Chapter 717: Dispelling The Tribulation

According to the clan master’s narrative, Li Qiye had become a heinous murderer who wanted to become enemies with the Alchemy Kingdom and bring about its destruction. As for his son, Huangfu Hao became a heroic martyr, sacrificing himself for the Alchemy Kingdom’s reputation. Even before his death, his son was still completely loyal to the kingdom…

“I have heard your words.” The pleasant voice from the pavilion responded. Although one couldn’t see her figure, they could easily imagine just how pretty she was from her voice alone.

Ming Yexue continued: “Huangfu Clan Master can return now. The Alchemy Kingdom will deal with this matter.”

“But…” The Huangfu Clan Master wanted more than just this after spending so much effort for this audience.

“Please return.” The voice inside the pavilion no longer said anything else. An old woman inside the palace stopped the clan master and turned him away.

What else could the clan master do? Even a character like him didn’t dare to act recklessly in this place.

After he left, an old woman’s voice asked the figure inside the pavilion: “Young Lady wishes to deal with this problem?”

“I’m clear of what the Huangfu Clan wants.” Ming Yexue replied: “Huangfu Hao courted death. There are some people that he couldn’t afford offending in this world.”

“Let them deal with this themselves, the Huangfu Clan isn’t a commendable sect anyway.” The old woman commented.

In response, Ming Yexue mused: “The Huangfu Clan will not give up so easily. They do have some influence in the Alchemy Kingdom.”

“If they dare to act recklessly, then they are wishing for their own destruction!” Stated the old woman coldly.


“Boom boom!” In the deepest underground crevice of Allpine Mountain, the last lightning bolt in this location was finally absorbed by Li Qiye.

At this time, the pillar of life inside Li Qiye’s fate palaces was full of crackling lightning. At this moment, Li Qiye appeared to be a thunder god as lightning ran through his body.

He couldn’t help but sigh as he withdrew the spatial vortex since he was finally successful. Li Qiye had analyzed the treefather’s tribulation before. He had other methods of repelling the remnants of this tribulation, but it would require more time. By using the ancient runes and absorbing this lightning field, it became much simpler. Moreover, by doing so, he would become something akin to a thunder god with mighty power.

The treefather also breathed a sigh of relief and smiled after seeing Li Qiye’s success; it was as if a load was lifted off his back. Li Qiye didn’t only save him, but also the entire Allpine Mountain. More importantly, he was now free to roam the nine worlds without any restrictions. It was time for him to see the outside world!

After cutting off his main root, he could only live for one more generation. The moment his lifespan withered, he would die just like other cultivators. However, he had no regrets.

He had lived for many years and had several generations of dao. He himself had reached the top and was capable of looking down on all beings. At the same time, he had disciples everywhere, and many were quite famous.

Ultimately, not being able to leave Allpine Mountain for millions of years due to being rooted here was quite a shame. Thus, this action of his was without any regrets even if he had to die sooner.

“This is…” After the lightning field was absorbed, the surroundings became empty. However, Li Qiye found an item floating there.

Li Qiye reached out and grabbed the item. When he opened his palm for a look, he noticed that it was quite small and resembled an eye. Moreover, it was not an ordinary eye; it appeared to be composed of numerous arcs of lightning woven together.

It seemed that innumerable arcs of lightning — like silk strings — wove together to form this eye, and occasionally, thunder would explode from within the eye. This created quite a majestic spectacle like the opening of an endless sky filled with lighting — quite unfathomable.

The treefather looked at this thunderous eye and asked with surprise: “What is this thing?”

He had previously been suppressing this life reduction tribulation, but he didn’t know that there was such an item in this place.

“A bit interesting.” Li Qiye also looked at it for a while without saying anything else. Moments later, he put away this thunderous eye and told the treefather: “Congratulations, Treefather. From now on, the sky is free for you to soar and the sea is free for you to dive. The nine worlds might be vast, but you are free to roam as you please to witness their beautiful spectacles.”

