Chapter 731: Li Qiye’s Preparations

On the second day of staying at the mountain, the madam went to the garden early in the morning and was jolted by the thing she saw.

Because there were all kinds of poisonous insects in the garden. Even a Demon King like her couldn’t help but gasp before such a sight.

Li Qiye had sprinkled powder over the little pond in the garden. Inside was a three-meter long centipede drinking the water. Within a big basin was a poisonous snake with its entire flaming body playing around in the mud. Inside a large bowl was a scorpion king spewing and sucking in poisonous air as if it was refining poisonous pills…

The madam was quite creeped out by this as chills continuously ran down her spine. It was as if their garden had become a poisonous nest overnight! She couldn’t help but take the long path around after seeing these terrifying and powerful poisonous creatures. Luckily, these creatures seemed to be very content and didn’t try to attack her.

On the other end of the small courtyard, she finally found her Young Master. At this time, he was lying there while emitting a faint gray death energy.

Although she didn’t know what he was doing, she didn’t disturb him and only quietly waited by his side.

After a long period of silence, Li Qiye recovered his death energy and casually planted a spirit medicine at that location.

“Why is Young Master planting medicines here?” The madam found that there were many spirit plants around. Moreover, she had never seen these types of plants before and didn’t know what they were.

Li Qiye smiled happily and said: “This Alchemy Kingdom is not only abundant in spirit medicines. Those who understand the dao of alchemy know that this is a place that also contains many terrifying poisonous creatures. They used to hide inside this Alchemy City! Normal cultivators wouldn’t be able to see them.”

“Young Master wants to tame these creatures?” The madam curiously asked. She had heard that taming poisonous creatures and beasts were also a part of the dao of alchemy. Although the Stone Medicine World of the nine worlds was known as the place of alchemists, the lineage well-versed in this regard was only one, the Insect Swarm Valley incepted by Immortal Emperor Bai Chong. 1

“Taming poisonous creatures is only a little path to me.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “It’s just for fun, that’s all. The Alchemy Kingdom still has some really powerful Legendary Alchemists lurking around. It wouldn’t be very fun killing these Legendary Alchemists without a few tricks.”

The madam shuddered after hearing this. Using alchemy to kill was something she had heard of before but has yet to witness in person. It was told that only Legendary Alchemists were able to use their dao of alchemy for murder.

However, Legendary Alchemists were just one level below Alchemy Emperors. Ordinary lineages wouldn’t be able to have such powerful alchemists.

“The Alchemy Kingdom doesn’t only have an untouchable dao of alchemy.” The madam was worried and reminded her Young Master.

In the Stone Medicine World, very few people or lineages were willing to oppose the Alchemy Kingdom, especially on their home turf at Alchemy City. This was the same as courting death.

The kingdom’s renowned alchemy was something the world all knew. However, its strength and hidden cards were even stronger than its dao of alchemy. One sect, three emperors — these were not mere words. There were even speculations that the kingdom had a Godking at the moment, and not just one.

Fighting against the kingdom under such circumstances with only the dao of alchemy was quite impossible.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye didn’t seem to care at all. He smiled and said: “It’s okay. These poisonous creatures are only for fun. It would still be fine if the kingdom dares to unleash their killing move! At that time, I’ll let them see my hidden ace!” With that, a glimmer flashed across his eyes.

After following Li Qiye for some time, the madam immediately understood what Li Qiye’s expression meant.

“Young Master wants to steal Fairy Ming from them?” The madam asked. She was curious about Ming Yexue’s position in her Young Master’s mind.

“Steal?” Li Qiye chuckled and replied: “Zi Yan, how can you call it stealing? My peace-loving self would be more than happy to speak with the kingdom if they are willing! The decision of this matter is not in my hands, it is up to the kingdom. I have no qualm against a peaceful resolution.”

The madam felt a bit helpless inside. It was just like her Young Master said, how this matter will unravel was up to the kingdom’s attitude.

However, she also understood that her Young Master was well prepared in case of a grand battle. She wondered if the kingdom was ready for the oncoming storm or not!

“Young Noble, this lowly one is back.” At this time, Tie Yi came out of nowhere and spoke to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “With such speed, you must be back with good news.”

“The hard working will be rewarded. This lowly one had searched every inch of this Alchemy City and finally found some useful information for Young Noble.” Tie Yi smiled, eager to claim credit.

