Chapter 770: Divine Beast Zither

“Buzz…” Eventually, under the summoning of the imperial formation, the flame finally reversed and flowed back into the cauldron. The monarch recalled the cauldron and traveled ten thousand miles instantly with one step back to the ancestral ground of the kingdom.

This sudden change left the spectators astonished.

The monarch had a cauldron with fire capable of refining all things in this world. But now, the monarch was startled and was forced to use a summoning formation to recall the cauldron. This whole series of events was too bizarre and unbelievable.

“What’s that?” Someone finally saw the giant bird’s remains in the sky and gasped in bewilderment.

In turn, many people turned to the sky. Prior to this, the skeleton was just a group of bone fragments coming together. Moreover, these individual fragments were incomplete, especially after receiving an attack from the cauldron. Many of them shattered as a result.

But now, there was substantial change to the entire skeleton. Although some were still incomplete, these black bones had turned into a golden color after being refined by the imperial flame.

It was as if each piece was crafted using a golden metal. The sections that were broken were now melded together completely.

Under the sunlight, the skeletal bird emitted a shining golden glow, giving off an untouchable sacred feeling, as if it was a supreme being, a sun god!

Everyone was under the impression that anything would be completely refined and suffer total annihilation under the flames of the Brightflame Cauldron.

However, the skeletal bird was not destroyed. On the contrary, it borrowed the refinement from the imperial flame to rebuild its bones, just like rebirth via fire.

“That, that is impossible…” The spectators were unable to believe this scene. In the legends from the start of time, no one had ever been able to withstand the imperial fire of the Brightflame Cauldron. Even a stronger item would be destroyed by its refinement, but this skeletal bird in front of them used it to rebuild itself!

“Could, could these be the bones of a divine beast or an immortal bird from the myths?” An ancestor felt a chill and remembered an archaic legend as he murmured: “Could such a creature be real?!”

Divine beasts had been discussed by people countless times. True God, Immortal Phoenix, Qilin… all of these were hot topics. Although many cultivators swore that these creatures had to exist in this world, none of them had ever seen the real thing! These creatures simply belonged in the legends and remained hidden from human eyes.

At this time, the monarch had returned to the ancestral ground. He coldly glared at Li Qiye inside the endless divine light. To be more exact, he was glaring at the skeletal bird floating above Li Qiye’s head.

Under the control of the Death Chapter, it gently flapped its wings above him. Even though it was only a corpse, it was still more than frightening enough!

“This feeling… is truly great.” Li Qiye gently sighed.

The two ladies were in awe as they looked at the bird above his head. Although this skeletal bird was far from complete, its perfect shape and sacred aura evoked an unspeakable reverence.

“You are using an evil method to control the dead!” The monarch’s voice was quite imposing as his eyes revealed a murderous glint.

Prior to this, he had no such bloodthirst, but it was now different. He wanted to kill Li Qiye!

“An evil method?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “I don’t want to laugh at you since you are a God-Monarch, but these words are enough to show your ignorance! My method is even more righteous and correct than Immortal Emperors’ laws!”

“You have a way with words!” The monarch coldly uttered: “I cannot let you live any longer. An evil existence like you does not belong in this world!”

“I’m too lazy to argue with a cretin like you. It is useless to even try.” Li Qiye said: “Your murderous intent is just what I want. Today, I will justly flip over your Alchemy Kingdom! Die!” With that, he commanded the skeletal bird once more with his chapter.

The skeletal bird screeched and soared like a phoenix, forward through the world towards the God-Monarch inside the kingdom’s ancestral ground.

This scene was truly shocking. The ancestral ground was an untouchable location to many people, but Li Qiye ordered the skeletal bird to invade it. What kind of courage and decisiveness was this?!

“How presumptuous!” Another roar resounded. A different imperial aura came crashing down while the Brightflame Cauldron in the hand of the first monarch attacked again. This time, he didn’t use the flame since he understood that it would only help the bird!

“Boom!” Two unbeatable imperial auras shook the entire Stone Medicine World. Although this attack came from above the firmament, a terrifying storm still swept through the land, causing it to quake. As for the Alchemy Realm, the two auras made the domain feel like a boat lost at sea being bombarded by turbulent waves.

“Pop!” The skeletal bird was immediately blown away after being struck by the two imperial weapons, shattering once more. Pieces of golden bones flew everywhere. Some were nailed on top of a mountain while others were shot all the way up into the sky…

Li Qiye suffered a heavy backlash as well from the Death Chapter. Completely pale, he continuously staggered backward and crushed the ground behind him.

“A second God-Monarch!” Someone saw another figure emerge from the light within the ancestral ground and startlingly exclaimed: “Divine Beast Zither! The true treasure of Immortal Emperor Bi Shi!”

Everyone was shocked to see a second God-Monarch from the ancestral ground. For many lineages, having one true God-Monarch was already amazing and worthy of pride.

However, two God-Monarchs had appeared inside the ancestral ground. Moreover, the other one was wielding an imperial weapon named the Divine Beast Zither from the second emperor of the Alchemy Kingdom!

One must understand that when one lineage had two God-Monarchs with two true treasures, such battle power was simply unrivaled.

People finally experienced the strength of the kingdom and understood what a behemoth really was! This one sect alone had two God-Monarchs and two imperial true treasures!

“Even if a Godking personally comes, they wouldn’t be able to resolve this situation unless they also have an imperial true weapon. Otherwise, the power of a Godking alone would not be able to change the tides at all.” No matter who they were, they felt cold sweat running down their backs from watching such an amazing scene. Normally, meeting one God-Monarch was already more difficult than reaching the heavens, but now, two came out of nowhere!

“Zzzzz—” The skeleton that was broken by the two imperial weapons returned back to its perfect condition once more!

“A useless struggle.” The two monarchs coldly leered at Li Qiye. The first monarch uttered: “Surrender now, it would be useless even if you are heaven-defying!”

“Oh?” Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile: “Very well, I’ll let you see my killing move!”

“Open!” Li Qiye screamed and spewed out a gulp of longevity blood onto the Death Chapter. In the blink of an eye, the blood dried up and turned into a billowing death energy that was instantly absorbed by the chapter.

“Buzz!” Under the support of the monstrous death energy, the chapter became inordinately powerful. The moment it revolved, its law quickly dove into the earth and sealed this land!

A cataclysmic flame instantly erupted throughout the entire Alchemy City! All of its mountains and rivers were engulfed by this monstrous fire.

“Shit, it’s burning!” Everyone from all corners of the city was scared out of their wits. Many people rushed up into the sky.

However, when they took a second look, they found that although the city was engulfed in flames, this fire didn’t seem to be in the same world as everyone else. Despite the raging flames, no one felt any heat or even the presence of the wildfire. It was as if this was only an illusion. However, this was definitely not the case. The hot flame that was devouring the sky had the momentum of a world-ending disaster — extremely tyrannical. It also carried along flashing black rays. The moment these black rays moved in the fire, it gave a very creepy sensation.

An ancestor from a great power exclaimed in horror: “This, this is deathfire!”

“Fire is also divided into life and death?” A junior was amazed after hearing this. In the eyes of cultivators, fire simply didn’t have life.

“Legend states that this world has deathfire. After any kind of flame burns out in this world, it leaves behind ashes. However, if someone was able to communicate with the underworld, then they could rekindle the flames from the ashes. This type of fire is called deathfire!” The ancestor murmured.

“But, this is impossible!” The raging fire appearing out of nowhere and scorched the entire city, leaving the monarchs aghast!