Chapter 786: Immortal Emperor’s Cage

The ancestor sneered in response: “Lies? You are Black Fox and Li Qiye is your master. Who but Li Qiye would command you to steal our treasures?!”

“Bullshit!” Tie Yi lost his cool: “You think I don’t know your kingdom’s nasty ploy? If you have a problem, then come at me. Don’t involve my Young Noble!”

The ancestor coldly smiled: “Your loyalty is admirable. However, you are only his servant. Li Qiye’s ploy for our treasures is simply unforgivable!”

Many spectators took a deep breath after hearing this. The kingdom not only claimed that Tie Yi was Black Fox, they also insisted that Li Qiye was the mastermind.

It seemed that it was no longer important whether Tie Yi was Black Fox or not. The crucial thing was that the kingdom didn’t mind paying any price to capture Li Qiye’s group.

“So your kingdom is certain that he is Black Fox?” Li Qiye was neither surprised nor angry at the kingdom’s insistence. He remained calm as if this was the natural course of events.

“It’s far from just that. The past invasion and thievery of our kingdom were all part of your plans.” The ancestor coldly uttered.

Everyone understood after hearing this that the kingdom wanted to push Li Qiye off the cliff. They all knew that it was simply impossible for Li Qiye to command Black Fox to steal the kingdom’s treasures. Take a step back and assume that Tie Yi was indeed Black Fox; when Black Fox was active, Li Qiye might not have been born yet. How could he be the one in command?

People shuddered after hearing the ancestors, especially the big shots and ancestors from the other lineages. Until now, people didn’t sense this behemoth of a kingdom’s existence due to its reclusiveness. Although its power was widely spread from word of mouth, very few people were threatened by the kingdom.

But now, this new style left these experts with cold chills. They suddenly realized that the kingdom was not just a behemoth, it was an even more terrifying existence, an untethered prehistoric beast from the ancient ages! If one day, it chose to not remain hidden anymore; if one day, it chose to emerge for hegemony… the fierce beast would finally leave the mountain and the flood would finally break the dam!

With its power, they would be able to control the winds and clouds at their whim. It was not difficult for them now that they had revealed their intent.

“Amazing, simply amazing.” Li Qiye smiled and clapped his hands in response to the slander: “The Alchemy Kingdom is not only powerful, its distortion of black and white is quite eye-opening as well!”

The ancestor coldly replied: “Li Qiye, do not tarnish our kingdom. We have always been reasonable and defenders of justice! However, against treacherous villains who have malicious intentions towards the Stone Medicine World, there is no need to hold back. Our kingdom has the responsibility to maintain world peace!”

“Mmm, just the words I wanted to hear from you.” Li Qiye smiled softly: “You know, the more you speak, the less guilty I will feel about destroying your kingdom. Although I am a vicious person, do not blame me for what I am about to do. Blame yourself for maneuvering against me.”

At this point, Li Qiye waved his hand towards Tie Yi: “Tie Yi, come over here. If they are certain that I commanded you, then very well, we shall let the Alchemy Kingdom learn just how ruthless the dark hand behind the curtains is!”

After mentioning the dark hand behind the curtain, Li Qiye’s eyes immediately turned fierce with bloodthirst. For many generations, there were countless invincible existences who referred to him by this title! The dark hand manipulating the eras, the monster lurking in the background…

Tie Yi hesitated for a moment but eventually went over to Li Qiye’s side. He didn’t want to involve Li Qiye in this matter, but it seemed that Li Qiye paid no mind.

“Very good, since both of you have admitted to it, nothing could be better.” The ancestor snidely smiled: “Surrender now and perhaps our kingdom will show you mercy!”

“Mercy?” Li Qiye looked at the ancestor and couldn’t help but laugh: “I need your kingdom to show me mercy? Such funny words. Whether I forgive your kingdom or not will depend on my mood!”

“Ignorant fool. You think your dead Phoenix can defeat our kingdom all by itself?!” The ancestor became furious. Their previous defeat to Li Qiye was a great humiliation to the kingdom. No matter what, their kingdom must wash away the shame from last time!

“You’re right. Today, I will tear apart your ancestral land! Don’t blame me, you’ve brought this upon yourselves.” Li Qiye revealed a cold grimace.

