Chapter 710: Dark Mantis God-Monarch

One man and one mantis stood there as rows of bodies formed on the ground and blood slowly flowed downward, dying the entire land red before the blood diffused into the soil.

After a long time, a gentle breeze blew by and the stench of blood assaulted everyone present, causing them to feel nauseous. However, the thing that made them feel even more sick was not this sanguine stench.

It was the absolutely horrifying scene before them. Heavenly Kings and hundreds of experts were killed in the blink of an eye. This scene of terror caused the stomachs of people to churn as if they wanted to puke. A primal fear emerged from the depths of their hearts; no one knew whether it was due to being scared of Li Qiye or the skeletal mantis ahead, or both.

Perhaps, the most horrendous of all was their lack of knowledge of the event. From beginning to end, no one knew what had actually happened or the relationship between the skeletal mantis and Li Qiye. They were not privy to the origin of the mantis or why Li Qiye could control it.

For a mantis to behead Heavenly Kings like chopping sweet potatoes, just how powerful and terrifying was this thing?

Of course, others didn’t know that Li Qiye’s stomp earlier was to utilize the death energy from the Death Scripture. Moreover, he also activated the Death Chapter, one of the four great techniques.

Not long ago when Li Qiye and Jian Wushuang fought, Li Qiye used her to injure him and accumulate a great amount of death energy! The moment this energy reached a certain level, it would use a supreme law inside the scripture to open the prologue of the Death Chapter!

The extremely powerful Death Chapter, once activated, could summon any dead creatures close to Li Qiye! No matter how long they had been dead for or what they might be, cultivators, withered branches, evil existences… as long as they were things that had once lived, they could be summoned by the Death Chapter!

When the Death Chapter becomes even more powerful, its range of summoning would be even more vast. As long as the user was capable, the chapter could even summon dead creatures from all over the Stone Medicine World. Of course, this type of summoning was extremely daunting. The chapter had to reach the ultimate stage before obtaining such power.

Of course, the power of these summoned undead reflected their own former strength and not just the power of the Death Chapter.

If these undead existences were very powerful when they were alive, then after being summoned, they would still be unimaginably formidable. Of course, in order to utilize their ultimate peak strength, the Death Chapter had to be at a high level.

“The Dark Mantis God-Monarch!” Tie Yi, who had always been hiding in the back, immediately changed his expression after seeing this mantis. He frantically burrowed down into the ground.

“Dark Mantis God-Monarch” was a title not often heard, but disciples of Allpine Mountain had definitely heard this title before.

“Dark Mantis God-Monarch!” Before anyone knew it, the leader of Allpine Mountain, the Maple King, had appeared on top of a peak. He was astounded to see this skeletal mantis and took a deep breath before stuttering: “Wasn’t this my ancestor’s archnemesis back then? A million years ago, the ancestor slew it and buried it under Allpine Mountain!”

Originally, before the Allpine Treefather had reached the top, there had been a demonic creature who coveted the Allpine Grand Vein and wanted to be its ruler. This was an extremely heaven-defying demon mantis with the title of God-Monarch.

During that era, although the treefather had yet to reach his peak, countless lineages in the Stone Medicine World already dreaded him.

When the Dark Mantis God-Monarch invaded Allpine Mountain, the treefather rushed to meet him, and a great battle ensued. Although no one in the current generation saw this battle, the disciples of the mountain had heard tales about it. This was a fight that caused the earth to split and the celestials to lose their brilliance. After three days and three nights, the Allpine Treefather paid a heavy price to finally kill the God-Monarch.

Afterward, the treefather buried the God-Monarch’s corpse under Allpine Mountain without leaving behind any indication of where it was. Even the disciples here didn’t know where the monarch’s corpse was located.

But now, the skeleton of the monarch had rushed out, causing the Maple King to be aghast and frightened with a pale countenance.

“Onnnngggg—” At this time, the Maple King blew a horn, resounding across the entire mountain.

“What’s going on?” The horn echoed across the entire area, causing many guests to become alarmed. Those who were interested came out for a look.

