Chapter 769: Brightflame Imperial Cauldron

A God-Monarch fighting against a skeletal bird high in the sky… In the blink of an eye, they exchanged thirty blows. Although the God-Monarch didn’t have a weapon in his hands, each of his blows could destroy stars.

His attacks were powerful enough to kill a group of Virtuous Paragons despite being bare-handed. However, he couldn’t end this fight against the skeletal bird.

As time passed, the monarch grew exasperated. An existence like him would not easily come into being. He wouldn’t have showed up if it wasn’t for the Alchemy Ancestor.

His lifespan had withered and he was on the verge of death. Each strand of blood energy and each drop of longevity blood were extremely precious. From the start of the battle, he didn’t use a weapon because he truly valued his vitality and didn’t want to use blood energy to channel a powerful weapon!

However, as the battle waged on, he became angry and eventually unleashed his killing move. He must suppress this bird and capture Li Qiye as fast as possible.

“Boom!” A loud detonation shocked the entire Stone Medicine World. The monarch took out a weapon that caused the heavens and myriad realms to dim. The world trembled below the endless imperial aura!

“Bang!” Under the attack of this weapon, the skeletal bird broke apart once more and fell down from the sky. The sounds of bones breaking finally appeared. Under the attack of an imperial weapon, even the bone fragments that could be considered invincible were damaged. A few of them shattered into pieces!

“Who is using an Immortal Emperor True Treasure?!” Myriad realms were alarmed by this attack. Countless existences trembled in fear after feeling the terrifying imperial aura. Even Virtuous Paragons were horrified.

“Brightflame Imperial Cauldron!” Someone inside the city saw the imperial cauldron in the hand of the monarch and became terrified. Their legs went weak as they dropped straight down to the ground.

At this time, the monarch had the cauldron in his hand. The cauldron was a crimson that seemed as if it could incinerate the river of time. There was a supreme imperial fire surrounding its body, causing people to fall into dismay.

“Brightflame Immortal Emperor True Treasure!” Anyone would be horrified after seeing this cauldron.

When a God-Monarch controlled an imperial true treasure, its power would be immense and terrorizing. Such battle prowess was simply unstoppable in this world!

The cauldron had a notorious reputation. This was the true treasure of Immortal Emperor Zhuo Huo. Legend has it that it could burn anything! 1

The Alchemy Kingdom had three emperors. The first emperor was named Yao Zu, the second was Bi Shi, and the third was Zhuo Huo. 2

It had been said that Immortal Emperor Zhuo Huo was the person who understood fire mastery the best since the start of time. His true treasure was refined from a destiny stone with the dao of true flame. The emperor could use his fire dao to the utmost limits. He traveled across the nine worlds and entered many ominous grounds while gathering different types of fire. Ultimately, he even invaded the sun and took away the sunflame of an entire star to finish creating his cauldron.

Rumor has it that inside this cauldron was the most tyrannical, terrifying, and mysterious flame this world has ever seen. Its complexity could incinerate everything and was feared by all.

“Thump, thump, thump!” Heavy footsteps sounded. The God-Monarch blew away the skeletal bird, so Li Qiye was also greatly affected as the one controlling the Death Chapter. However, as one of the four great techniques of the Death Scripture, even a God-Monarch couldn’t shatter the chapter!

Anyone would be appalled at the sight of an imperial true treasure, but Li Qiye revealed a smile instead the moment he saw the monarch using his cauldron.

Li Qiye’s life wheel emerged as his blood energy covered the sky. He utilized all of the death energy in his body to the limit and shouted: “Die!”

In the blink of an eye, the broken bones immediately came together again and seemed to be even more mighty than before.

Another loud phoenix-like screech appeared. The bird, strengthened by Li Qiye’s chapter, soared forward to meet the monarch again!

The monarch had a fierce expression and finally erupted his blood energy. His aura was at its zenith. Despite his withered lifespan, he didn’t mind expending it all to power the cauldron.

An immense sound emerged. Under the fueling of his blood energy, the lid of the cauldron finally opened as imperial flames came pouring out. This unstoppable fire burned everything in its wake. Cracking sounds emitted as even the void itself was burnt into a terrifying black hole!

Perhaps even a Godking would be burnt to death by this flowing fire. It was very far from the city, but those inside could still feel the horrifying heat. This fire seemed to be able to burn through the entire world.

