Chapter 767: Invincible Bones

This reversal caught everyone by surprise. When the Alchemy Ancestor escaped, the surviving experts and disciples of the Xian Clan were overwhelmed by despair. Even their most powerful forefather had escaped, so they were caught in a hopeless situation.

“Want to run? Too late.” Li Qiye snorted at the sight of the fleeing ancestor. The Death Chapter rotated and the skeletal bird in the sky flapped its wings again.

Before the ancestor could reach the ancestral ground, the bird instantly caught up to him. Its speed was too fast. Even someone like the ancestor couldn’t compare to the bird in this regard.

“Pop!” Before he could counterattack, the bird’s wings swept him flying. He fell down from the sky while vomiting blood and heavily slammed into the ground, creating a huge pit. His blood began to stain the soil.

Before he could stand up to try to escape again, the bird swept down and smashed the surroundings. Its claws instantly pierced his shoulders as he was caught by it and carried into the sky. He couldn’t move at all! When the bird gripped his shoulders, it also sealed his true fate.

“No…” The lucky survivors from the Xian Clan cried out as they were plunged further into despair.

The spectators were even more frightened by the sudden appearance of this bird. First, it killed the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor and now, it captured the Xian Alchemy Ancestor.

Just an incomplete skeletal version was already this powerful, so wouldn’t it have unimaginable might if it were still alive?

They quivered uncontrollably while watching the ancestor being gripped by the skeletal bird like a little chick. The majority expected the Alchemy Ancestor to win while Li Qiye’s side suffered total defeat. Who would have thought that the Sacred Ancestor would be killed, the Xian Clan annihilated, and the Alchemy Ancestor captured alive?

“I have never been reserved towards those who aim for my life.” Li Qiye cheerfully smiled while looking at the ancestor.

“Junior… you, you can’t kill me.” The ancestor was extremely pale. He knew just how close to death he was. Until now, he was always imperious, the one to control the life and death of others. A junior like Li Qiye would never be able to enter his sight no matter the occasion. But now, his life was in the hands of this exact junior!

“Is that so?” Li Qiye smiled: “Do you really think that I wouldn’t dare to kill you because you are a denizen of the Alchemy Kingdom? You truly think too highly of yourself and the Alchemy Kingdom. There is no one in this world that I do not dare to kill!”

The ancestor’s soul left his body after hearing this response. He knew that he had met his maker, so he shouted: “Senior Uncle, save me!”

With that, he spewed out an arrow made of blood that flew all the way to the ancestral ground of the Alchemy Kingdom. With his life hanging by a thread, the ancestor used this blood arrow to ask the ancestors and seniors in the ancestral ground for help.

“Boom!” When this blood arrow reached the ancestral ground, a divine light soared from the place all the way to the sky. Although its entrance was still closed, it was as if one deity after another awakened when this terrifying light reached the sky.

A vast and invincible aura suddenly hit the world. Such a terrifying aura from an awakened being was able to shake all of the Alchemy Realm and even the entire Stone Medicine World.

At this moment, many imperial lineages were alarmed by this powerful aura. The Jianlong Clan, the Beastmaster Citadel, and the Heavenhoof Ravine had many sleeping ancestors that woke up due to this powerful disturbance.

“What is going on?” Ancient existences were woken from their slumber by this force. They couldn’t help but look towards the Alchemy Kingdom.

“Is someone attacking the Alchemy Kingdom, or did something strange happen to the world? Why is it that so many ancestors of the kingdom woke up?” Even an ancestor from the low-profile Jianlong Clan spoke emotionally after sensing this disturbance.

The cultivators inside Alchemy City became nervous. Many even prostrated to the ground since they couldn’t handle this aura.

It was as if all the powerful subjects of an archaic dynasty had woken up overnight. These powerful auras were not necessarily weaker than the arrival of an Immortal Emperor.

Countless people lost their minds out of fear of this horrifying power. For the masses, the might of the Alchemy Kingdom was only something from legends and gossip. In fact, for many cultivators, especially the younger generation, they simply couldn’t imagine the magnitude of the kingdom’s true power. Some even felt that the kingdom’s power might have been exaggerated.

But at this very second when divine rays soared to the sky from the ancestral ground and powerful auras swept through the nine heavens, people finally felt the true prestige of the kingdom. This was the limit of power, a might that could shake the entire Stone Medicine World! Even Heavenly Kings had the urge to prostrate on the ground.

This left a permanent mark in many people’s minds. Although no one could see how many ancestors actually woke up from the ancestral ground or what they looked like, their auras alone showed that it was not just one. Moreover, they were all fear-inspiringly powerful.

“Long live the imperial family, long live the invincible ancestors…” The despairing Xian disciples finally caught sight of a thread of life and couldn’t help but rejoice.

“Phoo!” With a single breath, the wind started to howl. A God-Monarch’s power engulfed the world. In the blink of an eye, a huge sleeve swept forward like a gust of wind, blowing all the clouds along with all the poisonous creatures assaulting the Xian residence to the horizon.

Just one sweep of his sleeve was enough to blow all the monsters away. Just this one move was enough to show that the person who had just taken action was much more powerful than the Huangfu Sacred Ancestor.

“Senior Uncle, save me…” The captured Alchemy Ancestor shouted with a hint of embarrassment and joy in his voice.

When he came into being and left his Blood Era Stone, he told the imperial family that he was going to refine a longevity medicine cauldron. Right now, he couldn’t face them after things came down to this.

Within the endless lights in the ancestral ground, a figure emerged. They carried the endless light with their back leaning on countless mountains and rivers. Just this figure alone was enough for his God-Monarch aura to cover Alchemy City.

His aura was vast and majestic, leaving people breathless. They couldn’t help but want to prostrate before his imposing might.

Although the Sacred Ancestor also emitted a powerful aura earlier, there was something missing in his aura compared to the aura emitted by this figure ahead. The Sacred Ancestor’s aura was indeed oppressive to the point where people would quiver, but it still had a feeling of putting on airs.

However, the aura from this current figure was exalted and regal as if he was a true God-Monarch sitting above the firmament just to allow his subjects to prostrate to him!

People felt their lips drying up with cold chills running down their spines after seeing this figure from the ancestral ground. One of them couldn’t help but murmur: “A true God-Monarch…”

Even those who had never seen a real God-Monarch before knew that this person was the real deal while the Sacred Ancestor was truly lacking.

A true God-Monarch had no need for flattery from others. An existence like the Sacred Ancestor that needed the acceptance and praise of others to be a God-Monarch was ultimately lacking, he couldn’t reach this true level.

Although few could guess which ancestor the Senior Uncle of the Alchemy Ancestor was, the entire city was completely silent at this moment. Many people didn’t even dare to breathe as they watched this scene.

Only Li Qiye remained calm and at ease as he stared at the figure.

“Young friend, the storm ends here. Let go of my Alchemy Kingdom’s disciple.” The figure eventually spoke. His voice was ancient and resoundingly powerful.

The crowd held their breaths and stared at Li Qiye. Many people assumed that he would back down in this situation since so many ancestors of the kingdom had woken.

Li Qiye smiled and leisurely responded: “End? For me, this is just the beginning; things are far from over.”

Li Qiye’s words rendered many speechless. He had already breached the Xian Clan, killed the Sacred Ancestor, and captured the Alchemy Ancestor. This was enough to make him famous in this world, enough to make him become a peerless genius comparable to Ye Qingcheng and Mei Aonan overnight!

However, Li Qiye still didn’t falter after reaching this level. This was too aggressive and overconfident.