Chapter 738: Cao Guoyao

After the powder was applied, the chest wound closed up very quickly and a scab started to form. This powder was indeed worthy of being the supreme ointment from the Alchemy Kingdom.

His son’s complexion started to look better, so the monarch was relieved. He prostrated on the ground and said: “Young Noble’s medical ability must be supreme in this world. Your dao of alchemy is profound with no rivals. Your control of fire is also unique in this world. You saved my son’s life, so if you ever need this little monarch in the future, just say the word.”

All of a sudden, everyone in the yard became silent. The monarch’s words were not mere flattery. All had eyes and saw that whether it was Li Qiye’s medical ability or his fire control, his skills could only be described as astonishing. Even the Marquis Cauldron who was known as a genius was very jealous and full of hate.

There were also some envious alchemists. Li Qiye was able to save the monarch’s son, meaning that he had tied a knot of friendship with him. Since the monarch was a royal subject valued by the imperial family, this was equivalent to gaining a powerful backer.

Li Qiye was very relaxed after being thanked by the monarch. He leisurely said: “If Monarch wants to thank someone, then thank Caihe.”

To him, befriending the monarch or gaining a powerful backer like the kingdom didn’t matter. He only saved the monarch’s son because of Yuan Caihe’s simple request.

The monarch quickly showed his gratitude towards Yuan Caihe. She didn’t want to accept a big gesture, but nevertheless, the monarch still bowed towards her.

At this time, Li Qiye glanced over at the young alchemists present and said: “Only a fool would worship a quack as an expert! A group of fools is not qualified to debate medicine and the dao of alchemy with me!”

Those who made fun of Li Qiye earlier felt their faces burning. They had all been flattering the sacred doctor while belittling Li Qiye at the same time. But look at it now, the doctor’s cold body was on the ground while Li Qiye saved the monarch’s son. This was a resounding slap to their faces!

Li Qiye had never given any consideration to those who provoked him. Him mocking them was already mild enough. This was because of Yuan Caihe’s presence, greatly improving his mood. Otherwise, he would have slapped them flying away.

After saving the monarch’s son, Li Qiye didn’t want to stay at the mansion and rejected the enthusiastic invitation from the monarch. After leaving, he smiled and said: “I was surprised to see you coming to Alchemy City.”

The madam nearby was moved. Yuan Caihe indeed had a strong influence on her Young Master. His emotions were normally unreadable, but now, his great mood was plain for all to see, caused by her presence.

She also admitted that a gentle and elegant girl like Yuan Caihe was indeed very likable. Although she was not as peerlessly beautiful as Ming Yexue, she gave a comfortable and natural feeling. Anyone, when together with her, would be very relaxed.

“Senior Observant’s divine root was near death. He invited my master to help, but my master was in a very important stage in his cultivation and couldn’t leave. I had no choice but to go in my master’s stead.” Yuan Caihe calmly said: “Since I’m already here, I will cheer Big Brother on. Your participation will make this conference become a legend.”

“I’m just playing around.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “But since you said it will be a legend, then so be it.”

Yuan Caihe chuckled in response. She had confidence in him.

After coming back to the mountain that Li Qiye was staying at, there were even more poisonous creatures in the courtyard. Yuan Caihe, as one of the four alchemy prodigies, exclaimed with surprise: “I didn’t expect Big Brother to be versed in taming poisonous creatures as well!”

She carefully looked at each of the creatures lured here and was startled by some of them.

“Just a little pastime of mine.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “It’s fortunate that this is Alchemy City. Despite being called a city, among its vast lands, there are many ominous and dangerous locations with these kinds of creatures. It wouldn’t be easy to attract so many if we were in a different location.”

“Big Brother wants to use them to deal with an enemy?” She asked while looking at the creatures.

Although she was a kind and non-competitive person, she also had a keen heart. She knew that Li Qiye didn’t want them as pets, so there was only one other explanation — to use them against a powerful enemy.

