Chapter 78 : One Hand Kills a Thousand Enemies (2)

The densely packed textures inside the Zither Pavilion emerged and turned into endless magical incantations.


At this time, the power inside the melodic patterns were initiated by Li Qi Ye. In a flash, the emperor’s power and immortal intent broke out, suffocating the heavens. Even four elders’ legs were shivering, unable to stand straight. Under the pressure of the immortal emperor’s remnants, they were entirely suppressed, falling flat to the ground.

“The soul of the Patriarch…”[1]

Feeling the ancient and majestic immortal emperor’s presence, the four elders were extremely emotional to the point where tears dripped down their faces; they finally got to see the immortal emperor’s aura of the Patriarch after countless years had passed.

Outside of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, there were still many experts watching the fight between Gu Tie Shou and Lie Zhan Hou. Even though Gu Tie Shou hadn’t been able to escape the formation, even under the suppression of both the formation and Lie Zhan Hou, he still stood strong; he valiantly moved the other cultivators.

Their hearts were moved by his unyielding will to not surrender until death; he was like a weak insect, yet still struggled to survive with all he had. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, in the end, was still an Immortal Emperor lineage. Even though they had declined for thirty thousand years, they still had some hidden strength!

As for the eight hundred soldiers that came along with Lie Zhan Hou, they coldly smirked in their minds. Even if Gu Tie Shou tried his best, he still wouldn’t make it past tomorrow. There would be a change of dynasty in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, yet Gu Tie Shou was simply struggling on his last foot.

“Boom!” At the moment when cultivators were thinking about how this fight would end, suddenly, inside the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, a light thrusted forward. This light tore through the sky in a flash, and it traveled through the space with enough power to cut down all the celestials.

In the blink of an eye, within the boundary of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, everyone felt an unbeatable ancient emperor pressure. Within this moment, countless existences trembled.

“What’s happening?!”

All the cultivators outside were shivering with fear from the depth of their souls! Under this ancient breath, they all felt like they were insects and ants; they were not enough to reach the apex.

“Emperor’s power and immortal intent! Could it be that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect wants to go all out and activate its Immortal Emperor Life Treasure?!”

Feeling this type of pressure, a sect master strugglingly spoke.

“Not good…”

Feeling this ancient immortal pressure, the eight hundred soldiers on top of the warship were aghast, but everything was too late.

The light in the sky suddenly turned into a sword edge, and it swept horizontally across the heavens and earth. This sword edge shouldered an ancient immortal pressure, and with just this one blow, it could be seen that nothing could stop it.


Waves upon waves of blood spewed out. As the sword edge swept across, eight hundred heads flew up to the sky. All of their eyes were wide from astonishment. The moment their heads flew up, they could even see the blood spurting from their own cut necks.

The sword carried along with it an unstoppable aura. It kept going until it hit the inside of the endless mountains and rivers. A “Bang” sound rang, and the formation immediately became dust. The Ancient Saint’s formation crafted with blood and sweat, under this sword, couldn’t withstand one blow. The formation was split into halves, and it dropped to the floor; Gu Tie Shou also fell down from the inside.


Lie Zhan Hou, inside the formation, bellowed; the sword’s edge immediately pierced through his chest, and it crucified him into the ground.

At this moment, the sword aura disappeared, and only blood flowed quietly on the ground. Lie Zhan Hou, pierced to the ground, could still move his arms and legs. He was still alive simply because Li Qi Ye wanted to spare him.

This sudden change, not mentioning the cultivators who were observing the battle, the disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, and Gu Tie Shou, left everyone in a daze; this sudden reversal was too frightening!

The minds of everyone went blank from seeing this sight. Eight hundred soldiers, Lie Zhan Hou, and the formation – under this one sword, all came to naught. A Royal Noble and an Ancient Saint’s formation, both were not enough to reach the apex. Under this one sword, everything was swept away like dust.

This sword had passed through; within the castle of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, the Mortal Emperor suddenly opened his unfathomable eyes. Like the flow of the sun and moon and the pattern of the celestials, it was truly frightening. At this moment, he quietly murmured:

“Could it be that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect still has an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure left?”

Finally, the heavenly aura in his two eyes exceeded the sky; it was as if he wanted to see through the corner of the world!

Back to the disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. This event rendered them blank for a long time, without being able to regain their wits.

“Emperor’s power and immortal intent…”

An unknown amount of time had passed, and finally, a cultivator whispered. Emperor’s power and immortal intent; countless cultivators had heard of this phrase, but no one had even seen its true power. Today, this one sword’s edge sweeping through and turning everything into nothingness, this was the emperor’s power and immortal intent!

People finally understood the horror of an Immortal Emperor. Immortal Emperor Min Ren was gone for a long time, and he only left behind his emperor’s power and immortal intent; however, it was still enough to cause all of the gods to tremble!

“Tie him up! Three days later, we will publicly behead him for others to see.”

At the moment when everyone was still busy thinking, the voice of Li Qi Ye rang from inside the sect.

