Chapter 765: Sacred Ancestor

Cao Guoyao dying just like that caused the onlookers to grow silent. They were unable to describe their own thoughts at this moment.

He was once one of the four alchemy prodigies, a genius flattered by many great powers and experts. It could even be said that when he was alive, he was a mighty figure that no one dared to offend!

But now, he died miserably, and to a poisonous insect at that! Even his great insect mastery couldn’t save his life.

He once proclaimed that outside of the Insect Swarm Ancestors, no one in this world could compare to him regarding insect mastery. Just how ironic was his ultimate demise today?

Screams continued to emanate as the beasts rampaged in the Xian residence. Blood ran like rivers in the area as countless disciples died. Even the effort from the counter-offensive of the older experts was useless.

From start to end, all the disciples and experts wished to defend their clan. However, after being surrounded, they couldn’t even break through the swarm to escape.

Such a scene left the spectators with tingling palms. No one thought that this would happen since they assumed that the Xian Clan would clearly have the upper hand.

Who would have thought that in such a short period of time, the Xian Clan would be swept away and decimated? The clan that held great pride in their dao of alchemy couldn’t stop the rage of the poisonous beasts and were eventually massacred.

“Old Dog Huangfu, what are you waiting for!” The Xian Alchemy Ancestor couldn’t help but cry out. He was gritting his teeth as his heart bled: “If you don’t take action, my Alchemy Kingdom will not forgive your Huangfu Clan!”

The Alchemy Ancestor was driven insane after seeing his clan being abused like this! Despite his great mastery of alchemy, it was of no use. He was busy dealing with Tie Yi and couldn’t do anything to save his clan.

He was indeed wondrous. With his nonstop offense, he pushed Tie Yi back into a disadvantageous position. However, Tie Yi’s might was unexpected as well.

At this moment, Tie Yi’s old injuries resurfaced and he would occasionally spit out blood. Moreover, him taking on the ancestor’s continuous attacks only worsened his state. Nevertheless, he was a raging dragon despite his bloodied self. In his frenzy, he unleashed his most powerful attacks again and again until the sky collapsed.

His bloodthirst and hostility erupted. Anyone would be horrified by this scene; they would rather run instead of battling with this dire wolf who was fighting without regard for his own life!

Tie Yi fought with the aim of bringing the enemy down with him, so no one could connect him to his prior cowardly form that fled at the first sign of danger. The Alchemy Ancestor had the upper hand early on in this battle, but he couldn’t suppress Tie Yi’s rampaging state since he was not a paragon capable of divine investiture, he was not what people called an eternal existence!

Despite his advantage, if he was not careful against Tie Yi’s recklessness, then the tides would turn. It could even result in both of them going down together.

The ancestor was full of remorse at this moment. With one wrong move, he lost the entire board. He was confident that this war would be easy since it was just killing a junior like Li Qiye. He didn’t expect to bring about a disaster to his own clan.

What made him even angrier was that the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor just loitered around without showing his face. They had a pact that the moment Li Qiye came, they would instantly attack and kill the Virtuous Paragons on Li Qiye’s side.

But now, Li Qiye’s poisonous horde had destroyed the Xian Clan while the Sacred Ancestor had yet to show his face, causing his Xian Clan to suffer great casualties. How could the Alchemy Ancestor not go crazy?

The regretful ancestor felt that he had fallen into the trap of the Huangfu Ancestor, becoming nothing more than cannon fodder!

“I’m here, Brother Alchemy. My cultivation was tampered with and I almost suffered qi deviation so I am late.” The Sacred Ancestor finally showed up.

When he emerged from the Xian Clan, the stars seemed to have shifted. A terrifying aura swept through the entire Alchemy City as if a deity had arrived.

In the end, the Sacred Ancestor still took action. Although this was against his will since it was better to play the waiting game, he was forced to take action. After the Xian Ancestor uttered those words, he would truly break all ties with the Alchemy Kingdom if he remained hidden. That would bring about a disaster to his own clan!

“Kill the little bastard!” Although the enraged ancestor didn’t believe this drivel about qi deviation, he had no time to care for it. He needed the Sacred Ancestor to reverse the tides of this battle.

“Boom!” The Sacred Ancestor’s attack resembled a blow from a God-Monarch. Myriad laws were destroyed, blowing away all the poisonous creatures from the Xian Clan. As for the beasts closer to him, they were instantly rendered to ashes!