“Just for fun.” Li Qiye said: “The enemies aren’t important. Killing and killing even more becomes a bit boring, so I want to try something new.”

Yuan Caihe could only shake her head and lament the fate of whoever was recklessly running towards the spear tip and courting death.

Although she was staying with Li Qiye, Li Qiye spent very little time with her. He was either cultivating behind closed doors or playing around with some things that Madam Zi Yan didn’t understand. Only Yuan Caihe watched him avidly.

In the next few days, Li Qiye sometimes attracted more poisonous creatures or prospected the land to glimpse into the mysteries within using profound methods. The madam couldn’t see through what he was doing.

His methods often had to do with the dao of alchemy. As one of the four prodigies, Yuan Caihe finally saw some clues and startlingly revealed: “Big Brother is preparing for something big. Such a heaven-defying method could only be withstood by an enemy like the Alchemy Kingdom. Someone from the younger generation would not be able to handle even a single strike.”

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t respond to her comment, and she stopped speaking as well.

The date of the alchemy conference grew near. More and more youths from the world ran to the city, accompanied by the seniors from their sects. From this, the city didn’t only have the presence of many sects, but also countless experts.

As the crowd waited eagerly, one of the two prime candidates finally appeared.

“Cao Guoyao is here!” No one knew who sent out this information, but it did create quite a stir in the kingdom. Many people, including geniuses of the younger generation, came to see his arrival as he was one of the four alchemy prodigies.

Cao Guoyao looked around the age of twenty and had a rather square face. Although his appearance was not outstanding, the aura around him made it seem as if an immortal medicine would emerge at any time like the roar of a dragon grass. He was holding onto a cauldron; although it was still closed, it gave the feeling that it could scorch the entire world.

In this manner, he appeared to be a deity with mastery over his cauldron, entering the sceneries of the nine worlds and dyeing the spirit medicines and grasses that could be found. There was a very extraordinary air about him.

He came alone without any accompanying experts. There was no divine chariot either, but there were four huge entities by his side that were as cold as ice. These demonic entities seemed to be made from steel and resembled mantises or demon monarchs. Beings like these that didn’t have their own vitality rarely appeared; they were more akin to four black statues. Anyone would quiver with fear after seeing these four huge entities accompanying him.

Cao Guoyao came from the State of Cao, an alchemy lineage from an Alchemy Emperor. It produced many famous alchemists and could be considered one of the strongest alchemy lineages in the Stone Medicine World.

Although it was not known for its cultivation, as an alchemy lineage, many sects were willing to befriend it. Because of this, many from the younger generation and experts from the older generation went out of the city to greet him.

To have such a grand reception was not only because of the lineage he hailed from. More importantly, the crowd, especially the youths, wanted to establish good relations with Cao Guoyao.

The reason was very simple: his fate pill refinement skill could be considered one of the best in the present times! Fate pills were the most valued items for cultivators as they could increase their cultivation and strengthen their foundation.

In this world, countless cultivators that wanted a sudden boost of power craved a large quantity of fate pills so that their cultivation could exceed others in a short period of time.

Thus, the fate pills refined by Cao Guoyao were considered the best treasures in the minds of many cultivators. Due to this, those of the younger generation, especially geniuses who strived for the Heaven’s Will to become the emperor, were more than happy to have ties with him.

“Brother Cao, you must be tired from traveling. We have prepared a feast just for you.” There were many main descendants and princesses at his reception. Even rulers from the great powers could be found present.

Cao Guoyao nodded his head and said after seeing the reception: “Then I will be imposing on everyone.”

In an instant, he became the moon surrounded by the stars as he entered the city, leading to even more spectators on the sidelines.

A spectator emotionally exclaimed after seeing him: “One of the four prodigies has arrived. This time, if Cao Guoyao doesn’t win, then the White Hair Alchemy God will win!”