Chapter 753: Tiny Vine Turning Into A Giant

After hearing the Alchemy Saint’s explanation, many people had a deeper understanding of alchemists.

Although this was a land where the most alchemists resided, there was very little understanding of Legendary Alchemists. This was understandable since they were quite prestigious. Outside of Alchemy Emperors, there was no existence higher than them when it came to the field of alchemy. How many sects would be willing to regard a Legendary Alchemist as a treasure and pay them tributes? Who would be willing to let a Legendary Alchemist join a battle?

It was just like this Alchemy Saint had said, the moment they reached the Legendary Alchemist level, countless people would be willing to work for them with just one word!

“Bang—” In the blink of an eye, this legion of wooden giants surrounded Li Qiye. While trapped inside, he seemed to be an ant that could be stomped to death by any of them.

“Li Qiye, out of consideration for a fellow alchemist, it is not too late to surrender.” While controlling the legion, Cao Guoyao coldly leered at Li Qiye. He had an imperious expression as if he was the ruler of this land. Life and death would be decided by him.

He wanted to capture Li Qiye alive for his supreme dao of alchemy. For common items, there were plenty of young geniuses and sects willing to satisfy him. However, he didn’t want to ask someone else for help regarding this matter because he did not trust others! Due to this, he didn’t mind taking action despite being a Legendary Alchemist.

Li Qiye looked around at the giant trees that surrounded him and smilingly said: “You think this army of trees can force me to submit?”

Cao Guoyao laughed and said: “Li Qiye, I know you have an extraordinary treasure, but don’t forget, with one word, many powerful sects will besiege you! Countless powerful experts will be willing to push you to the edge! However, because we are both alchemists, I personally took action today and acted according to the ways of an alchemist to deal with you. Be smart and give up or else there will be no place left for you in the Stone Medicine World!”

“What a meaningless threat.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Since you want to use the methods of an alchemist, I’ll let you see what real wood mastery is!”

Having said that, his body began to emit an endless light that made him seem like a green ocean. Behind this green ocean were divine trees that sealed the heavens. There were ancient trees forming their own worlds as dazzling immortal grasses began to grow…

His body was empowered with endless life, especially when the tree of life inside his fate palace appeared. He seemed to have become the entire world as if all plant creatures in the nine heavens and ten earths were awakened by Li Qiye’s unbelievably vast life source.

“Since you want to compete in the dao of alchemy, I’ll show you!” With a laugh, Li Qiye’s life force turned into endless universal laws that intertwined to form a heavenly chapter. It was incredibly grand and unfathomable.

“This is…” Yuan Caihe was shaken after seeing a heavenly chapter of this level. It was too profound and mystical; despite being one of the four prodigies, she couldn’t find any clues at all to this heavenly chapter. However, the moment she saw the cover, she immediately understood that this was the key to opening the world of the dao of alchemy!

This chapter was created by the profundities within the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon. These were the laws of the nine worlds’ dao of alchemy, its beginning!

“Zzz…” Inside the chapter, a mysterious light fell down and turned into a tiny vine.

“Boom!” In the blink of an eye, peaks were blown apart. This tiny vine grew larger at an astonishing rate. It quickly reached the high firmament as if it was the true favored child of this earth. All the life force in this area was focused in its body.

“Rumble!” The vine branch turned into a gigantic monster that covered the entire sky. In just a split second, waterfalls began to pour down from above. It seemed to have become the ruler of this region as the most powerful existence.

The crowd became astounded with their mouths wide open as they stood there in a daze. To them, this was simply a miracle. Compared to such a monstrosity, the wooden army of Cao Guoyao seemed to be insignificant.

“How is this possible?!” The Alchemy Saint exclaimed in horror: “One thought to become a god — this is something only an Alchemy Emperor can do, but he isn’t one!”

“It’s just simple wood mastery of the alchemy dao.” Li Qiye looked at Cao Guoyao and dismissively said: “This is no big deal, it’s only a minor art that uses the life force of the heaven and earth to create life for one’s control! In the end, it is still only an external dao; using it often will harm the heavenly order and the dao laws!”

Such words made many alchemists here wanted to vomit blood. They all became shamed and were on the verge of committing suicide. Nearly all of them strived for this level. Wood mastery was something every alchemist had thoughts of, but in the mouth of Li Qiye, it had become a minor art. If this was a minor art, then what could be considered a grand art?

After he finished his statement, the vine giant slammed downward. With an explosion that illuminated the sky, all the huge trees that were surrounding Li Qiye were instantly blown away. It also dispelled the dao laws that Cao Guoyao imprinted on these trees. They began to shrink as their life force dispersed. Eventually, they assumed their original form as if nothing had happened.

Cao Guoyao paled and understood that Li Qiye’s dao of alchemy was even more profound than his. This left him with both fear and hate. Moreover, it made the greed in his heart even more rampant.

If Li Qiye had a better dao of alchemy, then this meant that his law was a priceless treasure. If he could obtain such a law, then he could absolutely become the present day Alchemy Emperor!

“Good, good, Li Qiye, you are quite amazing.” Cao Guoyao thought of something and looked at Li Qiye to say in a serious manner: “I am not your equal regarding wood mastery!”

These words came as a surprise to many people. Who was Cao Guoyao? He was one of the four alchemy prodigies, the inheritor of the State of Cao! He would be a shining star no matter where he went. Many geniuses would have to be wary of him, but such an arrogant person today had bowed his head and accepted defeat. No one expected such a thing.

Cao Guoyao gravely continued: “Wood mastery is not my forte. Li Qiye, since you are an unparalleled alchemy genius, do you dare to compete with me once more?!”

Despite his arrogance, he was also quite witty. While accepting his loss, he also praised Li Qiye. Any other alchemist would enjoy such vanity because Cao Guoyao was a well-known alchemist, no one could resist such flattery.

“Logically, I shouldn’t fall for such a low-level bait.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “However, it is not easy for you to bow your head. Very well, I’ll play along with you since killing all day is becoming dull!”

The instant Li Qiye withdrew his alchemy law, the vast life force disappeared from the sky and returned to the earth. Meanwhile, the vine also became smaller and reverted to its original shape.

If people didn’t see it with their own eyes, no one would believe that this little vine had turned into a gigantic branch that covered the entire sky. Many cultivators present, especially the alchemists, were incredibly envious and wondered when they could reach such a level.

Li Qiye lazily glanced at Cao Guoyao and said: “Okay, what other tricks do you have? It is time to use them all.”

Cao Guoyao took a deep breath and deepened his voice to say: “The mysteries of the dao of alchemy has myriad ways such as plant cultivation, pill refinement, and insect and monster mastery! How about we compete on insect mastery?!”

“Insect mastery?” Li Qiye had a smirk on his face as he rubbed his chin to leisurely reply: “This isn’t child’s play. If one isn’t careful, the outcome would be deadly.”

Cao Guoyao leered at him and stated: “Leave it to fate. If one of us dies here, then we can only blame it on our own lack of skill! No regrets, do you dare to take me on?!”

At this point, all eyes fell upon Li Qiye.