At this second, he didn’t care whether the creatures that went flying were alive or not. He stepped out of the Xian Clan with his invincible aura and suppressed the nine heavens and engulfed myriad realms!

“Sacred Ancestor, is he a God-Monarch?” Even great powers’ ancestors felt a cold chill. As for other people, they were naturally trembling with fear.

“The most powerful ancestor of the Huangfu Clan is still alive. So this is a God-Monarch!” An ancestor who knew the Sacred Ancestor became nervous.

The Sacred Ancestor took one step forward. His two eyes were as dazzling as the sky when he coldly uttered while emitting a terrifying aura: “Little bastard, today marks your demise!”

That being said, with one palm blotting out the sun, he reached straight for Li Qiye. This encroaching palm seemed to be capable of grasping the entire world, causing all the experts in the city to feel fear. A God-Monarch was indeed brilliant!

“Go!” The moment Madam Zi Yan saw that Li Qiye was about to be captured, she acted without any hesitation. In the blink of an eye, she carried the Immortal Devouring Evil Jar forward and used all of her blood energy to empower it. The jar spewed out an endless black brilliance like a star flying all the way to the firmament, blowing away everything in its trajectory!

The Immortal Devouring Evil Jar had a monstrous origin and was no weaker than even an Emperor Assailant’s True Treasure! With the madam not sparing anything, even if she couldn’t exert its ultimate power, the strike would still be devastatingly powerful.

All existences in the city trembled before this endless black brilliance that crossed the sky. Everyone felt as if their souls were leaving their bodies as they were sucked in by the jar.

An ancestor recognized this treasure and exclaimed: “Immortal Devouring Evil Jar!”

Even the Sacred Ancestor was alarmed and immediately withdrew his hand. He shouted and opened his mouth to spit out his true fate weapon. Even though he was a God-Monarch, he still didn’t dare to meet the jar head on without a weapon!

“Boom!” The madam with the evil jar couldn’t withstand the blow from the Sacred Ancestor’s true fate weapon; after all, it could destroy even the world.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The madam was forced back repeatedly as the ground shattered behind her. If it wasn’t for the evil jar protecting her at the last second, she would have either suffered a grievous injury or died.

After all, the cultivation gap between the two of them was simply too much. Without the evil jar, the Sacred Ancestor’s finger alone could kill the madam.

“Immortal Devouring Evil Jar!” Even the eyes of a big shot like the Sacred Ancestor lit up with greed after seeing the jar floating above the madam’s head.

He couldn’t be blamed since anyone would covet an item such as this jar. It was not weaker than Immortal Emperor True Treasures, something that their Huangfu Clan didn’t have.

“This evil jar will only rot at your Giant Bamboo Country.” The Sacred Ancestor snorted: “From now on, it will have a different master!”

“Come again!” Although the madam knew that it would be difficult after experiencing the last blow, her fighting spirit was still surging. Despite not being the ancestor’s match, she still wanted to fight using the evil jar!

“Little girl, that was only a casual blow from me. If I actually attacked seriously, even the jar would not be able to save you!” The Sacred Ancestor coldly smiled: “It is not too late to hand over the evil jar. If you do so, I will spare your life. If you force me to attack again, then not only will I kill you, I will also destroy your country another day.”

The madam still wanted to go forward but was stopped by Li Qiye.

“You’re only a false god yet you still dare to bluster. Even a real God-Monarch would not dare to talk about destroying my Giant Bamboo. You are nothing!” Li Qiye smirked as he stared at the Sacred Ancestor.

The ancestor grimaced. People always referred to him as a God-Monarch, which was a source of pride for him. For a paragon, being called “God-Monarch” was a great honor.

In actuality, the Sacred Ancestor was not qualified to be called a God-Monarch due to the strict standards! His strength was enough to form his own country or be part of the divine list, but it was far from being of the God-Monarch level. For example, the Sacred Ancestor from the Thousand Carp River was absolutely worthy of this title; he was a real God-Monarch that would be respected by the entire Sacred Nether World!

However, the Thousand Carp Sacred Ancestor had seen Immortal Emperor Qian Li before and had witnessed what true invincibility was back when all the generals of the great emperor were still in this world. Even if he was qualified for the title, he would rather stay humble and refused to call himself a God-Monarch.