Chapter 794: Releasing The Phoenix

Li Qiye laughed at Yuan Caihe’s praise and gently shook his head: “Little Sister, it is not because I am kind but because I also want to see its rebirth.” A glimmer flashed across his eyes as he looked at the Phoenix and spoke: “The rebirth of a phoenix through fire has long been spoken of by people, but how many have actually seen it? If this Phoenix can actually be reborn, then there will be an entirely new understanding in the search of eternal life in the future.”

Eternal life was an issue explored by countless invincible existences. In this era where true immortality was impossible, people looked towards rebirth and endless reincarnation. If one could obtain one of these methods, then it was virtually the same as having eternal life.

Regarding this matter, the once immortal Dark Crow had researched it and had a stronger understanding compared to others.

“Rebirth…” The Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor let out a long sigh. He, as an Alchemy Emperor and an Emperor Candidate, had studied this topic as well. He emotionally added: “If I can see the rebirth of a phoenix in my lifetime, then I can go on without regrets. At the very least, it shows that rebirth is not something unattainable. Until now, it remains as the greatest secret. If I can learn a bit more in this life, then death won’t seem that bad.”

The alchemy emperor knew how to prolong life better than other invincible existences. But in this generation, he could no longer further extend his lifespan and was completely helpless.

Li Qiye also nodded to this comment: “Across the ages, no one has ever unraveled the mystery of the phoenix’s rebirth. If this phoenix wants another chance at life, then it has to rely on itself. If I keep it by my side, then it will never be able to obtain this opportunity and live again!”

Having said that, Li Qiye gently patted the pretty and perfect feathers of the bird. Just its feathers alone were priceless, let alone its entire being.

Nevertheless, Li Qiye was willing to let it go instead of keeping it by his side. Perhaps he would be able to have the chance to learn a few things after seeing the potential true rebirth in the future. Eventually, he made up his mind.

At the same time, Yuan Caihe’s group and countless experts from the kingdom wanted to watch this scene, this potential miracle!

The moment the group came out of the ancestral ground to release the Phoenix at the mountain pass caused many spectators to be alarmed.

The moment a supreme immortal bird like the Phoenix came out, an endless and majestic aura immediately rose and was felt by everyone in Alchemy City. To their astonishment, they looked up all at once to see Li Qiye raising the Phoenix in his hands.

“No way, is he crazy? Releasing the Phoenix?” From his actions, some could guess what Li Qiye was about to do and felt astounded.

“How preposterous is this? This is a Phoenix! No matter if it is alive or dead, it is still a priceless treasure. Just its heart alone is comparable to an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure!” Even a great power’s ancestor was scared silly by Li Qiye’s actions.

Those who knew more about the value of a phoenix felt that it was even more insane. Releasing such a treasure was a prodigal decision of paramount proportions — truly enraging!

“Go find your own fortune for rebirth and seize the future full of opportunities.” Eventually, Li Qiye sighed and threw the Phoenix up.

“Screech!” In the blink of an eye, the Phoenix soared to the sky and danced around three times above Li Qiye’s head before using an astonishing speed to pierce through the sky, disappearing in the horizon.

Its swift speed was unmatched; even the reflection of moonlight would seem slow in comparison. It disappeared into the distance in just the blink of an eye.

The spectators in the city were stunned. A phoenix had left just like that because of Li Qiye’s prodigal decision. Some wanted to curse and yell at Li Qiye to give the Phoenix to them instead of releasing it like this!

“Chase after it!” Some ancestors and legendary masters regained their wits and suddenly rushed into the sky. They flew at amazing speeds to chase in the direction of the Phoenix.

Suddenly, a few existences with real power followed suit. This was a Phoenix! They, being Virtuous Paragons, naturally wanted to seize it!

“Some paragons are chasing after it.” The madam worriedly said. Since so many gave chase, what if the Phoenix fell into their hands? That would be a waste of her Young Master’s efforts.

“With just them?” Li Qiye simply didn’t care and dismissively said: “They are not qualified. If any random street dogs could catch a Phoenix, then it wouldn’t be an existence that was once comparable to Immortal Emperors.”

After hearing this, the madam felt relieved.

The news of the release of the creature spread throughout the Stone Medicine World and caused a huge stir. Many ancient existences couldn’t sit still after hearing it.

“Who cares if he is crazy or not, summon the ancestral weapon so that we can catch the bird!” A timeworn ancestor crawled out from the ground and set off immediately!

“Summon the patriarch’s Immortal Emperor’s carriage. We have to catch this Phoenix at all costs!” Even imperial lineages’ ancestors were no exceptions. They brought out their imperial treasures and gave chase.

In a short period of time, a storm swept across this world with countless lineages, including imperial lineages, joining the chase for the Phoenix. It swept through the entire world with old undyings rising from the earth to join the hunt.

New information came every day. One day, some people found the bird in the Medicine Realm. The very next day, someone spotted it in the Beast Realm, and then the Stone Realm.

The bird seemed to be searching for something as it traveled across the world. Despite people spotting it numerous times, no one could catch up to it. As an immortal bird, its speed was so fast that even imperial carriages couldn’t catch up.

This lasted for a while before the Phoenix suddenly crossed the void and disappeared into the vast sky. No one could chase after it. All the paragons dejectedly gave up, so the curtain finally fell.

Despite the big commotion, Li Qiye paid it no mind. He expected this result and continued to stay at the kingdom’s ancestral ground to pass on his dao of alchemy to Yuan Caihe.

One day, the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor personally came to see him: “My lord, the platform is ready. Would you like to go take a look?”

“Good, let’s check it out.” Li Qiye nodded and followed the alchemy emperor.

There was an archaic platform inside an important forbidden ground of the kingdom with a gigantic gateway. It appeared to be a teleportation portal but was slightly different. Above the platform was a gigantic ring that slowly rotated, causing time to fluctuate to its rhythm.

Li Qiye emotionally stated after seeing this platform again: “What an extraordinary item! Even an Immortal Emperor wouldn’t be able to copy it! Your ancestor was very lucky to have obtained this door. At the very least, this is one more shortcut straight to the Drystone Courtyard!”

“This thing is really great, but the chance of success is too low. I have tried several times when I was younger but failed each time. I didn’t dare to try it again later on since it would be too much for me to handle.” The emperor wryly smiled: “I can’t say that this time will be successful either even if my lord is the one to operate the portal.”

“I know. Like I said before, this is just an attempt to reach the Drystone Courtyard. It is only a speculation that I want to personally test. If it’s unsuccessful, then I’ll try other methods. They will only be a bit more troublesome.” Li Qiye smiled.

Li Qiye carefully examined this portal and eventually nodded: “Embed the Immortal Emperor Refine Jades and let it stabilize, then I’ll set off.”

“My juniors have carefully prepared them already. Once it stabilizes, my lord can go at any time.” The alchemy emperor responded.

This gateway required a massive amount of imperial refined jades. However, it was not a problem for the kingdom.

“I want the Heavenly Annihilations of those three imperial weapons! Let them prepare well so we can get started.” Li Qiye commanded.

“If my lord wants to use the annihilations, then we have to open the old Godfiend Battlefield because very few places in this world could handle such force.” The alchemy emperor replied.

“Right, your kingdom has a battlefield ready. Let them prepare now; this time, they will absolutely lose some of their lifespans.” Li Qiye nodded.

The alchemy emperor had no objections to this request. Li Qiye’s exoneration was already merciful enough towards the other ancestors.

The kingdom had an archaic battlefield. Legend states that Immortal Emperor Bi Shi brought it back. As for where he got it from… not even the ancestors were privy to this.