“Bold words, I want to see how your skeletal bird will tear apart my ancestral land!” An ancient voice erupted like thunder.

Amidst the action, the auras of God-Monarchs swept through the land, causing countless people to prostrate!

“God-Monarch!” Someone screamed after seeing the monarchs coming out from the kingdom’s ancestral ground: “Three God-Monarchs!”

Three monarchs emerged; two of them were the ones who had attacked last time. Their auras rose to the heavens and suppressed the underworld. Their simultaneous arrival caused many people to shiver in fear.

Many experts retreated to the distance, not daring to come close. The appearance of three monarchs meant that a grand battle was about to ensue.

“If you have nothing else to say, then it’s time to begin.” Li Qiye’s eyes turned serious after seeing the three monarchs. In an instant, a death energy lingered around him along with the appearance of the Death Chapter.

“Screech!” The Phoenix cried and flew out. The Phoenix’s flame ignited as if it was about to burn away the entire sky. It flew in front of Li Qiye as its immortal aura crushed the sky dome. Even a God-Monarch would have no way to take another step forward.

“Subdue!” The monarchs came prepared this time. They summoned a formation that turned into a huge cage that instantly trapped the Phoenix.

Endless imperial might swept through the air with the appearance of this cage. The cage resembled an Immortal Emperor’s five fingers that seemingly wanted to imprison the bird.

“A formation personally created by an Immortal Emperor! Immortal Emperor Yao Zu’s formation!” A knowledgeable ancestor was shocked. Even a God-Monarch would instantly become a prisoner due to the formation’s power. 1

“Pluff!” The Phoenix spread its wings to hit the cage. This prison rocked back and forth and was seemingly about to break at any second. If this formation from an Immortal Emperor could suppress a phoenix, then it would no longer be a phoenix.

“Sacrifice the ancestral blood!” The monarchs shouted at the same time and used their quickest speed to offer the ancestral blood. In the blink of an eye, a sanguine light filled the sky. Souls left people’s bodies after seeing this frightening imperial power.

This sanguine light quickly came together as imperial chains reinforced the cage, allowing it to display its eternal might!

“A drop of longevity blood from Immortal Emperor Yao Zu!” An ancestor was aghast when he saw the chains that reinforced the cage like myriad stars condensing. This power was capable of stopping anything in this world.

The crowd was truly horrified this time around. The kingdom was really going all out. They didn’t only summon an imperial formation, they even offered it imperial blood from an emperor! This was a supreme item unavailable to virtually everyone. Some even said that it was even more valuable than an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!

But right now, the kingdom didn’t mind spending it to suppress the Phoenix. What a grand and scary showing.

One could easily imagine the power of a formation strengthened by imperial blood. It was as if an Immortal Emperor himself had come to quell the oppression. This power was comparable to an Imperial Massacre! However, the main difference was that anyone could summon this formation and offer the blood, but not just anyone could unleash an Imperial Massacre!

The formation’s power rose countless times after the addition of the imperial blood. The chains that locked the cage made it unbreakable.

The Phoenix’s flame grew dim after receiving the suppression of an Immortal Emperor. The bird flapped its wings, intending to tear the cage apart, but this cage was too heavily fortified.

“Junior, give up now. This is your only chance.” After offering the imperial blood, one of the monarchs was completely confident. They were certain that without the protection of the Phoenix, Li Qiye was only an ant.

Madam Zi Yan and Caihe were in distress as well after seeing the trapped Phoenix. In their eyes, the bird was their strongest card. Now, they were extremely vulnerable before the Alchemy Kingdom’s God-Monarchs.

“It is over…” The jolted crowd felt that Li Qiye was done for without the Phoenix.

Even if Li Qiye was the most excellent among the younger generation, even if he could reach the Virtuous Paragon realm, he was only an ant before a God-Monarch.

Moreover, the kingdom didn’t only have just one monarch. Its true power was not all here. Crushing Li Qiye in this circumstance was even easier than crushing an ant.

Tie Yi was jolted by this result as well. He immediately went in front of Li Qiye to act as a guard. At the very least, he was still a Virtuous Paragon!