Chapter 748: Battle

It was no wonder why the young noble ridiculed Li Qiye so badly. Even the spectators afar shook their heads.

“Very bold. Unfortunately, this is an impossible matter.” An older expert also thought that Li Qiye was in over his head.

The younger generation was ridiculing him even more: “Ignorant child, I’m afraid he doesn’t even know what the crystal physique is, that’s why he is talking about breaking it. Even Celestial Being Ye Qingcheng couldn’t do it, let alone a human junior.”

This opinion was not without reason. In fact, for many millions of years, many apex existences — including Immortal Emperors — all tried and failed to crack the crystal physique.

Li Qiye only smiled in the face of this confidence and clearly said: “So you are saying that your physique is impossible to crack? If you are so confident, then how about we make a bet? If I break your physique, then you will have to hand this secret law over to me.”

“You won’t even have a chance. No one in this world can break the Crystallized Sect’s physique!” The young noble emphasized his point with a sneer.

“You never know, anything is possible.” The always-calm Li Qiye leisurely said: “So you don’t dare to make the bet? Of course, if you are afraid, then forget it. It seems that you aren’t confident in your crystal physique at all.”

“Bullshit!” The young noble couldn’t help but curse after hearing such provocation. He sneered and said: “Just you alone want to break my crystal physique!? In your dreams!”

“Okay then, forget the bet since you are afraid. It’s just a Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique, no big deal.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head dismissively.

“Ignorant fool!” The young noble sneered and said: “A bet it is then. What do you bet?!”

“If I can’t break your crystal physique, then you can kill me however you like.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

The moment these words came out, the madam was aghast. This was because generation after generation, no one had been able to break the crystal physique. If the young master participated in this bet, then his loss was assured. She wanted to step out and stop her master, but she stopped herself and remained calm. She had this feeling, a baseless faith in her young master that he would be able to create a miracle.

“Your dog life is not enough to bet against the crystal physique of my sect!” The young noble laughed and looked at Li Qiye in disdain.

Li Qiye shook his head gently and said: “A man cannot be so shortsighted. Perhaps my life is not worth anything, but I have many valuable items, such as King Medicines, Imperial Medicines, and a supreme dao of alchemy — this is quite a lot of treasures.”

After hearing this, the young noble had to take a second glance at Li Qiye. He knew that Li Qiye’s life was reserved by someone else, but after hearing this, he was tempted all the same.

Although the Crystallized Sea Sect was an imperial lineage, it didn’t have many achievements in the dao of alchemy. It was not comparable to the Bailian Clan, let alone a behemoth like the Alchemy Kingdom.

He had also heard of Li Qiye’s superb pill refinement skill. If he were able to obtain Li Qiye’s method, then it would be an unfathomable contribution and grand event for the Crystallized Sea Sect! His name would be written down in its historical annals!

“Okay, a bet it is!” The young noble sneered, eventually agreeing. He stated: “Get ready to throw in the towel. Today, I will completely defeat you!”

Even as the descendant of the sea sect, he was not qualified to bet his supreme crystal physique art to an outsider. However, due to his confidence, he felt that no one could break this physique, let alone Li Qiye.

This bet left many spectators puzzled; they all felt that it was too irrational.

A Heavenly King murmured: “Isn’t this brat crazy? He actually dared to make a bet that is doomed from the start.”

There was also a genius Demon Monarch who sneered: “Having too much confidence is just ignorance and courting death. Even Immortal Emperors can’t break it, let alone this Li Qiye.”

Although many people in this world coveted the art, they all knew that breaking the physique was more difficult than becoming an Immortal Emperor! It was essentially impossible! Countless people who were more powerful had tried and failed, let alone them.

An Immortal Emperor might be able to suppress the crystal physique, but they wouldn’t be able to crack it using their own merit laws. Because of this, the crystal physique was also known as the world’s impregnable defense!

At this point, both the madam and Yuan Caihe looked at Li Qiye with worry. They knew just how impossible this feat might be, but they couldn’t change Li Qiye’s decision.

“Good, I like people who dare to gamble.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Let me remind you to prepare carefully as I’m about to break your crystal physique.”

The young noble laughed mockingly and looked down at Li Qiye to confidently say: “Bring it. I will stand still right here. You can attack as you please for six days and see if you can break it or not!”

Since the young noble’s crystal physique could last for six days and six nights, he believed that he could receive any attack from Li Qiye, including those from imperial true treasures!

“No need for six days, half a day is enough.” Having said that, Li Qiye rushed forward instantly.

Meanwhile, the young noble only sneered. He didn’t move at all, he only stood still. He planned to let Li Qiye do as he pleased. No matter what Li Qiye tried, the young noble would still be able to accept it! He could handle a paragon using an imperial weapon, so it was needless to mention Li Qiye!

“Whooosh!” However, Li Qiye didn’t attack just yet. He circled around the young noble at a rapidly increasing pace. At this time, he had activated the Soaring Immortal Physique.

In the beginning, the young noble and others could see Li Qiye’s figure, but the moment the true soaring physique activated, even the top Heavenly Kings at the scene were unable to keep up.

Li Qiye’s shadow was as fast as light, almost beyond description. His soaring physique had reached minor completion, so with the current power of his physique at its limit, even a top Heavenly King was far from being comparable to him regarding speed.

“What kind of speed is this?” Many people were astonished after seeing such a display of speed.

A Demon King saw this scene and speculated: “Could this be an immortal physique? Perhaps this is the Soaring Immortal Physique, only this physique could reach such an ultimate speed.”

“This doesn’t look like the characteristics of the Soaring Immortal Physique though.” A few knowledgeable big shots were attracted by Li Qiye’s speed as well and began to guess its origin.

At this moment, very few people could see the special characteristic that belonged to Li Qiye’s soaring physique, especially when Li Qiye mixed three physiques together. This created a new combination, causing the special characteristics of the three to change quite a bit.

“Perhaps it is the Ascension Physique, one of the eighteen saint physiques.” Someone else speculated.

The Ascension Physique was the saint physique right below the Soaring Immortal Physique. At grand completion, it also had amazing speed that few things in this world could compare to!

“From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like the Soaring Immortal Physique or the Ascension Physique.” A great Demon Monarch from the previous generation muttered: “Perhaps the junior is carrying a treasure that can instantly boost his speed.”

While the crowd was guessing the source of his speed, Li Qiye became faster and faster. Eventually, his shadow could no longer be seen, there was only a halo that stretched around the young noble’s body. Moreover, this halo became increasingly large and eventually encompassed the young noble completely.

“You must be dreaming to think that such a method can break my crystal physique…” The young noble couldn’t help but sneer after seeing Li Qiye turn into a pulsing halo around him. To him, such a method had no offensive value, so there was no way it could break his physique.

However, the moment these words came out, a very faint buzzing resounded. In an instant, Li Qiye’s speed had reached its utmost limit, surpassing even time itself!

The halo that encircled the young noble suddenly lit up and covered the young noble’s body in a very clear light. At this split second, it seemed that the young noble had jumped out of this space-time continuum.

This entire process was extremely short like a flash. No one could see this development clearly, not even the young noble. He felt as if he had escaped the regular space-time. Time had reversed by a second!

With the reversal of this second, his crystal physique suddenly degraded.