Chapter 759: Confrontation

Annihilating the Xian Clan — such words would be incredibly arrogant no matter which sect or imperial lineage uttered them! The Alchemy Kingdom would not idly sit by and do nothing as the Xian Clan was destroyed.

Such a declaration was like thunder ringing beside one’s ear. Someone couldn’t help but murmur: “So arrogant! Does he think there is no one here at the Alchemy Kingdom?”

Xian Miao’s expression was unsightly to the extreme. Ever since his Xian Clan separated from the imperial family to form its own clan, no one had ever declared such a thing towards their clan!

“Good, Li, our Xian Clan also wants to see just what you can do.” He also left behind a tough and cold response: “We will definitely protect Brother Cao! If you are unconvinced, then come! We’ll take on your schemes!”

Xian Miao ended this conversation and turned back to enter his palace.

“Three days later, I will visit your Xian Clan. Destruction will ensue if you don’t hand Cao Guoyao over to me.” Li Qiye didn’t care for the monarch’s response. After saying his last words, he also went back inside his courtyard.

Everyone’s eyes widened after hearing such strong words. They all thought that both sides would reach an agreement regarding this matter.

“Are we really doing this?” After Li Qiye came back, Tie Yi couldn’t help but ask with a wry smile.

Li Qiye glanced at him and said: “You should know very well whether the Xian Clan truly wants to resolve this peacefully or not. They are just posturing and want nothing more than for me to come to their door. That little skit earlier was only for show so that the world knows that their Xian Clan has the moral high ground. Even if I didn’t mention attacking their clan, they would still find a reason for me to go there. At that time, they would have the justification to do as they wish.” Having spoken to this point, he couldn’t help but smile.

“Big Brother, you might as well try to reason with them.” Yuan Caihe said softly.

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Why should I? They should be the ones coming to me. If they were sincere and wanted peace, then they wouldn’t have replied via spatial message. They would have come to my place and let Cao Guoyao accept his punishment — this would be true sincerity!”

“Of course, they are not acting in good faith. This is even better, I like unreasonable people.” Li Qiye leisurely explained: “As the saying goes, one does not slap a smiling face. If people kneel down and beg for forgiveness, then I really can’t just kill them. However, for those who arrogantly deal with me, let them come! Only when dealing with unreasonable people would I be able to kill as I please!”

Yuan Caihe gave up. She had a kind heart and understood that Li Qiye was ready to rumble the moment he set foot into this city. It was unfortunate that the Xian Clan didn’t know this yet.

The entire city was in an uproar after Li Qiye’s declaration spread.

“No way, is this real? Li Qiye actually said these words? This is Alchemy City, not some random place. It is only one step away from the ancestral ground. To make such a declaration… was he insane?”

The first reaction was, of course, disbelief.

A cultivator who knew a few tales of Li Qiye said: “This Li Qiye person has stayed true to his words ever since his debut. I’m afraid this is not just tough talk.”

“Just what is this kid’s hidden ace?” Even Demon Kings and ancestors who had experienced many things had to wonder: “Don’t tell me a big character from Allpine Mountain is here to back him up?”

Some people also arrived at this conclusion, but no one had heard of an Allpine Ancestor coming into being. It could even be said that when Li Qiye made his declaration, Allpine Mountain didn’t have any reaction at all. This made them very confused as to just what was hidden in Li Qiye’s hands. Just how powerful was it to let him say that he would destroy the Xian Clan, challenging the Alchemy Kingdom’s prestige?

While many people discussed this issue with doubts, a certain person was very satisfied with their work and murmured: “Yes, kill everything until even the sky shatters. Alchemy Kingdom, Allpine Mountain, State of Cao, Radiant-Sea Sect… Nothing would be better if all of these sects become involved in this conflict!”

A complacent, cold laughter resounded in the darkness. This person was ready to reap the benefits from this turmoil!


After the first day, both the Xian Clan and the Alchemy Kingdom didn’t make any move. Likewise, Li Qiye remained unperturbed.

However, on the second day, someone came to visit Li Qiye. He was the Observant Monarch, the leader of the monarchs in the kingdom.

Li Qiye continued to show consideration and granted him an audience.

“Is Observant Monarch here because of the Xian Clan’s matter?” Li Qiye got straight to the point after seeing him.

