Chapter 757: A Sky Full Of Stars

After Li Qiye assumed control, the four demons rushed towards Cao Guoyao like puppets.

“Get out!” Cao Guoyao was aghast at the oncoming offense and shouted towards the experts of the State of Cao lucky enough to have kept their lives.

However, it was too late. Cao Guoyao’s words had just come out, but the demons already arrived with their unbelievable speed and were accompanied by a poisonous storm that enveloped the mansion in an instant.

Many disciples quickly took out antidotes, to varying success. Some were able to withstand this poison, but most were not. After being infected, the unfortunate disciples screamed pitifully and fell prey, one after another, to the poison.

The shocked Cao Guoyao immediately summoned a cauldron to release a huge amount of the antidote. Although his antidote could dissolve the poison, flashing glints appeared. Blood spurted everywhere as those who did not die to the poison were all killed by the demons’ blades!

Personally witnessing a tragedy like this made his heart bleed. All of the remaining experts and disciples from the State of Cao were massacred by his own former guardians. They didn’t even have the chance to run!

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “What a pity, you couldn’t even control your own pets.”

At this point, after killing all the people from the State of Cao, the demons changed their target to Cao Guoyao. His countenance was completely blanched at this moment. Even if he could handle the poison, he wouldn’t be able to escape their saber techniques.

“Senior, save me!” In the face of death, Cao Guoyao let out a cry.

“Boom!” With a loud explosion, a terrifying presence erupted forth. Before the people knew what was going on, the four demons that were flying towards Cao Guoyao were blown away by a sweeping aura!

“This is…” Many people trembled before this sudden surge of might. An existence capable of emitting such a powerful aura was definitely a Virtuous Paragon. Moreover, it was not an ordinary paragon!

The person blew away the four demons but still didn’t show themself. This made those who were paying attention to this fight very anxious; they understood that Cao Guoyao’s true ace was not his poisonous beasts.

The four demons wanted to have a second bout, but Li Qiye’s law flashed on their bodies and recalled them.

He looked towards Cao Guoyao’s mansion with narrowed eyes then smiled and said: “Was this not an insect mastery competition? Why go back on your words?”

Cao Guoyao was trembling with rage. His face was pale and his eyes were red; Li Qiye had killed so many of his disciples that he wanted nothing more than to eat his flesh and drink his blood!

“Li Qiye, you leave me with no choice. I will grind your bones to ashes!” Cao Guoyao madly uttered. He swore to never let this go!

Amidst his descent into madness, he opened up a box. With a buzz, countless silver specks came flying out the moment it was opened.

Screams could be heard coming from wherever these silver specks passed. They first attacked the closest cultivators. Many nearby spectators screamed then suddenly grew quiet!

The cultivators in the way of the silver specks were immediately turned into ashes and dispersed. In the next second, these specks swept everywhere and covered the sky. Plants and animals were annihilated wherever the specks flew!

In a short period of time, the entire area became barren. If one were to compare it to a head, then it would be a bare skull that was scraped by a sharp knife until there was nothing left. After one clean sweep, a number of specks doubled as if they had their fill and continued to multiply.

This scene scared many people. The spectators who were lucky enough to be alive were shivering in fear and immediately ran back to Alchemy City. They no longer dared to come back out.

“Myriad Stardust!” A few big characters, old undyings, and real ancestors were surprised to see these specks.

“This is… Myriad Stardust!” An old alchemist that gazed at the scene through an observatory was scared off his seat and fell to the ground.

Myriad Stardust! This was a pleasant-sounding name, but those who actually knew about it would be creeped out.

Some said that this stardust consisted of poisonous insects while others believed that they were just fierce beasts. Each speck was tiny to the point where ordinary people couldn’t see its shape.

This stardust always came in large swarms. If they left their group, they wouldn’t be able to survive. They weren’t poisonous, but they were more frightening than any poisonous insect.

They numbered in the thousands and could eat through anything by instantly drilling countless holes into their prey before draining the creature dry. After doing so, these victims — no matter who or what they might be — would instantly turn into powder. Moreover, after they devoured a sufficient amount, they could instantly reproduce and double their numbers.

Without a method of restraining them, they would sweep through everything in a brief moment — truly worth palpitating over!

However, they were very rare. Obtaining these creatures were prohibitively difficult. Cao Guoyao paid a huge price for his Myriad Stardust by trading a supreme treasure to the Insect Swarm Valley.

At the time of the transaction, the valley had warned him not to release the stardust unless there was no other option because very few people in this world could subdue these creatures besides them!

After seeing and knowing what they were, even the ancestors of the great powers were aghast. This stardust was ferocious and even more terrifying than a locust swarm. Unless someone was powerful enough to destroy them in one blow, they would put an end to all the places they went!

“Myriad Stardust!” Even Li Qiye’s expression slightly sank after seeing the silver color in the sky.

Cao Guoyao whistled and the stardust soared towards Li Qiye in an unstoppable manner like a flood.

“The stardust is coming!” Even Yuan Caihe was shaken to see the approaching wave.

“Today is your funeral!” Cao Guoyao shouted with a cruel visage. He could only use a special whistle to direct the stardust to their target, but he couldn’t control them. Moreover, once the swarm reached a certain size, he would lose control completely.

This meant that upon release, he had no way of recovering them.

“Imperial bull…” Li Qiye called out in response. The Imperial Draco-Bull immediately jumped out of the courtyard and guarded the front of Li Qiye.

“Mooo—” The bull bellowed a cry that resembled a dragon’s roar. A powerful draconic aura swept through the sky like a flood and headed straight towards the countless stardust.

In just a moment, it seemed as if countless snowflakes fell down from the sky as a large portion of the stardust was assaulted by the mighty roar of the bull.

“Now!” During their plunge, Li Qiye summoned the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron. With an explosion, a divine flame from the mouth of the cauldron engulfed the sky, devouring all the falling stardust.

Next, the boundless cauldron flame turned into countless fiery needles that pierced the extremely tiny bodies of the stardust, marking minuscule runes on them!

As the cauldron spewed out more flames and thus created more runes, Li Qiye aimed to use them to refine these countless specks of stardust.

After some time, Li Qiye finally recalled the cauldron and let out a cry. A new set of stardust flew out of the cauldron and covered the sky. One could only see them floating above his head as if it was another galaxy entirely.

The only difference was that these stardust carried a fiery glow as they gathered together. Inside this galaxy were fiery sparks made from intertwined runes, forming a huge net.

Under Li Qiye’s control, the stardust above his head danced around in the sky. Sometimes they turned into a giant, at other times a mountain, or even just its original form of a cosmos. His control over them was absolute and effortless. They had become his supporters.

As the Dark Crow, Li Qiye had tamed countless evil and poisonous creatures with the Alchemy God, and Myriad Stardust was no exception. This chance meeting today became very simple due to him having the Imperial Draco-Bull and the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron.

“This, this is impossible!” Cao Guoyao dropped to the ground and looked at the situation in disbelief!

Once released, he wouldn’t be able to control these stardust. Even in the Insect Swarm Valley, only three people could truly control them.

But now, Li Qiye easily tamed them with complete mastery. This was even more amazing than an ancestor of the valley!