Chapter 732: Devil Hand Sacred Doctor

Li Qiye had an air of calmness as he gazed towards the farthest location of the kingdom. However, the madam and Tie Yi could smell a stench of blood as they envisioned a scene where tides of blood covered the sky. Li Qiye was a bloodthirsty beast, waiting for his prey to come to his door.

After a while, Li Qiye looked back at Tie Yi and asked: “Any other news?”

Tie Yi was excited and quickly replied: “Young Noble will like this last piece of news and be spirited again.”

Li Qiye slightly waved his hand and said: “Okay, don’t push it. Speak.”

“Fairy Yuan is here too.” Tie Yi immediately said: “Even earlier than us, in fact. She is already inside Alchemy City.”

“Caihe is here?” Li Qiye was surprised after hearing this. When they parted back at the Celestial Peak, Yuan Caihe had said that she might not be able to participate in the conference this time.

Tie Yi quickly responded: “Yes, I heard Observant Monarch’s divine root is ill. This is quite a big problem, so he personally invited Fairy Yuan. I heard that he and the previous generation sect master of the Serene Garden has a deep friendship, so it is not too surprising that he can get her to come.”

Tie Yi was also there back at the Celestial Peak with these two. He understood that Li Qiye had a good impression and greatly valued Yuan Caihe, so he listened carefully to her news without missing any details.

“Does Young Noble want to see Fairy Yuan right now? She is currently at the Observant Monarch’s mansion. I heard that in the last two days, the monarch had invited many young alchemists to his mansion.”

Li Qiye happily said: “Since Caihe is here, we might as well go have a look and see her. I don’t have anything to do right now anyway.”

The madam was surprised. She was caught off guard with her Young Master valuing Ming Yexue, but now he thought highly of Yuan Caihe as well.

“Maybe only Fairy Yuan will be able to charm Young Master.” The madam jokingly mused. No matter the occasion, her Young Master would always be confident and nonchalant as if he was prepared for anything and never in a hurry. It could even be said that this was her first time seeing her Young Master taking the initiative to go see a girl.

Li Qiye only slightly shook his head and smilingly responded: “Zi Yan, you are only half right. Caihe is indeed a good girl that is loved by everyone. However, very few girls in this world can move my heart.” He became melancholic and immersed in memories after saying this.

After tens of millions of years, the girls that stayed by his side were plentiful, including goddesses, fairies, and princesses. Some were stunning and brilliant, others were charming and gentle, and there were the pleasant and lovely ones… He even trained a few empresses himself.

Nevertheless, after such a long period of time, very few girls were able to cause his heart to thump… He gently shook his head again after recomposing his thoughts.

The Observant Monarch’s mansion in the city was large. Multiple peaks were connected to each other as dozens of mountains surrounded the entire area as if it was its own world. Very few residences in the city could reach this size.

However, the Observant Monarch was indeed qualified to have such a residence. As a royal subject of the kingdom, he was one of the oldest monarchs. He was also a direct disciple of the main branch — this background alone was enough to show his noble status.

He also had meritorious contributions for the kingdom throughout his entire life. His loyalty to the imperial family was proven with hard work, so he was highly favored by the family.

Within the last few days, the monarch hosted a banquet at his mansion with many young alchemists. Even those who were not invited could still come as guests. The monarch’s doors were open and welcomed all alchemists.

The Alchemy Kingdom already had a grand hall to receive new alchemists for this conference, so the monarch’s move was clearly a strategy from the imperial family. His goal was to observe the young alchemists, and if he saw ones with potential, he would try to recruit them for the kingdom.

Among the many guest alchemists, those who were personally invited by the monarch to the mansion were all famous young alchemists. The uninvited ones still came in order to build connections with other alchemists for the future.

Within the mansion, the youths were separated into groups. Outside of talking about alchemy and spirit medicines, they were also gossiping about other events.

The most notable guests at the mansion were the Cauldron Marquis and the Devil Hand Sacred Doctor. They were surrounded by many young alchemists who were more than willing to befriend them.

