Chapter 713: Emperor Suppression Art

“Who could stop the heavens from slashing one’s lifespan? Not to mention Godkings, even True Gods with the blood of the heavens running through their veins wouldn’t be able to.” Li Qiye responded dismissively.

“Godking” was a simple title for top existences among cultivators. At the Virtuous Paragon realm, each of the individual levels had a certain title.

These were divided into the following levels from weakest to strongest: great power’s ancestors, legendary masters, eternal existences, and apex existences.

Great power’s ancestors were normally ordinary Virtuous Paragons. Legendary masters were the the strongest among these ordinary paragons.

Eternal existences were different. To be able to earn the title of eternal, these paragons must be able to earn a divine title or be able to establish their own country.

As for apex existences, there were several theories. Some people considered God-Monarchs to be apex existences while others considered Godkings to be at this level.

Of course, there were also those who considered God-Monarchs as eternal existences. There was also a distinction with this title. If the monarch was bestowed the title by an Immortal Emperor, then this monarch could be considered an apex existence.

So to speak, if a God-Monarch personally dubbed themselves with this title or if it was flattery from low level cultivators, then they would only be considered an eternal existence.

Real Godkings were even more extraordinary. They were top level existences without superiors! A real Godking wasn’t only bestowed the title by an Immortal Emperor, they must also be recognized by the nine worlds as well as the invincible generals and officials of that time! This type of Godking was the real deal!

The truth was that a real Godking would only appear twice or thrice each generation. As for those who called themselves “Godking” or were referred to as such by others, they were most likely unqualified for this title.

For instance, the Allpine Treefather. Without an Immortal Emperor bestowing the title upon him, he decided not to call himself a Godking. However, he was truly qualified to become one since he possessed the power of a Godking.

“Indeed, even Godkings are helpless against the high heavens.” The treefather said with a tinge of emotion: “When the heavens wants to end life, not even a True God can stop it, let alone a Godking. In this world, only an Immortal Emperor would be able to withstand the heavens.”

“True God” was another title. Just like its name suggests, they are real gods that did not belong to the human race, the demon race, or any other contemporary race!

Legend states that True Gods were deities unknown to the rest of the cultivators. They were from a secret race that outsiders did not know of. People believed that they had the bloodline of the heavens, so they were destined to be deities upon birth! Even charming spirits, who were referred to as the heaven’s favored children, couldn’t compare to True Gods!

True God was not just another name for supreme power, it also represented a very mysterious existence.

If a Godking and a True God were to have the same strength, the same treasures, and the same merit laws, the True God would have a great advantage due to their heavenly bloodline. They had advantages that the rest of the cultivators in this world lacked.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Not necessarily. Those who can withstand the heavens are not limited to Immortal Emperors. A few supreme lords can defy the heavens as well.”

“Supreme lords…” Even an apex existence like the treefather sighed after hearing this title: “The ones who are able to tread this world freely, able to assail even Immortal Emperors.”

Although the treefather was currently the highest existence in the Stone Medicine World and even respected by a lineage like the Alchemy Kingdom, he was still without confidence when Emperor Assailants were brought up.

These were existences that very few people knew about. In fact, how many people in this world actually managed to come into contact with one?

There were several theories regarding these supreme lords. Some considered Godkings to be supreme lords, but many people did not support such a claim.

There were quite a few who considered existences capable of assailing Immortal Emperors to be supreme lords. This rang especially true for powerful cultivators; in their eyes, only existences capable of harming Immortal Emperors could be called supreme lords, experts capable of treading the world freely!

The treefather emotionally sighed. Even he didn’t dare to call himself a supreme lord or an Emperor Assailant.

In the midst of his wishful thinking, the treefather calmed down and gently shook his head while revealing a gentle smile to say: “Since Young Noble Li seems so confident, you must surely have a method to solve my problem.”

Li Qiye was as calm as ever. He smiled and said: “The high heavens wished to end life, so it sent down its power. I know that a terrifying calamity was left behind in your root. If this was in the past, then it would be very problematic. Even if it could be dealt with, it would require a lot of methods and even a thousand years of effort. However, it seems that lady luck is smiling upon you. Right now, I have a shortcut to deal with your problem.”