Li Qiye looked at him with one eye and said: “I know about your meritorious service already, so don’t bother reminding me.”

Tie Yi coughed and didn’t dare to put on airs. He quickly said: “The first piece of news is related to this alchemy conference. Mu Qiao from the kingdom will not be in the conference, but the White Hair Alchemy God and Cao Guoyao will participate…”

“Next.” Li Qiye slightly waved his sleeves; it was clear that he had no interest in this. He already knew the outcome since victory would be in his grasp no matter what kind of alchemy genius participated. For him, not to mention the younger generation, even the Legendary Alchemists from the older generations were no problem.

Tie Yi quickly changed the subject and said: “The Heavenhoof Ravine sent many people. I heard there are some incredible big shots coming. Outside of protecting Cao Guoyao, I’m afraid they have another goal. Moreover, Ye Qingcheng’s troops are also here. Maybe he himself will come to Alchemy City.”

Having said that, Tie Yi couldn’t help but take a quick glance at Li Qiye. The enmity between Li Qiye and the Heavenhoof Ravine as well as Ye Qingcheng was no secret. If the ravine and Ye Qingcheng didn’t come for the alchemy conference, then they might be coming for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye after hearing this. Either one was fine; it was no problem for him even if they dared to come for him. If god blocked his path, slay god; if devil blocked his path, slay devil.

“There is another thing relating to the Alchemy Kingdom.” Tie Yi’s expression slightly shifted at this point as he continued: “The strongest ace card of the Huangfu Clan, their most powerful ancestor, didn’t mind coming out of his Blood Era Stone. Moreover, this Sacred Ancestor went to the World-Pillar Monarch’s abode — this is from a very trustworthy source.”

Li Qiye had no reaction while the madam was startled into saying: “Even the Sacred Ancestor came into being! I heard that he is a legendary master, and a top one at that. Some people even consider him a God-Monarch!”

“This is not the scariest part.” Tie Yi added in a serious manner: “The scariest part is that the World-Pillar Monarch married the young miss of the Huangfu Clan, but his ancestor came from the kingdom’s direct branch. Moreover, they still have a living ancestor that is buried in the ancestral ground. I even heard that his position is not small at all in the kingdom!”

The madam couldn’t help but glance at her Young Master. One God-Monarch from the Huangfu Clan was already frightening enough, but if the kingdom’s ancestor came out as well, then it meant that the entire kingdom could become his enemy.

At this point, she realized that the situation was much more serious than what she expected.

“Xian Clan Ancestor, oh?” Li Qiye rubbed his chin and chuckled before speaking: “One or two ancestors… too few, this won’t be fun at all.”

The madam couldn’t help but wryly smile. Only her Young Master would utter these words. She couldn’t help but to softly reply: “Young Master, I don’t know the Xian Ancestor very well, but the Sacred Ancestor from the Huangfu Clan… this is a God-Monarch — very frightening!”

“Only a false god that can’t reach the apex.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “A True God might be interesting, but a false god is not worth mentioning.”

What could the madam say? This was a God-Monarch! Even if he wasn’t a real God-Monarch with a bestowed title, he was still a legendary master. Even a Virtuous Paragon from the previous generation would feel their legs trembling after hearing about such a character, let alone those from the younger generation.

“Young Noble, if the Xian Ancestor gets involved and Young Noble kills them with your might, then wouldn’t it be stirring the beehive?” Tie Yi advised: “Take a step back and everything will be fine; Young Noble does not necessarily have to fight the kingdom. By treading carefully, this behemoth of a kingdom might not be willing to come out just for the Huangfu Clan. Fighting against the entire kingdom is not wise.”

Tie Yi rarely advocated this type of speech, but even he was a bit wary of a monster like the Alchemy Kingdom. Many people in the Stone Medicine World knew that being enemies with the entire kingdom was completely unwise.

“It doesn’t matter.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “It has been a while since my last massacre, so I have been feeling quite bored lately. I will be very happy if some people come to the door knocking!” With that, he shifted his gaze towards the distant mountain range.

The source of the Alchemy Vein, the place coveted by so many. At that place were many hidden secrets. Having thought to this point, Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile. The kingdom was very fortunate that he didn’t touch them. However, if their descendants didn’t know life from death, then he would be glad to repeat history!



  1. Bai Chong = Hundred Insect, but I’ve been using Hundred a lot, so I named this sect Insect Swarm instead. Same meaning.