Chapter 787: Slaying God-Monarchs

However, Li Qiye was not anxious at all in this situation; it was as if he was enjoying himself. He smilingly said: “In order to achieve your goal, your kingdom is really going all out this time.”

This was indeed the case. Imperial blood was priceless and would be gone after a single use! The kingdom’s expenditure this time was more than enough to show their determination.

Nevertheless, capturing Li Qiye and obtaining the Phoenix was still worth it for the kingdom even if they had to spend imperial blood!

“I am merciful and will give you one last chance.” Li Qiye looked at the monarchs and dismissively said: “Surrender now or suffer the consequences!”

“Stop blustering, I will take you down, brat!” The monarch who fought against Li Qiye last time grimaced. With great murderous intent, his giant hand came grasping at Li Qiye.

Without the Phoenix, Li Qiye was only a junior to him. Even if he was strong, he would only be an ant at best — he couldn’t reach the apex.

Li Qiye’s eyes turned cold after seeing the oncoming palm. In a split second, Li Qiye’s forehead opened. A seal emerged from his sea of memories and instantly lit up the surroundings.

Right when the monarch’s hand was about to catch Li Qiye, space suddenly trembled. A fair hand flew out from the deepest location of the Alchemy Kingdom’s ancestral ground. It lingered in the sky and flicked one finger.

“Pluff!” This monarch couldn’t even react. He was instantly obliterated into a bloody mist.

This white hand continued to press forward and unleashed a strike onto the cage. One could only see the five slender, jade-like fingers crushing down on it. “Pop!” The cage that was trapping the Phoenix was instantly shattered. Even the imperial chains could not stop the hand from breaking the cage.

“Impossible…” This sudden development frightened everyone. Those who saw it with their own eyes lost their minds!

A monarch was rendered into mist with the flick of a finger. The cage strengthened by imperial blood mouldered after just one touch. What a horrifying twist of events!

Before people could recover, this white hand disappeared. No one knew where it came from or who it belonged to.

“Little animal, you used an evil art!” As the crowd was still trembling, the two God-Monarchs regained their sanity. With a dignified battle cry, they used their fastest speed to try to kill Li Qiye.

“Screech!” The two monarchs simply had no chance to get close to him. The Phoenix immolated myriad realms and instantly engulfed the two!

“Ahh!” Miserable screams filled the air. The two monarchs couldn’t block the flames of the Phoenix. In a short period of time, this flame burned them into ashes!

They were too arrogant and certain of their victory, so they didn’t bring imperial true treasures from their ancestral ground. Because of this, they were no match for the Phoenix!

“Let us begin!” Li Qiye stood there calmly. The seal from his sea of memories grew even more radiant and dazzling!

“Rumble!” A horrifying event occurred as if something was tearing apart the ancestral ground. The grand vein sealed underground instantly appeared.

In just a moment, a series of immortal sounds echoed. An endless immortal energy soared to the sky like a geyser. Moreover, boundless worldly essence rushed out. There were images of True Dragons, auras of Godkings, and figures of immortal medicines…

Everyone was aghast after seeing this. One of them calmed down with drool dripping down and commented: “This is the best essence of the kingdom’s ancestral ground!”

This was the best thing this world had to offer. Just one jar was enough for a lifetime!

The flying Phoenix opened its mouth and sucked in the immortal energy and worldly essence. All the different images were swallowed as well. After the best essence of this world was devoured by the bird, its flame grew even hotter and illuminated the entire sky dome!

No one knew what was going on. The kingdom’s ancestral ground suddenly split open by itself and revealed the ancestral vein. This was simply impossible to fathom.

The ancestral ground of any nation was definitely protected by countless seals and fortifications, let alone a behemoth like the Alchemy Kingdom! But at this minute, it seemed as if all of its fortifications lost their functionality.

“Boom!” At this moment, three stalwart and unrivaled figures appeared inside the kingdom. The moment these three figures appeared, myriad realms lost their brilliance. The entire Stone Medicine World seemed to be a tiny boat among turbulent waves.

Everyone in the world, even the most ancient existences sealed underground, was jolted into awareness. This aura was truly terrifying.

