Chapter 779: The Most Unbelievable Refinement

Eventually, an old alchemist made an announcement before the eager crowd: “After we collectively examined this medicine, we have come to a unanimous conclusion — this is a batch of the finest quality. Regarding the medicinal strength, we have no answer for the God-Monarch and Godking realm as well as people with withered lifespans. As for those who still have some longevity blood left, if they are an eternal existence level paragon, then this medicine will be able to increase their lifespan by two hundred years. Of course, this is for the first dosage.”

“Two hundred years!” Many people were moved after hearing this. For a near-death paragon, two hundred years was long enough.

There were many factors that affected the potency of these medicines. For example, cultivation; the higher the realm, the weaker the medicinal effect would be. This was because the powerful users had stronger longevity blood, so they needed a more powerful medicine to condense new longevity blood drops!

“What about if it is the second time using an emperor level medicine?” A great power’s ancestor couldn’t help but ask after hearing the result.

Many experts here had used longevity medicines before, so they wanted to know the exact details so that they wouldn’t regret paying a sky-high price for this particular batch.

The old alchemist responded: “This is difficult to determine. Assuming that all the conditions remain the same and it is the second usage, it should be able to increase one’s lifespan by fifty to eighty years. However, since this particular medicine has turned into a Heavenly Hound, it will be able to offset a certain amount of resistance so it should be able to add seventy to ninety years to your lifespan.”

“What if it is the third time?” A more powerful ancestor inquired. In fact, after reaching the paragon realm, any ancestor would try to obtain longevity medicines.

All of these old paragons had used longevity medicines before. Those with great heritages would have consumed them dozens of times, resulting in complete resistance.

“The third time…” The old alchemist felt some hesitation: “One cannot determine this. If you really want an answer from me, then ten years for the third usage, or maybe even just one year. This is mere speculation as I cannot confirm it.”

This had always been the case with longevity medicines and its diminishing returns after repeated usage.

“Very well, let’s leave it to someone who can use it.” This ancestor with an incredible background sighed disappointedly after hearing this answer. This kind of ancestor had consumed too many medicines so the effect of this type of medicine was tiny to the point of being trivial.

“In my own situation, I estimate that living for another hundred years shouldn’t be a problem with this batch.” One of the ancestors became quite eager to try it.

“This is a must-buy if possible. A pill in the form of a Heavenly Hound that experienced one imperial warning — an emperor level longevity medicine of this quality is hard to come by. Unless the Alchemy Kingdom or the Jianlong Clan are willing to sell from their inventory… it is best to buy it as soon as possible.” More than just one ancestor was tempted.

Even those who had used longevity medicines once or twice were intrigued as well. For them, even if it was a sky-high price, they would still buy it even if it would only increase their lifespan by one year! For those who were near death like them, treasures had become worthless. Only their lifespan was worth something!

In a short moment, many people hoped that this showdown could end early so that they could begin the buying process.

After the appraisal, the happy white hair alchemist turned around to say in a deep tone: “Li Qiye, your turn.”

However, after turning around, he only saw Li Qiye sleeping in his carriage. This scene infuriated him. Li Qiye’s attitude was simply treating him with contempt!

Until now, everyone was preoccupied with the alchemist’s pill refinement and nearly forgot about Li Qiye’s presence. But now, seeing him sleeping during a duel left many of them speechless; they felt that Li Qiye was being too outrageous.

“Does he really think he can beat the White Hair Alchemy God? This is an emperor medicine in the form of the Heavenly Hound with one imperial warning!” Someone was quite annoyed with Li Qiye and snorted.

Madam Zi Yan, who was waiting by Li Qiye’s side, gently woke him up. He rose and asked: “How long have I been asleep for?”

“For some time now.” The madam gently helped him up: “Young Noble, it is your turn.”

Li Qiye stepped down from the carriage and looked at the alchemist’s emperor medicine while nodding: “Not bad, to be able to refine an emperor medicine to this level at such a young age… definitely worthy of being called a heavenly alchemist. However, claiming to be an alchemy god is too egotistical.”