One did not know how long it took, but everyone finally regained their spirits. The cultivators on the sideline were shocked while the disciples of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect were continuously celebrating. Some disciples tied up Lie Zhan Hou, and they took him to the dungeon.

Finally, Gu Tie Shou absentmindedly returned to the sect. Inside the Zither Pavilion, after hearing all the details, he still couldn’t help but to lose his composure again.

A while later, Gu Tie Shou stared at Li Qi Ye, and he mumbled:

“The soul of the Patriarch is here, protecting our sect…”

He took a deep breath, and told Li Qi Ye:

“The Patriarch has chosen you as our savior; I hope that you can bring the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect back to its former glory!”

Gu Tie Shou could be considered the main driver of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. With these words, he has established Li Qi Ye’s position within the sect. After one night, Li Qi Ye’s status in the sect couldn’t be shaken by anyone!

Lie Zhan Hou personally led the attack on the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Everyone in the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom assumed that this was the sect’s calamity. No one thought that after just one night, there would be an unthinkable reversal, resulting in the deaths of the eight hundred soldiers and the capture of the wounded Lie Zhan Hou. It all felt like a dream, but it was ten thousand exact truths.

Inside the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, both the upper and lower ranks were jubilant. This was an exciting event for the disciples’ morale. Defeating Lie Zhan Hou’s invasion was a medicine for the heart; at the very least, it gave the disciples a glimmer of hope.

With the conclusion of the battle, the upper echelon of the sect held a meeting with the elders and protectors, led by Gu Tie Shou. He revealed the conspiracy of Cao Xiong and Dong Sheng Long. At the moment, Cao Xiong was dead, and Dong Sheng Long – along with Lie Zhan Hou – were prisoners!

The protectors despised Cao Xiong’s selfish actions to the bones. Just a little bit more, and the sect would have been a puppet under the Heavenly God Sect!

After the five elders informed them that everything was accomplished by Li Qi Ye, the protectors were stunned. They had heard about the Dao instruction, but they didn’t think that the Patriarch had actually chosen Li Qi Ye!

During the meeting, the elders identified Li Qi Ye as the revitalizing savior of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. The protectors did not have any objections regarding this decision.

After the conference had ended, they discussed how to deal with Dong Sheng Long and Lie Zhan Hou.

Regarding this matter, Li Qi Ye only had one sentence. He smiled, and he said:

“Three days later, publicly execute them for all to see. Invite the other sects inside the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom to participate in the fun!”

Hearing Li Qi Ye’s words, the protectors and elders were startled; what kind of absolute decision was this?

“By this, I’m afraid it would truly be leaving no face for the Heavenly God Sect.”

A protector worriedly said.

Li Qi Ye casually replied:

“The Heavenly God Sect is a mortal enemy; who cares about face?”

“What if the Heavenly God Sect declares war on us?”

Another protector couldn’t help but ask. In the end, the Heavenly God Sect was a giant monster to them. They created the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom and backed it for thirty thousand years. Now, it was difficult for anyone to to shake their position.

“Declare war?”

Li Qi Ye bursted out laughing. His eyes became serious, and then slowly spoke:

“I heard that the Mortal Emperor of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom is a powerful ruler with great ambition and wisdom, and he is no less than the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s Demon Emperor Lun Ri! I’m really not afraid of his war declaration. I hope that he would personally lead the battle, then I can just annihilate all of the Royal Nobles and Enlightened Beings of their Heavenly God Sect.”

Gu Tie Shou pondered for a moment, and then he said:

“This is not a bad idea!”

“The emperor’s power and immortal intent of the Zither Pavilion could be expended for a few big battles. If the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom dares to come, we will be able to destroy all of their Royal Nobles and Enlightened Beings in one breath. Even though we have no way of destroying the Heavenly God Sect and the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, but as long as we kill their Royal Nobles and Enlightened Beings, this would be enough to make them seclude themselves to recover for a few thousand years! This will give us a chance to develop the sect.”

Listening to the first elder’s words, the protectors couldn’t help but to glance at each other.

Elder Sun said:

“The Heavenly God Sect’s will to destroy us had never died. We cannot keep on conceding. At this moment, if the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom wants to declare war, then we will give them a devastating blow! We will destroy everything with the emperor’s power and immortal intent of the Zither Pavilion.”

The Zither Pavilion and the Patriarch’s Portrait were both emperor’s treasures. Their powers were extremely great, but they couldn’t be replenished. On this matter, they couldn’t compare to an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure or True Treasure.

An Immortal Emperor Life Treasure could be used countless times, but it had a high requirement for the cultivator wielding it. As for an emperor’s treasure containing emperor’s power and immortal intent, each time it is used, its power will lessen; it eventually will become a mortal item.

This was why, at this moment, Gu Tie Shou’s group wanted to borrow this power of the Zither Pavilion to destroy their enemies in one breath.

Li Qi Ye stared at Gu Tie Shou and asked:

“Regarding this matter, I have a little question. Where is our Immortal Emperor Life Treasure? Where is our Patriarch’s True Treasure?”


Gu Tie Shou, full of embarrassment, smiled. At this moment, the four elders stared at each other, and their expressions were awkward.