Above the sky were invincible Immortal Emperors. They loomed over the world and swept across time. The three figures emerged and caused all living beings in the Alchemy Kingdom to drop to the ground. Even the Alchemy Realm and perhaps all of the Stone Medicine World had their inhabitants worshiping fearfully.

“Immortal Emperors! The Alchemy Kingdom’s three emperors!” A pale ancestor exclaimed in horror.

Three emperors came out at the same time. This was beyond everyone’s imagination! Immortal Emperor Yao Zu, Immortal Emperor Bi Shi, and Immortal Emperor Zhuo Huo shocked the realms. Any existence would be trembling with trepidation! 1

Of course, these were not the real emperors but only avatars they left behind. Unless there was no other choice, their avatars would not appear.

The three of them worked together to stop the essence escaping from the ancestral vein! To the Alchemy Kingdom, this was their truest foundation. As long as the vein continued to exist, so would the kingdom!

“Buzz!” It seemed that time-space had been reversed. In the deepest parts of the kingdom infinitely close to the Alchemy Vein’s source, a location beyond the ancestral ground, one transcendent figure could be found standing there.

This was a lady with her face hidden! Step by step, she headed into the kingdom’s ancestral ground. The moment she arrived, myriad realms prostrated.

Images of the nine worlds and myriad realms emerged with her appearance. The heavenly grand dao were all beneath her feet. It seemed that since the start of time, she was the sole sovereign!

“It is her…” Even the most ancient existences sleeping underground were horrified to see this lady; it was as if they were back in that old era.

Back during that time, the nine worlds trembled and all the races worshiped her. No matter how strong one might be or how invincible their lineage was, they couldn’t reach the apex in her presence. A flick of her finger was enough to destroy the eternal river of time!

The inhabitants of this world kneeled in great reverence. Her appearance made the situation even more terrifying. Three emperors and one lady forced everyone to kneel on the ground.

The lady was about to tear the ancestral ground to pieces, but the three unrivaled figures took action to suppress her. This level of pressure was unbelievably daunting and was capable of destroying stars or shattering the Stone Medicine World itself.

The lady remained unafraid against this pressure. She flipped her palm, causing myriad laws to bow down! There were only two words in this world that could describe her invincibility with the flip of her palm — Emperor Suppression!

Even if the emperors were in this world, this lady would still be able to suppress them. It was as if no one had ever been able to block her path!

The three figures didn’t dare to take the initiative against this imperial suppression. They lifted their hands as three true treasures from the kingdom flew out into their grasp.

With the true treasures under their control, the might of these emperors reached the highest level. The entire world shook before their power as if it could collapse at any time.

“This is insane! Are they trying to destroy the entire world?!” Even the oldest existences were scared out of their wits while the rest of the world quivered.

“Is this a fight between emperors?” The people prostrating on the ground started to pray for this battle to not start. Its inception would result in the destruction of not just the Alchemy Kingdom, but the entire Alchemy Realm or even the whole world.

The lady flipped her palm once more and instantly grasped the entire ancestral vein. The endless worldly energy and essences all flowed towards her, allowing her to reach her peak state!

Despite having their true treasures, the three figures didn’t dare to attack. The reason was very simple, the moment they attacked with their weapons, it wouldn’t only hit the lady, but also destroy the ancestral vein! That would signal the end of the kingdom. Once it escalated to this level, what was the point of winning or losing?

“Please spare the Alchemy Kingdom, my lord…” As the kingdom’s fate was hanging by a thread, an old figure appeared inside the endless light of the kingdom.

This old figure called towards Li Qiye, shaking Li Qiye to the core.

“My lord, please spare the Alchemy Kingdom.” This old figure continued to cry out and raised an item while kneeling on the ground.

Li Qiye’s expression relaxed after seeing the kneeling old figure and the item in his hands. Eventually, he softly sighed. Li Qiye felt a bit down; the seal inside his sea of memories slowly withdrew as his forehead closed.

“Nevermind, forgive them.” Li Qiye felt a bit emotional at this moment.

The lady in the far distance glanced at Li Qiye. He also looked back at her. When the two gazes met, it seemed that time itself traveled to the ancient past!

However, after tens of millions of years, everything had changed and all were gone!


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