Chapter 766: Black Bones

This was not the case for the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor. With regards to cultivation and qualifications, he couldn’t be bestowed the title of God-Monarch! However, as the strongest existence in the Huangfu Clan, he struggled to reach such a level, so he grew very prideful and complacent.

At that time, many experts flattered him and all called him God-Monarch. Thus, even till now, he always considered himself as one. He was very sensitive when others brought this up. Li Qiye calling him a false god reminded him of what he was most annoyed with.

Because of this, the Sacred Ancestor grimaced in an unsightly fashion and coldly uttered: “Fool, today, not only will I take the evil jar, I will also take my time torturing you until you wish for death!”

His blood energy erupted, causing his aura to become even more powerful. Earlier, he only casually attacked. Now, he didn’t mind spending blood energy to kill the madam as well as to seize the evil jar!

In the blink of an eye, a divine ring pulsed from his true fate weapon that appeared to be a galaxy in the sky. A fist emerged from the center of this ring. Its arrival immediately suppressed the world. All the Xian disciples and poisonous creatures were immediately frozen.

Even the evil jar emitting it’s black brilliance above the madam’s head was weakened by this oppressive fist. It was easy to imagine just how powerful this suppression was.

Even if the Sacred Ancestor was not a God-Monarch, he was still an eternal existence, and a top one at that. When he actually became angry and use his blood energy to fuel his fate weapon, seizing the evil jar or other emperor weapons would not be difficult at all.

As the fist came down, even ancestors from the great powers trembled, so it was needless to say for others.

“Ignorant insects, tremble before me! Those who oppose my Huangfu Clan shall not meet a pleasant end!” The Sacred Ancestor sneered. The divine fist suppressed the entire battlefield. Outside of the Sacred Ancestor and Tie Yi fighting in the sky, everyone else was subjected to its suppression.

The evil jar also buzzed when faced with the oncoming fist. It started to shake in an unstable manner. Without a doubt, it was affected by this fist.

“It’s over.” The spectators gently sighed at the fist going for the evil jar. They knew the fight was about to end. When a powerful existence like the Sacred Ancestor took action, everything would quickly end.

“A false god still acts so unbridled before me.” Li Qiye smiled at this: “Watch me slaughter you!”

With that, a gray death energy floated around his body along with the emergence of the Death Chapter. The chapter quickly embedded itself in the ground.

“Crack!” Back at Li Qiye’s abode, the dry mountain suddenly cracked!

A broken black bone flew out from the desolate mountain. Like a heavenly spear, it crossed ten thousand miles in an instant.

As the divine fist was suppressing the area, the black bone immediately pierced through it!

“Who dares to ambush me!” The Sacred Ancestor was shocked after his fist was penetrated. This bone being able to do such a thing made him feel threatened.

“Pluff!” Even more black bones flew out from the desolate mountains.

“Die!” As these incomplete bones flew forward, the shaken ancestor roared. He no longer held back any of his blood energy. His true fate weapon shot out even more fists from its divine ring to meet the approaching bones.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The earth was torn asunder. The most unbelievable thing happened. These bones actually pierced through all the fists as they tore through the sky. Everyone had the feeling that the heavens itself was being penetrated.

“What are those things?!” An ancestor saw these black bone fragments clearly. They were burnt crisp black as if they had caught on fire countless times!

Moreover, their lengths varied. A few bones were cracked as if they had been destroyed after being incinerated numerous times!

Such bones — in anyone’s eyes — were useless. However, they managed to pierce through the Sacred Ancestor’s fists — this was simply terrifying!

Many became dumbfounded at this scene. They didn’t know just what these bones were to be able to accomplish such a task.

“Descent of the Gods!” The aghast ancestor howled. He spewed a blob of longevity blood onto his true fate weapon to unleash the most powerful attack of his life! For an existence like the ancestor, his longevity blood had already dried up. Expending this large of an amount right now was akin to taking his own life.