The monarch had a bitter expression as he responded: “Young Noble Li, I am also very helpless here. The other monarchs chose me as the envoy, so I had no choice.”

Li Qiye looked at him and spoke calmly: “The other monarchs?”

The monarch exasperatedly replied: “The monarchs don’t want this matter to reach the point of no return. Our Alchemy Kingdom has always maintained a low profile and does not wish for a grand battle to occur inside the Alchemy Realm. Moreover, the alchemy conference is about to take place. Even if the ancestors from the imperial family do not blame us, we monarchs will still feel responsible. We are unable to ignore this matter, but we also don’t have the ability to settle it.”

“Settle this matter?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head in response: “Observant Monarch, it is not that I am refusing to give you or the other monarchs from your kingdom any face. You should know very well that the issue is not on my side, it is the Xian Clan’s.”

The monarch couldn’t help but smile wryly at Li Qiye’s reply.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “If the other monarchs want to settle this matter, then it could be very simple. Tell the Xian Clan to hand over Cao Guoyao.”

The helpless monarch replied: “Before coming to see Young Noble Li, I took a trip to the Xian Clan. The World-Pillar Monarch’s attitude was unyielding. Unless Young Noble Li starts by apologizing to the Xian Clan, there will be no negotiations regarding Cao Guoyao.”

“Not bad.” Li Qiye was not surprised at all and said: “Then we’ll deal with it two days later. I am more than happy to personally visit the Xian Clan.”

The monarch softly sighed. He knew that there wouldn’t be a peaceful resolution. In fact, he knew a lot more than the other nobles. Before coming, he already predicted this result. However, the monarchs pushed him here, so he had to take the trip regardless.

“Young Noble Li, sometimes, taking one step back is the right way to go.” The monarch tried to persuade Li Qiye once more: “If this was before, then I and the other monarchs could pressure the World-Pillar Monarch into giving us some face. However, he is very confident at this moment, so I’m afraid your arrival is just what he wants.”

Li Qiye cheerfully asked: “So what?”

The monarch hesitated for a moment before eventually continuing: “Right now, I can say for certain that the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor and the Xian Alchemy Ancestor are residing in the Xian Clan. Although people said that the Alchemy Ancestor had left, I’m quite certain that he is still there. I am putting myself at great risks by revealing this news to Young Noble Li.”

“I appreciate Monarch’s thoughtfulness.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “Since someone dug such a big hole for me, I would truly feel sorry for their hard work if I didn’t jump in.”

Although the frustrated monarch wanted to settle this matter, it was beyond his power. Even though this whole incident had dire consequences with deeply involved parties, nothing would be resolved unless the imperial family was willing to step in.

“Young Noble Li, I am not underestimating you.” The monarch ultimately held onto his objective of persuasion and said: “Even though the Xian Alchemy Ancestor is not considered an apex existence with regards to cultivation, His Venerable is still a great paragon. As for the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor, there is no need to speak further of his might.”

The monarch paused for a moment before continuing: “Although Allpine Mountain supports Young Noble, Young Noble should also know that the Alchemy Ancestor has great ties with some of our imperial family’s extremely powerful ancestors. If Virtuous Paragons from Allpine Mountain become involved, then the ancestors from the imperial family will not sit idly by.”

His words made it clear that if Allpine Mountain helped Li Qiye, then the behemoth that is the imperial family would absolutely step in.

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “As for this, you need not worry, Monarch. There is no need for Allpine Mountain to assist me if it is only destroying a Xian Clan. I alone am more than enough.”

The monarch gave up when things came to this point. The only thing he could do was to gently sigh.

Li Qiye continued: “However, since Monarch is so sincere, I will ask you to send out some words. Tell the Xian Clan to send away their young and old. I do not hope that on the day I go, I will have to kill the feeble and weak. Tell them to not be optimistic. I will stay true to my words in destroying the Xian Clan. Even if your imperial family takes action, nothing will change!”

Li Qiye’s eyes became fierce as a terrifying murderous intent rose. He resembled an awakened prehistoric beast at this moment.

The monarch shuddered after feeling Li Qiye’s murderous intent and understood that he was not just bluffing.

“Young Noble Li, I will deliver your words.” In the end, the monarch cupped his hands and bowed deeply before leaving.