Although the treefather had lived for millions of years, he was still excited and quickly asked: “Nothing could be better then! What is Young Noble Li’s condition?”

“There is no need to rush negotiations. Before that, I have a question for Treefather.”

“What does Young Noble want to know? As long as I know the answer, I’ll reveal everything.” The treefather quickly responded.

At this time, he required Li Qiye’s assistance. Even though he was one of the two great demon forefathers, he still needed to please Li Qiye.

“Your legacy techniques are from the Emperor Suppression Art!” Li Qiye slowly uttered with a serious gaze.

The treefather was caught off guard. He stared at Li Qiye with a shocked expression and asked: “How did Young Noble Li find out?!”

“So it is so.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but gently sigh. He looked towards the far distance and became silent as if lost in memories.

Madam Zi Yan was slightly startled as well. She had seen Li Qiye’s expression before back in the old house on the outskirts of the capital.

“Does Young Noble Li know the origin of this legacy?” The treefather asked in a humble manner after seeing Li Qiye’s expression.

Li Qiye composed himself and looked at the treefather to say: “The name of your cultivation method is Emperor Suppression Art; you actually didn’t know about its origin?”

The treefather wryly smiled and shook his head to answer: “I’m afraid others would find this matter hard to believe. Since Young Noble Li recognizes this art, then it is fine to tell you. I am a pine tree at my roots. A very long time ago, I was only being affected by a little bit of spirit energy from the Allpine Great Vein… This amount of spirit energy was neither enough for me to become a demon nor for me to gain sentience. However, it gave me a sliver of awareness. Nevertheless, I was not able to recognize or identify items.”

The treefather paused for a moment before continuing: “It wasn’t until one day when a woman came to Allpine Mountain that things changed. Although I couldn’t tell things apart, I would never forget the moment of her arrival.”

Li Qiye looked at the treefather and slowly said: “The strange phenomena of the nine worlds where myriad realms float… Even if the deities were in this world, and even if the Godkings were still present, they would not dare to come close; they would only prostrate from far away. The endless dao of the world could only be below her feet. The heavens above could be nothing but silent. She carries the dazzling Heaven’s Will. Under her illuminating radiance, everything else becomes dim and listless.”

The treefather was astounded and exclaimed after hearing Li Qiye’s description: “How does Young Noble Li know?”

Li Qiye only sighed softly and didn’t answer the treefather.

The treefather didn’t pry any further. He also gazed into the distance to immerse himself in the past, mumbling: “That scene is unforgettable. Even though I had seen Immortal Emperors later on, I’m afraid she was the most powerful existence I have ever seen. Although I couldn’t open my eyes to witness the world back then, I could sense it… At that time, all existences in the Stone Medicine World prostrated. Even the most heaven-defying existence in the Alchemy Kingdom didn’t dare to approach, he could only continue hiding!”

“What happened afterward?” Li Qiye asked slowly.

The treefather responded: “I didn’t know who she was, but she stood above Allpine Mountain and looked towards the distant horizon in the direction of the Giant Bamboo Country. She stood still for a very long time. Eventually, before leaving, she only glanced at me once. Under this gaze, I felt that all existences in this world were suppressed, and I was even more insignificant than a speck of dust.”

“With a casual motion, she left behind a universal law on my tree body.” The treefather couldn’t calm his emotions and explained: “At first, I couldn’t comprehend this universal law. Even though it seemed very simple, the mysteries inside were boundless like an ocean. For many years since then, I kept on studying its profoundness and, because of this, I was slowly able to take root in the Allpine Great Vein until I became one with it.”

“That is quite incredible. You were without guidance, yet you were able to understand the Emperor Suppression Art. Your accomplishments today definitely were not just coincidences.” Li Qiye praised.

The treefather didn’t show the slightest bit of arrogance as he replied: “This was because I was fortunate enough to be born above the great vein. Taking root in it allowed me to live for this long. I was able to learn this universal law through the long and monotonous river of time. As my comprehension of this law grew, I finally became a demon with sentience. The more I furthered my understanding of this law, the more powerful I became.”