Li Qiye’s words left the alchemist annoyed, so he responded with a scowl. The alchemist didn’t know that this was already a very high evaluation from Li Qiye. This was Li Qiye showing his appreciation for talents.

“Can you start already?” The alchemist impatiently said after seeing Li Qiye’s nonchalant attitude.

Li Qiye smiled and looked at Ming Yexue. He nodded his head, prompting Ming Yexue to announce: “You may begin now.”

Li Qiye summoned his Myriad Heavenly Cauldron and casually threw all the ingredients inside with the exception of the longevity blood.

“Is he insane?” Many people were stunned after seeing the swift addition of the ingredients. What kind of alchemy was this? It was common knowledge that even the methods of adding the ingredients was a field of study.

When to add certain things, such as holy water, required attentiveness. One wrong step would result in the destruction of a fine batch of ingredients.

But now, Li Qiye threw everything inside besides the longevity blood. This was too much to take in. What left the crowd even more dumbfounded was that at this time, Li Qiye’s cauldron seemed to be out of power. Its flame was weak and seemed like it could go out at any time as it burned the herbs.

“Is this still alchemy?” The crowd was stunned. This had no semblance to refinement but rather just a simple burning of ingredients.

Golden Spring Water, Sacred Turtle Dew, Pure Pillfruit, Silver Maplegrass… each of these ingredients was burning from the inside out. What was even stranger was that this flame was flickering as if it was burning with wet firewood. This made the spectators very worried that it might go out any time.

This simple process turned out to be very scary. The nervous spectators felt that Li Qiye was crazy for attempting such a thing with this feeble flame. It was akin to torture; some felt that Li Qiye’s failure was guaranteed. They began to feel pain because this was a batch of ingredients over three million years of age. Such priceless treasures!

Eventually, something incredible happened. This weak flame that could be extinguished at any time finally burned the ingredients, leaving behind the true essences in the cauldron.

The Golden Spring Water was turned into a single golden drop of liquid. The Sacred Turtle Dew resulted in a jade-like ointment the size of a fingernail. The Pure Pillfruit was now a small cup of green water, and the Silver Maplegrass only had a little bit of watery essence left as well…

These different medicinal essences completely separated from each other, disappeared, then suddenly fused into one. In the blink of an eye, a newly refined essence emerged from within.

Again, people were astounded because no one had predicted this result, especially when essences of different affinities integrated together in harmony without the slightest signs of discord. This process was too difficult to imagine.

“This is the mythical gossamer flame.” Ming Yexue emotionally stated: “A divine flame refines wondrous pills while the gossamer flame tempers heavenly essences! The vast majority of flames are easy to come by, but the gossamer flame remains elusive to all!”

No alchemist understood Ming Yexue’s comments. Some even found it strange since this type of weak fire was not part of the common knowledge of a cauldron’s fire.

However, Ming Yexue stared at Li Qiye in astonishment because she had heard of a particular legend, a legend that was painstakingly chased after by generations of the kingdom’s best alchemists.

The gossamer flame tempers heavenly essences! This legendary secret technique had only been grasped by one person across the endless eons, the legendary Alchemy God!

Many alchemists from the kingdom had tried all this time, but no one had ever been successful. However, Li Qiye actually used the gossamer flame to force out the essences. How could Ming Yexue not be shocked by this?

“This little girl is still the most knowledgeable.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but voice his praise. Very few people could recognize his method, let alone see through it.

He then threw the longevity blood into the cauldron towards all the different medicinal concoctions.

When everyone thought that the longevity blood would become violent and try to escape by flipping the cauldron over, it actually galloped around like a stallion. It playfully jumped around then rolled within the essences as if it was having too much fun.

Eventually, the blood rolled around in the essence mix like a stallion rolling around in mud. It was enjoying this blissful feeling.

The whole process was not violent with howls, contrary to what the crowd imagined. It was as if this was the natural order of things.

The blood eventually joined the different essences like snow encountering spring. It slowly melted in a very warm process with no signs of fierce retaliation!

No one could describe their thoughts with words. Shock and amazement were common in those witnessing this scene like snow encountering spring, warmth… the entire process seemed incredibly natural and gave people a feeling of enjoyment!