Chapter 735: Poisonous Wound

Yuan Caihe stood there like an elegant lotus away from water. Although her appearance was not kingdom-toppling, her gentle and calm temperament made people fall for her.

“Fairy Yuan!” Many alchemists were charmed after seeing her. She was the only girl among the four prodigies, so it could be said that she was the goddess in the minds of countless alchemists!

Yuan Caihe was coming their way. In just a short moment, many eyes were glued onto her. Even a genius like the marquis couldn’t help but arch his chest gallantly in order to make himself more presentable.

Someone like the extremely arrogant sacred doctor was excited as well. He stood up straight with great confidence, wanting to spark a conversation with her: “Fairy Yuan…”

However, she only slightly nodded her head without pausing, drifting by the doctor. The marquis saw that she was walking towards his direction and became very happy. He thought that he had a chance.

Unfortunately, she continued walking like a gust of wind to appear before Li Qiye. She revealed a calm and leisured smile and spoke with a trace of joy in her voice: “Big Brother also came to the monarch’s mansion.”

Li Qiye’s mood brightened after seeing Yuan Caihe. He cheerfully smiled and said: “I heard you were going to be here as a guest, so I especially came to see you.”

“Thank you, Big Brother…” Yuan Caihe revealed a pleasant smile with her always-peaceful demeanor.

After seeing Yuan Caihe’s temperament, the madam couldn’t help but sigh. It was no wonder why her Young Master would like Yuan Caihe so much. She was indeed favored by her Young Master!

Yuan Caihe pulled Li Qiye’s hand in a natural manner, like a gentle and comforting spring breeze.

Many young alchemists present were both envious and jealous at such an intimate scene, especially the Cauldron Marquis. He was flustered since earlier, he was teasing Li Qiye about not being able to see Yuan Caihe; this scene was simply a violent slap to his face!

Even the arrogant doctor felt annoyed and coldly scowled. As an alchemist, he naturally liked Yuan Caihe as well. Unfortunately, the beauty did not reciprocate this sentiment.

“Senior, your divine root is fine. In two more years, it will be able to bloom.” Yuan Caihe told the Observant Monarch.

After hearing this, the monarch heaved a sigh of relief. The worry that lingered in his heart was finally lifted as he quickly responded: “It is all because of Virtuous Niece that the root was able to be saved. You have to stay here at the mansion for a while so that I, as a senior, can show you my best hospitality. Nothing would be better if Young Noble Li can stay as well. You should try to get him to stay.”

The monarch and the Serene Garden Master were the best of friends. When there was a problem with his divine root, he especially invited Sect Master Ren to come cure it. He didn’t expect that the sect master was in seclusive cultivation, so Yuan Caihe came in her master’s stead.

Yuan Caihe smiled and gently shook her head to say: “Senior is too kind, it was no trouble at all. I will be following my Big Brother for a bit and will not stay in the mansion for now.”

The monarch knew that he couldn’t hold them back, so it would be awkward if he tried any further. He had to say: “If Virtuous Niece and Young Noble Li need anything, you can come to my mansion at any time.”

Yuan Caihe quickly thanked him and was about to leave with Li Qiye, but a disciple from the mansion barged in and exclaimed: “Master, not good, something happened to First Brother…!”

His face was pale and he spoke with grave urgency.

The monarch’s expression quickly changed as he raised his tone: “What happened to make you so anxious?”

The First Brother referred to in this conversation was the monarch’s only son.

At this time, more than ten experts rushed into the room, carrying in a bloodied young man. In his chest was a hole so terrible that it seemed as if it had pierced it through completely.

Moreover, the ten experts were also stained with blood. They all had different levels of injuries, but theirs were merely flesh wounds!

“My son!” The monarch was aghast after seeing the young man being carried in. He quickly rushed over to check the wound on his son’s chest, and his heart immediately sank.

The bloody hole on the young man’s chest emitted blood of a black shade — completely horrifying to anyone who saw it!

The young man bellowed a pitiful cry at this time. There was no doubt that he was still alive, but he was being assaulted by the terrible poison. His body twisted with pain as if it wanted to break itself due to agony.

The monarch was saddened by this scene. He hastily took action and sealed his son’s fate palace in order to protect his true fate. Despite doing so, the boy’s body still emitted a black fog as if the poison was attacking again.

