Chapter 718: Lightning Eye

Li Qiye immediately took out the pentagate after returning to the valley. He also took out the seed from a box, the seed created by the fusion of the Evil Typha Tree and the Bloodsoul Worm.

With a series of rumbles, Li Qiye opened his fate palace, revealing his pillar of life. With crackles in the air, tiny arcs of lightning left the pillar and condensed into the size of a palm.

These palm-sized arcs of lightning merged together to become a clear sea of lightning. This was a vast ocean formed purely from lightning. Li Qiye placed this seed into the sea of lightning. The moment it made contact, it immediately felt danger and wanted to escape. However, Li Qiye’s will was like a gigantic palm and quickly suppressed it.

Under his suppression, the seed was immersed in the sea, causing crackling explosions to ring out. The seed seemed to be thrown into a pan of oil and would be fried to a crisp at a moment’s notice!

With careful examination, one would see bloody mists in the form of little tentacles beginning to emerge from the seed, desperately resisting the offense from the sea of lightning. However, as it bore the brunt of the onslaught, something incredible happened.

These bloody tentacle mists actually managed to devour the lightning as if they wanted to suck them dry.

This process was very slow, but as time passed, the lightning was gradually absorbed by these sponge-like tentacles.

Li Qiye subtly smiled after seeing this result. It was exactly what he wanted. He aimed to refine and change this seed to create an unprecedented seed.

When the lightning was about to be completely absorbed by the seed, his pillar of life released even more lightning arcs that eventually turned into another sea of lightning. The seed was, once again, submerged and began to crazily absorb the lightning.

This process repeated itself multiple times under Li Qiye’s control. The amount of lightning released by the pillar of life was just enough each time.

This lightning from the pillar of life was extremely destructive. If it wasn’t done right, then it could instantly destroy the seed. Because of this, Li Qiye was very meticulous, releasing just the right amount of lightning each time so that the seed could withstand and absorb its power.

After quite a bit of time, the seed eventually consumed enough lightning. It seemed to be very plump as flashes of lightning ran on its surface as if it was a lightning seed.

Li Qiye carefully examined it one more time and found that there were no problems. He heaved a sigh of relief and sealed the seed again. Then, he took out a different item; it appeared as if he was holding lightning in his hand.

This was the lightning eye that he had just obtained. Of course, this name was something Li Qiye came up with on the spot, it wasn’t a real eye.

Li Qiye took his time looking at this lightning eye. After a long while, he figured out a thing or two about it. After revealing a slight smile, he put it away. Next was the yellow cloth. The moment he took it out, the little black figure appeared above it once more.

“Hmph, you definitely don’t have anything good to say.” The little figure scowled and said: “Don’t tell me there is something you don’t understand and now you’re asking me for help?”

Li Qiye smiled and gently shook his head before replying: “Little girl, don’t brag too much. Although you have lived for countless years, it isn’t considered “living”. During those long years, you were only a little shadow in this yellow cloth, sealed for countless moons. The puny amount of knowledge you have cannot even compare to mine.”

“Bah, if that is the case, then don’t bother me.” The little figured sneered.

Li Qiye gestured with his sleeves in a carefree manner as he cheerfully said: “You are misunderstanding me. Today, I am in a good mood and only wanted to find someone to talk to. How about we talk about the high heavens or the archaic epoch?”

“Talk about the high heavens? The archaic epoch?” The little shadow snorted and said: “What would you know about the high heavens and the old ages? Don’t bother me.”

Li Qiye didn’t become angered by the disdain shown by the little figure. He lightly smiled before speaking: “Yes… the high heavens and the archaic epoch… How much do you think I know? In the future, I will destroy the high heavens up above and annihilate the… how should I call them? In the end, people consider these things to be of non-existence…” 1

The little shadow snorted before sarcastically repeating: “To destroy the high heavens… such big words!”

Li Qiye chuckled and added: “What is impossible about this? Throughout the long years, yes, I don’t quite remember the exact time, legend states that there was an unseekable existence in the Tenth World. Did you know? In those long years, a crow swept across this world and its locations. Do you know the things this crow had done?”

“You actually know about the Tenth World!” The little figure deepened her tone.

“Mmm, only its existence though.” Li Qiye smiled and dismissively said: “Maybe I don’t know anything. This was only part of the legend. It stated that outside of the Nine Worlds was the Tenth World. Whether this is true or not is beyond the ability of man to confirm because no one had heard of someone who had gone to that world. Because of this, the Tenth World is only considered a legend.”

The little figure scowled and asked: “Hmph, what else do you know?”

Li Qiye continued: “Little girl, I know more than you think. You should understand that I have obtained the secrets inside this cloth. The things you know are far less than me, including the events of ancient and distant eras.”

“If you already knew, then why do you want to talk to me?” The little figure grimaced.

Li Qiye freely replied: “Well, there are some things that I can take my time searching for as I walk back in time to unknown eras. Of course, if there is someone willing to talk to me about these things, then I am more than willing to listen.”

“I don’t like talking to you!” The little figure coldly responded with a sneer.

Li Qiye smiled and relaxingly said: “Little girl, no need to act so tough. You should know very clearly by now from our previous conversation. One day, you will be able to come out and leave this yellow cloth, right? However, this will require my assistance, don’t you think?”

The little figure coldly asked: “Is this considered a threat?”

Li Qiye laughed and said: “How could this be considered a threat? I am simply reminding you out of goodwill. I am extending an offer to you; what’s best for you right now is to make friends with me, yes? If we are friends, then it will be a different story, right? Of course, I am a person who is always willing to help others as it brings me happiness. Even if it is not a friend, I will gladly help them. However, business is business. Friends have a ‘friend’ price and strangers have a ‘stranger’ price.”

“Do you only know how to talk in such a loquacious manner?” The little figure coldly spoke after listening to him.

“When I am loquacious, it means that my mood is very good. Otherwise, I would have beat you back into your jar and ignored you. Do you feel like I should be asking you for a favor or vice versa? At this moment, I am speaking with you because I am in a good mood and have time to kill.”

After some a brief silence, the little figure eventually asked: “What do you want to talk about?”

Li Qiye smiled; it was as if he expected this outcome. “This is more like it. We can talk about anything. Tell me about the matters of that era, then I will introduce you to the current world.”

Eventually, the little figure gave up and conversed with Li Qiye. It seemed that they were only making small talk. However, if someone else could hear the contents of their chat, they would definitely be shocked because the matters they were talking about were all earth-shattering. Although it might be trivial matters to them, they were unreachable matters for others. Even if others searched for them using their entire lifetime, they still wouldn’t be able to reach the starting point.

High heavens, archaic epoch, Tenth World… All of these were legends. Many people actually denied their existence, but these two were happily chatting about them.

Whether it was the high heavens or the Tenth World, very few people could come into contact with these things, let alone debate about this subject.

This was especially true for the Tenth World. Many cultivators believed that it did not exist and was only a false rumor. However, the world did not know that this empty legend involved many sects unbeknownst to them.


  1. My personal guess for this rather strange passage is immortals. Destroy the high heavens up above and annihilate the immortals below.