Chapter 734: Observant Monarch

Many alchemists present were shocked at the madam slapping this alchemist flying. Many of them became nervous and didn’t dare to breathe out loud. The fury of a Heavenly King filled alchemists like them with dread.

The Cauldron Marquis, the sacred doctor, and the disciple of the monarch were all shaken as well. Although they were very strong and had great reputations, this was due to their prowess in alchemy. Regarding cultivation, they were much weaker than the madam.

The startled youth became much more courageous after remembering that his master was the Observant Monarch. He spoke solemnly to the madam: “Your Majesty Zi Yan, our Observant Mansion isn’t a place for you to do as you please!”

The madam glanced at this youth and slowly uttered: “If you still consider yourself as a disciple of the Observant Monarch, then conduct yourself in such a manner.”

The madam’s tyrannical aura caused the youth’s heart to sink. Her ruler’s aura alone had left him suffocating.

When Li Qiye arrived at the mansion, the Observant Monarch could be found pacing back and forth in his guest room. He was very anxious while waiting for Yuan Caihe’s news; he was worried about his divine root not being able to be saved. Suddenly, an old woman came out of nowhere, causing the monarch to exclaim in astonishment: “Grandma Bai, what brings you to my humble abode?” 1

The still absent-minded monarch quickly calmed down and went to greet this old woman that appeared out of nowhere with his fists cupped.

This old woman was the one who was with Ming Yexue. She was a great character inside the imperial family, an amazing paragon. Even a monarch like him was only a junior before her.

“No need for pleasantries. There is an esteemed guest at your mansion right now. His name is Li Qiye.” The old woman didn’t have many words. With a cold demeanor, she went straight to the point: “Young Miss’ orders, you must treat him well. If anything happens, I’m afraid the Young Miss will not protect you!” Having said that, she disappeared without a trace.

After taking in the statement, the monarch quickly rushed outside, aghast. He couldn’t compose his thoughts in such a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, inside the courtyard, the monarch’s disciple took a deep breath. He was truly afraid of a Heavenly King like the madam, but all things considered, he was still a disciple of the Alchemy Kingdom! With a behemoth like this as his backing, he became more audacious.

He maintained a strong posture and said: “Your Majesty Zi Yan, our mansion will always welcome someone of your status as a guest at any time. However, we do not welcome certain people, so they better get the hell out of here!”

“Ah, Zi Yan, you meant well, but a few fools do not understand.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head gently to say: “I do not care about being a guest at the Observant Mansion. I am only here to see Caihe.”

The madam gently shook her head as well without saying anything. How could she not be clear of the situation? Her Young Master not beating people was already a blessing from the heavens, but others actually came to provoke him.

She was not the belligerent type. Her slap earlier was to quench her Young Master’s anger, but who would have thought that this disciple from the mansion didn’t know when to back down? This was going to cause a catastrophe for the mansion!

“Fairy Yuan is the most honored guest of our mansion, random dogs and cats can’t see her.” The disciple coldly uttered: “You better leave now, or else we won’t be so reserved anymore.”

Li Qiye remained relaxed in the face of this response. There was even a faint smile on his face as he slightly squinted his eyes.

The madam gently sighed after seeing her Young Master’s expression. She understood that someone was about to have a bad time. One might be able to survive an act of god, but no one could survive a self-brought calamity!

“How preposterous!” A thunderous roar suddenly appeared at this time as an old man soared closer.

The youth became ecstatic when he saw this old man, thinking that his backing had arrived. He immediately said: “Master, you are here just in time! This person wants to show off at our mansion and also intends on harming the guest alchemists present…”

With his master here, he was no longer afraid of opposing the madam.

The Cauldron Marquis’ group was also happy to see the Observant Monarch in person. It seemed that the monarch wanted to teach this human junior a good lesson for not knowing the immensity of the heaven and earth.

“Pop!” However, something unexpected occurred. After rushing here, the monarch immediately violently slapped his disciple’s face, causing his mouth to bleed. One could imagine just how much force this slap was backed with.

“Master…” This disciple was dumbfounded after being slapped by his master. He didn’t know where he went wrong.

In fact, many alchemists here, including the marquis’ group, were astounded by this slap as well. They couldn’t come up with a reason as to why the monarch would suddenly slap his own disciple, especially in front of everyone!