“This is all thanks to Young Noble.” The treefather couldn’t help but smile. He could finally freely travel across the nine worlds, so he held an irrepressible excitement in his heart.

Li Qiye also smiled and said: “In the future, you won’t just be traveling in the nine worlds. You will follow me to sweep through the ten worlds and myriad realms. I will lead you to the apex, to step into the mysterious realm that even Immortal Emperors chase after. One day, you will understand just how vast and mighty this magnificent world is. You will definitely not waste your last generation.”

The treefather couldn’t contain his emotions. He took a deep breath and solemnly nodded: “When we sweep through the realms in the future, my old bones will be the first to rush forward at your command!” Prior to this, the treefather swore loyalty to Li Qiye due to having to fulfill his part of the transaction.

But now, everything changed. After seeing Li Qiye’s thirteenth palace, the treefather immediately understood something about the future. An extraordinary Immortal Emperor would rise, one never-before-seen and never to reappear, one that would even surpass Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng and Empress Hong Tian!

Because of this, his last words came from his heart, a true oath of loyalty to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “That future is still very far from now. Let us create a glorious era together in the future. Your birthday is about to come, so go ahead and celebrate it first.”

“Young Noble will be the most distinguished guest at my birthday.” The treefather laughed freely. His mood was especially good since all of his past worries had been swept away.

“I don’t have a grand gift for your birthday.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “However, I can pass down another part of the Emperor Suppression Art to you, allowing you to progress one step further!”

“Another legacy of Empress Hong Tian!” The treefather was shocked after hearing this. Empress Hong Tian was definitely one of the strongest emperors in history. Since he cultivated the Emperor Suppression Art, he naturally understood just how powerful her legacy art was.

“That’s right.” Li Qiye nodded and said: “However, the condition is that I need to first see your Emperor Suppression Art. You won’t think that I am trying to swindle your art, will you?” Li Qiye chuckled after saying this.

The treefather smiled and said: “If Young Noble needs the Emperor Suppression Art, then you wouldn’t need to resort to trickery. I am willing to hand it over to Young Noble since, in your hands, it will shine even more brilliantly in the future!”

These words were truly sincere. With thirteen palaces, Li Qiye cultivating his legacy would be a cause for joy. In the future, this would let his legacy flourish and be celebrated for ages to come.

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t say anything else. He only quietly sighed inside. By using the treefather’s Emperor Suppression Art, he could find the old legacy of the empress. He personally trained her in the past, so how could he not understand her legacy?

However, even if he was able to find it, he didn’t want to cultivate or use this legacy. Outsiders wouldn’t understand the matters between him and the empress.


Madam Zi Yan heaved a sigh of relief after seeing her Young Master return with the treefather. She quickly went up to meet them and earnestly asked: “Young Master, was it successful?”

Li Qiye slightly nodded and didn’t say anything else. The madam was happy to see him like this. Her Young Master was able to deal with the treefather’s problem which meant that the treefather would pledge loyalty to him. Who could stop her Young Master when he had a Godking under his banner?

Li Qiye bade farewell to the treefather and returned to their valley in the carriage with the madam.

Meanwhile, the disciples of the mountains were ecstatic to hear the treefather was finally able to resolve his life reduction tribulation. The atmosphere of the entire mountain immediately turned joyous.

Before this, the disciples planned this special birthday for the treefather for two reasons. First, it was to let outsiders know that their ancestor was still fine. The second was to hold the grandest birthday celebration for him because they didn’t know how long he could hold out for. Because of this, while he was still alive, they decided to hold this celebration in his honor for living 500,000 years!

But now, the winds had turned. Two happy events were simultaneously being celebrated in one occasion, so how could the disciples not be excited? All of a sudden, lanterns were lit up and decorative banners could be found as far as the eye could see, causing the atmosphere to be quite lively.

Although the guests didn’t know what had happened, they could clearly sense the change of atmosphere.