“What actually happened?” The monarch anxiously asked an expert who helped carry in the young man.

“Uncle, First Brother wanted to enter the Serpent Marsh to hunt some longevity beasts, but we were ambushed by a poisonous creature. We didn’t even see its shape before First Brother was seriously injured. If Senior Uncle didn’t arrive in time, I’m afraid we would have been completely annihilated!”

“This child…” The monarch was both angry and shocked as he exclaimed: “How could he be so reckless as to go to Alchemy City’s ominous ground!”

The city was vast. Although it was known as the capital, there were many dangerous areas within its territory. There were some that even Virtuous Paragons would not recklessly tread into.

The monarch noticed that the black fog was becoming thicker on his son’s body, so he immediately used one of his powerful laws to seal his son’s vitality and commanded his disciple: “Quick, go bring some Soulrending Immortal Powder!”

The expert holding the young man shook his head and said: “Uncle, when First Brother was wounded, we immediately used Soulrending Immortal Powder on his body, but there was not much effect. It could only temporarily stop the poison.”

The monarch was in distress after hearing this. Keep in mind that Soulrending Immortal Powder was a famous medicine in the Alchemy Kingdom, capable of treating any injury. If this powder was ineffective, then other ointments would be even more so.

“Monarch, I’m afraid your Young Noble is stricken with an extremely rare poison, so ointments will not be effective, not even Soulrending Immortal Powder.” The Devil Hand Sacred Doctor slowly spoke while standing at the side.

The monarch calmed down and looked at the sacred doctor. He finally remembered that this famous doctor’s medical skill could be considered top rank in the Stone Medicine World!

The monarch quickly cupped his hands towards the doctor and said: “Virtuous Nephew is the number one doctor in our time. My son’s life is hanging on a thread, please save him.”

The sacred doctor couldn’t help but reveal a proud smirk after a big shot like the monarch had to ask him for help. He looked around at everyone before coming closer to the young man on the ground and carefully observed his wound.

After a moment, he spoke: “Your Young Noble was ambushed by a Devil Pondleech. This creature has a body that resembles a serpent and is around four meters long. It is completely grey and headless, but it does have a mouth that can open up like a flower with sharp teeth. Its speed is lightning fast and can quickly sneak attack people, piercing through their chest, resulting in a swift death!”

“Yes, yes! The creature that attacked First Brother matches the doctor’s description.” The expert confirmed after hearing this.

“The Devil Pondleech’s poison is extremely fierce and can instantly kill someone. If it wasn’t for your young noble’s high cultivation and the swift application of the powder, then I’m afraid he would not be alive right now. However, if this continues, his death is certain. He will not last another six hours!” The doctor raised his tone and said.

The frightened monarch quickly asked the doctor: “Can Virtuous Nephew cure this poison?”

The sacred doctor laughed proudly then ostentatiously said: “Monarch, although this leech might be very rare and extremely poisonous to the point where it can kill a Heavenly King, to me, this is not an issue at all. There is no ailment that I cannot heal in this world!”

After his preening declaration, he couldn’t help but to look over at Yuan Caihe. He wanted to show off before the beauty so that she could witness his supreme medical skill!

Despite his great hubris, everyone knew that he was qualified to act in that manner due to his amazing medical ability!

“Virtuous Nephew, please save my son.” The monarch couldn’t contain his elation since there was finally a solution.

The doctor smiled arrogantly and said: “Monarch, saving your son isn’t difficult. However, you should have heard of my habits; my price is not small.”

The monarch merely took a deep breath, he had heard tales of the doctor before and was mentally prepared. He deepened his tone and said: “What does Virtuous Nephew want? As long as it is within my ability, I will do my best!”

“I heard Observant Monarch has a Wish Scepter.” The doctor smiled and said: “I have heard of this treasure.Would you be willing to part with this item?” 1

This condition caused the monarch’s expression to change. He really had such a treasure, but it was very important to him.

He grew hesitant since this condition was too harsh. His Wish Scepter is extremely precious, an unfathomable artifact.

“Monarch, time does not wait for anyone.” The doctor coldly said: “The imperial family’s ancestors or a Legendary Alchemist can cure this poison, but can monarch wait until one of them comes to help!? If monarch delays the treatment, then I’m afraid your son will not be able to keep his life!”


  1. Ruyi scepter, “as you wish”. A symbol of power and good fortune