“Bastard, quickly apologize to Young Noble Li!” The monarch shouted. He was a great expert, so during his rage, a great aura flooded out, causing everyone to feel as if they were at the center of a storm. All the alchemists here were shaking with fear.

The disciple continued to stand there looking silly. This was his first time seeing his master so angry with him, and he couldn’t figure out what he did wrong.

“Bastard, don’t just stand there frozen!” The monarch thunderously shouted.

The disciple was awakened by this shout. He calmed down and felt a chill inside. He understood what his master’s severe demeanor meant at the moment. Even though he didn’t know of his mistake, he was still aware that he was in trouble.

“This little brother was reckless and arrogant to have offended Young Noble, please punish me!” The disciple was a decisive person. He immediately prostrated on the ground and accepted his mistakes.

The monarch also quickly approached Li Qiye and apologized: “My disciple has eyes but couldn’t see like a frog at the bottom of a well. To heinously offend Young Noble like this, please do as you please.”

The monarch personally apologizing to Li Qiye stunned all the young alchemists on the spot. They were in complete disbelief! The monarch was a high-ranked figure at the Alchemy Kingdom, but he was actually apologizing to a junior. This was simply too astonishing.

He was an incredible expert, a Heaven’s Equal King! It could be said that under Virtuous Paragon, no one could stop him. As such a powerful Heavenly King, his status was much higher than any royal lord or sect master.

More importantly, he was highly valued by the imperial family of the kingdom. Not to mention ordinary Heavenly Kings or rulers, even those from imperial lineages would have to treat him with a certain level of respect!

But now, he actually apologized to a junior. Even the Cauldron Marquis or the sacred doctor would never be able to enjoy such treatment.

Li Qiye looked at the monarch and suddenly lost all of his enthusiasm and anger. He lazily waved his sleeve and said: “Very well, the unaware is sinless. Stand up.”

“I am very grateful for Young Noble’s magnanimity in my disciple’s stead.” The monarch quickly bowed. Meanwhile, how could his disciple dare to utter a word? He also quickly bowed.

After receiving Li Qiye’s forgiveness, the monarch added with haste: “Young Noble’s presence brings light to my humble dwelling, it is truly our honor. If Young Noble is willing to give us some face, please stay for a bit. This little monarch will do my best as a host and show Young Noble around Alchemy City.”

The Observant Monarch’s polite and respectful attitude rendered all the alchemists here silly. Even geniuses like the Cauldron Marquis were not qualified to enjoy such treatment.

Although the marquis and sacred doctor were famous among the younger generation and also praised as geniuses, the Observant Monarch was the leader of the monarchs at the Alchemy Kingdom. Even their masters, sect masters, and clan masters would have to treat the monarch with respect. As those of the younger generation, when would they ever be treated so cordially by the monarch?

Li Qiye was not very interested in the monarch’s invitation. In the face of such polite and respectful treatment, even Li Qiye was unable to cause trouble. There was a great saying: one does not slap a smiling face.

Li Qiye shook his head and lightly said: “I will accept Observant Monarch’s kind gesture. I heard the Serene Garden’s Fairy Yuan is at your place, I am here to see her.”

“Umm…” The monarch hesitated for a moment after hearing this.

The Cauldron Marquis took this chance to coldly speak: “Fairy Yuan is one of the four alchemy prodigies, the esteemed guest of all the sects in this world! How can you meet her whenever you wish? Countless lineages desire her presence, and countless alchemists will line up just to catch a glimpse of her. Hmph! She isn’t someone that you can see!”

Since Li Qiye killed so many people from his Radiant-Sea Sect, the marquis had an implacable feud with him. Earlier, he wanted to cause a rift between Li Qiye and the monarch so that the monarch would take care of Li Qiye. Who would have thought that the situation would reverse to this state? How could the marquis swallow this anger?

“Fairy Yuan!” An alchemist shouted at this time.

Everyone looked towards the direction of the voice and found a woman coming out from the main doors. It was an elegant woman like a lotus flower in a valley, unstained by this mundane world!

She was the Serene Garden’s descendant, one of the four contemporary alchemy prodigies, Yuan Caihe. All eyes immediately fell upon her the moment she arrived.


  1. “You” here is very respectful towards old people.