The sacred doctor was the genius of the Bailian Clan, the junior brother of the White Hair Alchemy God. Although he was a very arrogant person and was hard to get along with, many people were still willing to befriend him.

As for the Cauldron Marquis, he was the genius alchemist of the Radiant-Sea Sect. Although his fame was not as great as their descendant, Young Noble Pei Yu, being the genius alchemist of an imperial family still earned him quite a reputation at the Alchemy Realm.

Today, both of them were invited by the monarch to this party. It could be said that they were moons surrounded by stars; they were very well received by the other youths.

“Marquis, I heard that Young Noble Pei Yu has returned, will he come to Alchemy City?” A young alchemist was trying to make a conversation with the Cauldron Marquis.

Although the marquis was bestowed a royal title, he was still very young as a demon. After hearing this, he nodded and said: “After my first brother came out of his cultivation session, he took a trip to the Beast Realm. I believe he wants to spar against the Golden Crow Prince.”

“Young Noble Pei Yu’s Heaven’s Will Radiant Physique is peerless in this world. He definitely will not lose against the Golden Crow Prince.” An alchemist wanted to curry favor with the Cauldron Marquis.

“Fool, what do you know?” At this time, the sacred doctor interrupted and sneered: “The Golden Crow tribe’s offense is unmatched in this generation. The prince not only came out from this tribe, he is also the inheritor of the Heavenhoof Ravine; he has the arts of two legacies! Even if Pei Yu had a stronger defense, he would not be able to stop the crow’s sharp attack!”

The sacred doctor was also very young. Although they were both geniuses, the marquis was easier to get along with. Meanwhile, the doctor’s eyes were up in the sky. He was very proud and never minced words for nobodies.

His words caused many young alchemists to be unhappy, but they didn’t dare to retort against him and could only bury their annoyance!

The marquis was also not willing to become enemies with the doctor. Everyone knew that the Bailian Clan’s alchemy was formidable, especially regarding longevity medicines. Countless ancestors and legendary masters were willing to make ties with the Bailian Clan for these medicines.

“There are many popular candidates for the upcoming conference this time, correct?” One of the young alchemists felt that the atmosphere was quite tense, so he quickly changed the subject.

As a genius alchemist, the marquis also became interested and said: “Since Fairy Ming and Brother Mu Qiao aren’t participating in this conference, who could be top two besides the White Hair Alchemy God and Brother Cao?”

He knew his own limits and how he was lacking compared to the White Hair Alchemy God and Cao Guoyao, so his ambition was to take third place.

“Marquis really has the ability to take the third spot for this conference.” An alchemist quickly flattered him and praised: “Your participation will brighten up this event quite a bit.”

The marquis’ expression became more spirited. However, he glanced at the sacred doctor and humbly said: “Hey now, Brother Sacred Doctor’s dao of alchemy can also be considered number one. I’m not necessarily any stronger than him.”

The sacred doctor proudly told the marquis: “You are well-versed in pill refinement and ointments. Regarding traditional alchemy, you are more likely to win third place than I am! If I didn’t train in the art of curing, then I could reach top three easily!”

Although his remark was very proud and aggressive, the marquis was secretly excited. The doctor’s comment was self-praise, but he also admitted his deficiency in a particular area when being compared to the marquis.

“No such thing, I am a big fan of Brother Sacred Doctor’s medical techniques.” The marquis immediately responded with a smile.

Many youths took advantage of this situation to grovel over these two. However, no matter the location, there would always be some simple and honest fellas.

A more honest alchemist interrupted and said: “I heard that a new amazing alchemist appeared recently. His name is Li Qiye. People say that he can refine pills like cooking. Back at Allpine Mountain, he defeated Huangfu Hao and the Vinepill King!”

The marquis’ face soured after hearing the name Li Qiye. As a disciple of the Radiant-Sea Sect, how could he be happy? Back at Allpine Mountain, his sect suffered a heavy loss by losing many experts. Even their Alchemy Saint died!

“He’s just a nobody, I’ve never heard of that name before.” A clever young alchemist immediately said after seeing the marquis’ cold expression.\