dazed the Alchemy Saint’s group. They quickly became furious as fierce gazes were directed at Li Qiye, wishing to cut him into a million pieces.

They finally understood that from beginning to end, Li Qiye was only toying with them!

The guests wanted to laugh after seeing how the Alchemy Saint’s group was played by Li Qiye and were pleased to see them suffer. However, they had to suppress their laughter since they didn’t want to offend the ravine.

Li Qiye smiled leisurely and gazed at the Alchemy Saint’s group to say: “To me, all of you are nothing. In my eyes, the dead Vinepill King isn’t even equal to a fart. Whether it was a conspiracy or if I actually killed him, it doesn’t matter to me because all of you, along with him lying dead on the ground, don’t mean shit. I just wanted to play along with you since you wanted to lure me into a pit, that’s all. As for the crime of murder, you can announce it as you please. Don’t just mention killing this lowly Vinepill King, even if you all accused me of massacring countless races, robbing and stealing, raping and pillaging… I simply wouldn’t care.”

At this point, Li Qiye laughed and added: “It appears that all of you thought too highly of yourselves and thought that I would give in. In fact, in my eyes, all of you are no different from the dead. I just wanted to tell all of you that you should never touch a woman on my side. Anyone who dares to do so will die without a grave!”

After finishing his declaration, he turned and smiled to ask the madam: “Zi Yan, what do you think is the best way for them to die? Tearing them into pieces or incinerating them? Or should I crush them into a paste?”

All of the guests became silly after hearing this. This was the same as declaring war against the ravine — such unbridled arrogance!

The Alchemy Saint’s group was shaking with anger, their fury knew no bounds. They had the urge to tear Li Qiye into countless pieces!