“So terrifying…” A pale ancestor shivered: “One drop of imperial flame… capable of incinerating a lineage!”

The imperial flame instantly locked the attacking bird. It burned the entire skeleton into a shade of red. The people in the city could even hear the crackling, making it seem as if the entire skeletal bird would be burnt to ashes if this were to go on!

Li Qiye continued to be affected as the skeletal bird was being cooked. He took several heavy steps back as his face changed.

The madam was startled and quickly asked: “Young Master, are you alright?”

However, Li Qiye was still smiling as his body was covered with death energy. He closed his eyes and replied: “This is the feeling. This pain… this pleasure… truly the most enjoyable sensation!”

Yuan Caihe and the madam didn’t know how to respond after hearing this. Of course, they didn’t know that although the death chapter specialized in controlling dead existences, Li Qiye could feel their life and even their heartbeat. So when the bird was being melted by the imperial flame, Li Qiye could feel this ultimate sensation as well.

A feeling of a rebirth via fire. It was an indescribable and mysterious sensation!

“Zzzz… zzzz… zzz…” Series of bone-breaking sounds continued to appear as the imperial fire continued to burn. Everyone could see that the bird’s bones were not only breaking apart, they also began to melt.

A spectator murmured after seeing this scene: “It’s finished. Even though these bones are heaven-defying, the imperial flame will end it all.”

Another had to admit: “The Alchemy Kingdom is invincible after all. This Li Qiye fella is heaven-defying enough. Unfortunately, he shouldn’t have provoked the kingdom!”

Seeing the start of the melting process, Yuan Caihe worriedly spoke: “Big Brother, the skeletal bird might not be able to hold out for much longer.”

“No, this is a good thing.” Li Qiye was basking in the pleasure: “I have to thank the Alchemy Kingdom. This is a great help to me. From now on, everything will be smooth and easy!” He smirked after replying to her.

At first, the monarch watched the bird’s remains being melted away by the imperial flame and heaved a sigh of relief. His killing move was indeed successful.

However, after a while, he felt that something was wrong. Although the bird was melting from the heat, such a powerful existence should at least counter attack or struggle against the flame. However, the bird’s remains didn’t struggle at all. Instead, it seemed to be enjoying the heat. This made the monarch very suspicious.

“Return…” The monarch immediately recalled the Brightflame Cauldron as well as the imperial flame. However, nothing happened.

“Return!” His expression quickly shifted. He immediately chanted an incantation and controlled his emperor law to move the cauldron and its flame. However, there was still no movement.

“What is going on?” While watching this scene unfold, the big shots inside the city felt that something was not right, but none of them could solve the mystery.

After three failed attempts, the monarch finally felt fear. He had never seen such a bizarre thing before. The cauldron was an imperial true treasure where one drop of its imperial flame could burn all things, but now it was no longer under his control and kept on burning the bones of the bird!

The startled monarch cried out: “Start the formation to summon back the imperial treasure!” His blood energy erupted once more as he instantly used an endless law to seal the cauldron. A series of powerful restrictive seals came out to lock the cauldron.

He was afraid of losing the true treasure. If he were to be the one to lose it, then he would become an eternal sinner of the kingdom!

“Rumble!” A hymn echoed in the sky. The ancestral ground spewed out even more gigantic pillars of light. An imperial formation emerged from within the radiance along with a series of voices like the chanting of an Immortal Emperor.

“This is a weapon summoning formation, it induces the seal of the Heaven’s Will!” After hearing the chants of an Immortal Emperor from the formation within the ancestral ground, many people were jolted.

Immortal Emperor Life Treasures had imperial locks while an Immortal Emperor True Treasure had Heaven’s Will locks. When this Heaven’s Will lock was activated by the sect, outsiders would have no way of stealing the true treasure. Even if it became lost, the sect would still be able to summon it any time.

Unless this sect was destroyed or the Heaven’s Will lock was unlocked, the sect would always have the ability to summon their treasure even if it went missing for a long time.

To the amazement and confusion of the spectators, the Alchemy Kingdom was forced to activate their formation to summon the Brightflame Cauldron. Right now, the cauldron was still clearly burning the skeletal bird!


  1. Zhuo Huo = Brightflame. 
  2. Yao Zu = Alchemy Ancestor. Bi Shi = Stone Prison.