Chapter 709: Slaying Enemies Like Butchering Chickens

“Ahem…” While Elder Fu’s group was stuck riding the tiger, Li Qiye coughed behind the madam and leisurely said: “Zi Yan, this was our fault, wouldn’t you say? It was just a little argument, yet we are unleashing this scary intent. This is not good, not good at all.”

“Young Master is implying?” The madam was dazed and didn’t know what her Young Master was trying to do at this moment.

Li Qiye pulled her back next to him and cheerfully smiled: “Our Immortal Devouring Evil Jar is too scary, yeah? We should just take it slow so that these old geezers on the verge of death won’t defecate themselves. It is not nice to make these elders soil themselves. After all, how would they have the face to see anyone else from now on?”

These vicious words enraged the ravine’s group to the point where they almost died from vomiting blood.

The madam didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but she still listened to him and withdrew the evil jar. However, her putting away the jar allowed Elder Fu and the others to secretly heave a sigh of relief.

“There is this saying, what was it…” Li Qiye stared at his opponents and slowly spoke: “Ah, I remember now, there is a great saying: there is no need for a butcher’s knife to kill a chicken. For this bunch of insects, is there a need to use such an invincible immortal item like the jar? This would be too wasteful and vastly overestimating them.”

“Such a big tone!” The Dragon Princess sneered in response and said with disdain: “Hiding behind a woman to brag, are you still a man? If you dare, then come out and fight us!”

“Fight you guys?” Li Qiye chuckled and took a step forward before calmly speaking: “For a bunch of ants like you lot, is there a need to use the word ‘fight’? I can kill all of you with one stomp — no problem. I might be someone who hates killing, but if all of you wish to die, then I’ll gladly help you out.”

The first reaction from many spectators was that Li Qiye was insane. Both the ravine and the Radiant-Sea Sect were imperial lineages, but a nobody like Li Qiye was now calling them ants. How unbelievably arrogant!

“Ignorant fool, do you dare to fight against this princess?!” Before the Alchemy Saint and his group could respond, the Dragon Princess raised her voice.

Li Qiye had previously humiliated her twice, so all she wanted to do was to kill him and drink his blood. She was under the assumption that someone like him could be killed by her without any trouble!

“Only an ant.” Li Qiye dismissively said as he didn’t even bother looking at the princess.

This attitude was extremely humiliating to her, so she immediately became enraged and shouted: “Little villain, die!”

However, before she even finished her sentence, she had already rushed forward with swift speed like a soaring dragon towards Li Qiye.

However, within this split second, it seemed as if time had stopped. Everyone’s vision blurred. The moment they could see clearly again, the Dragon Princess’s neck was gripped by Li Qiye, and her entire body was dangling up high.

No one saw how the princess fell into his hands. They only saw her attack and then everything became blurry, so no one saw Li Qiye’s move at that moment.

“Clank!” Before everyone could calm down, Li Qiye had already crushed the princess’s neck. It didn’t matter that she had a great cultivation and was a princess of a dynasty, she was immediately crushed to death by him.

At the time of her death, her eyes were wide open, not knowing how she had died to him. A great beauty, a princess adored by many with countless suitors had been killed mercilessly by Li Qiye.

This scene was too shocking since everyone could only watch him kill her. Even Elder Fu’s group had yet to compose themselves.

“Little bastard, die!” The Alchemy Saint furiously roared and unleashed a huge palm towards Li Qiye. How could he swallow this anger after Li Qiye killed one of his sect’s disciples?

However, before his palm could crush Li Qiye to death, he was immediately dragged back by Elder Fu. The elder gravely said: “Brother, you have to take it easy!” 1

“Take it easy?!” The Alchemy Saint snapped and roared: “This little animal killed my disciple, yet you’re telling me to take it easy?! I’m going to rip him to shreds!”

“Brother, didn’t my disciple also die at the hands of that animal?” Elder Fu coldly said: “However, we have to catch this little animal alive to see if there is someone backing him, ordering him to kill our disciples, to see if they have malicious intentions against our sects. We must capture him alive to get information out of him!”

He raised his voice at the last sentence as a reminder for the Alchemy Saint! He sacrificed his disciple, the Vinepill King, and he didn’t want it to be in vain. A dead Li Qiye held no value to them, thus they must capture him alive.

Elder Fu wanting to keep Li Qiye alive instead of staying true to his earlier attitude of wanting to kill him made their goal very apparent to some of the spectators watching from afar.

Although the Alchemy Saint was livid, after being reminded by Elder Fu, his mind returned. He glared at Li Qiye with red eyes and coldly said: “Little animal, will you accept your capture obediently, or do we have to break your hands and legs first!”

The madam was about to step out again, but Li Qiye pulled her back and chuckled while speaking to her: “My Zi Yan, since they are coming for me, let me deal with this trivial matter. Otherwise, other people would actually think that I am living off of you.”

The madam couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t say anything else and stepped to the side. If the situation went south, then she would take action.

Li Qiye stepped forward and lazily looked at the Alchemy Saint’s group and said: “It is almost midnight, but we are still here. Since you all dared to provoke me, I actually thought that you made some preparations like having a Virtuous Paragon in the shadows. Now, it seems that all of you are just a bunch of fools. Well, let us end this quickly as I still have to sleep after massacring all of you.”

To this rage-inducing statement, the Huangfu High Elder coldly replied: “Little animal, come!”

In an instant, the high elder, the Alchemy Saint, and Elder Fu seemed to have reached a mutual understanding and all took action at the same time. They immediately sealed the place completely since their goal was to capture him alive!

“Aizz, ignorant fools.” Li Qiye only chuckled and stamped one foot on the ground. At this moment, a gray death energy appeared below his foot and penetrated into the ground.

With a buzzing sound amidst the action, a praying mantis crawled out from below. It was as big as half a man. Moreover, it had been dead for who knows how many years; only its skeleton was present.

However, this skeletal mantis was emitting a gray death energy that belonged to Li Qiye!

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Right when the spectators still didn’t understand what was going on, three heads flew up into the sky, followed by streams of blood spurting about!

The first three heads belonged to the Alchemy Saint, the Huangfu High Elder, and Elder Fu of the ravine. As their heads flew up high, they could still see the blood spurting from their own necks.

The next moment, a group of heads all flew up at the same time along with accompanying pillars of blood. Eventually, thumping sounds appeared as a group of heads fell onto the ground and rolled around along with numerous headless corpses.

The three big shots, as well as all the disciples from the major sects who surrounded Li Qiye, were decapitated instantly, and the culprit was the skeletal mantis that crawled out from the ground!

At this point, the sickle-like legs of the mantis still had blood dripping down from them.

Everyone in the Alchemy Saint’s group was killed without knowing how or why. It could even be said that none of the spectators were aware of the events that transpired!

From beginning to end, Li Qiye stood still and didn’t do anything outside of stomping once. He didn’t even lift a single finger.

The entire mountain suddenly became still. It was as if time had stopped and even the wind didn’t dare to blow by as if it was afraid of something.

Even those who were far away were shocked and awed by this scene. Nothing could be more astonishing than this event!

Three Heavenly Kings and more than one hundred experts were slaughtered in an instant without a chance to fight back or knowing how they even died — such a thing was too terrifying and unbelievable.

Li Qiye stood there quietly while the skeletal mantis posturing next to him, creating a spine-chilling scene under the cover of the night that caused people to shudder uncontrollably!


  1. Raw is Brother Alchemy Saint, but that just sounds silly, right?