However, if he didn’t take such a risk, then these bones would take his life anyway! Fear began to consume even an existence like him!

“Boom!” As this unbeatable attack descended, a sacred image emerged. Many godly figures took form as if they had sent down their most powerful attacks. In the blink of an eye, they imprisoned myriad realms as they unleashed their onslaught to destroy all laws.

“Bang!” The area immediately exploded. Under this ultimate attack, these black bone fragments were blown away. However, even the most tattered ones among them remained unharmed!

“Die!” Li Qiye’s eyes turned fierce as all of his death energy erupted. The Death Chapter began to rebuild and derive a boundless profundity.

As Li Qiye empowered his chapter, these broken bones began to come together and rebuilt a new body in an instant.

“What kind of bird is that?” Someone finally saw the shape of the restructured bones. This was the skeleton of a huge bird. Moreover, it was far from being complete as many pieces were missing.

Just one incomplete skeleton was already so powerful. The moment it was successfully put together, it spread its wings with a force capable of stretching even the nine heavens.

“Screechhh!” A phoenix soared to the sky. This skeletal bird swooped down from above. Its bony wings swept by with a force capable of destroying the heavens above and annihilating all devils below. A flap of its wings left behind terrible scars in the sky!

The heads of these godly figures started to fly as the wings of the creature swept forward. The most powerful attack of the Sacred Ancestor was instantly destroyed.

“Bang!” His true fate weapon was torn apart under this pressure while the ancestor was blown away with his blood crazily spraying everywhere.

“Whoosh!” One bone fragment flew out and immediately penetrated his chest, suspending him high in the sky.

“No, this… can’t be…” He couldn’t move at all after being immobilized in the sky. His wide eyes started to roll as he couldn’t accept this reality. He was a God-Monarch and yet was defeated by the skeleton of a bird. No one could accept this result.

“This is impossible!” The spectators watching this scene with their own eyes felt that this was impossible as well because it was simply too terrifying. A skeletal bird defeating a God-Monarch. Even if he wasn’t a real God-Monarch, this was still too much to take in.

“Nothing is impossible!” Li Qiye smirked: “It is just that you cannot understand what true power is in this world.”

“Pluff!” With a sweep of a bony wing, the Sacred Ancestor’s head flew to the sky as a spring of blood erupted from his neck all the way to the sky. Even at his moment of death, he didn’t understand how he lost to a mere skeleton; he couldn’t accept this fact!

The world suddenly turned silent. Many people were creeped out, chilled by this astonishing development!

“This is… Is this really happening?” Some thought that they were simply dreaming.

Just think about it. A God-Monarch, a frightening existence. Even if the Sacred Ancestor wasn’t truly a God-Monarch, he was still a terrifying eternal existence! If, say, he was killed by a real God-Monarch or a Godking, then it would be understandable. However, he was slain by an incomplete skeleton. No one could accept such a thing.

“Just what is that thing?” Many people couldn’t figure it out while looking at this incomplete skeleton. No one knew what this creature was to be able to kill a God-Monarch.

Madam Zi Yan next to Li Qiye took a deep breath. Recently, her Young Master used his death energy to gestate the mountain, reaching all the way to the depths of the ground. He spent a lot of time on this seemingly trivial matter. At this moment, she finally understood what her Young Master had been doing.

“Pop!” In the meantime, the Alchemy Ancestor was struck by Tie Yi, causing his blood to run. He quickly turned around to flee.

The ancestor purposely accepted this attack from the crazed Tie Yi to use the opportunity to escape with his fastest speed towards the ancestral ground of the Alchemy Kingdom.

His fear was understandable because even a powerful existence like the Sacred Ancestor was killed. Even if he were to stay behind, he wouldn’t be able to escape death. At this moment, only the ancestral ground would be able to protect him, thus he had no choice but to risk it all to run towards that direction to seek asylum!