Rumbles, among various other sounds, came in an instant like roaring torrents. Countless experts instantly appeared on Li Qiye’s peak, including Tree Demon Monarchs, flood dragons from the sky, enormous Golem Kings, and ferocious Sacred Tigers…

Some emerged from underground while others descended from the sky with flying treasures… In a swift second, an entire army completely surrounded this peak.

There was no end to this army. A might cavalry surrounded this peak, removing the possibility of escape. The energy from Heavenly Sovereigns and Heavenly Kings at this location could encompass the entire world and was capable of overturning the earth!

The guests gasped in the face of this army of experts. Although many people still didn’t know what was going on, they didn’t dare to approach and could only stand and watch from afar. They knew that something big had happened after the Allpine Army appeared to lay siege to this single peak. They were also curious to see what kind of enemy was worthy of Allpine Mountain acting in this grand manner.

At the same time, the big shots from the other lineages also shuddered after seeing the mountain’s great amount of experts. Although the mountain did not start a sect or country, its power and disciples were definitely stronger than that of many great powers!

Even Madam Zi Yan was shaking when she saw so many experts from Allpine Mountain surround the mountains since many of them were Heavenly Kings. She knew that this matter would not end peacefully.

Only Li Qiye remained as calm as ever. He simply glanced over the four directions and all the experts. Eventually, his gaze fell upon the Maple King.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye chuckled and said while staring at the king: “Maple King, what is your aim?”

As the ruler of the mountain, the Maple King spoke coldly with a solemn expression: “I’m sure Young Noble Li clearly knows what I want.”

“Oh, I see, is this how your Allpine Mountain treats your guests?” Li Qiye laughed in response.

At this point, many guests were shaking with fear. They were also astonished by this young fella’s courage. He was still able to smile and act leisurely when trapped by so many experts from Allpine Mountain.

The Maple King deepened his voice: “My Allpine Mountain has always been welcoming. Anyone who comes for the birthday celebration will be treated with respect! However, Young Noble Li, you came and wantonly committed murder on the birthday of my ancestor, staining our mountain with blood. This is not giving us any face! Although you are one of our esteemed guests, you still must give us an explanation!”

“Is that so?” Li Qiye lightly smiled and said: “Wanton murder? I feel that it was more of an act of self-defense. These old geezers clearly wanted my life, so I couldn’t just sit there and wait for my death. If you really want to blame me, then I apologize as I accidentally went a bit far, but what could I have done? You surely must know that the young will always lack experience and be full of carelessness; they might go too far and destroy the world or slaughter the eight domains — this is quite a normal occurrence.”

Li Qiye’s justification caused many listeners to envision a bloody scene.

“Whether Young Noble Li was acting in self-defense or not, this is still up for debate!” The Maple King coldly spoke: “However, Young Noble Li and this demonic Dark Mantis God-Monarch are colluding, and on the day of my ancestor’s great birthday of all days. This is antagonizing my Allpine Mountain!”

Li Qiye looked at the Maple King and revealed a faint smile before speaking: “How interesting. I am only a nobody junior that was trapped by a group of Heavenly Kings from imperial lineages. The only thing in my mind was fear. I almost died miserably at the hands of these ruthless kings, but your Allpine Mountain did not come out to uphold justice. And now, a mantis crawled out from the ground to save me, yet your Allpine Mountain decides to show up now to stand up for justice? How interesting…”

Li Qiye’s words caused many of the bystanders to become silent. His description seemed to be stating that he was a lamb surrounded by a pack of wolves. However, the truth was that he was the wolf and the Alchemy Saint’s group were the helpless lambs. He, the wolf disguised as the lamb, eventually ate everyone from the Alchemy Saint’s group!

“Right or wrong, this will be decided in the future.” The Maple King drily said: “But for now, your wanton murder and collusion with the Dark Mantis God-Monarch is clear. If Young Noble Li wishes to end this matter peacefully, then listen to my words of advice and accept your capture obediently.”

Li Qiye glanced at him and slightly shook his head before speaking: “Is this your idea, or the treefather’s idea? If this is your idea, then I can only say that the treefather’s descendants are mediocre. However, if this is the treefather’s idea, then I’m afraid that he has grown old and senile. To maneuver against me is your Allpine Mountain wishing to meet its end.”