Chapter 795: Before The Journey

On this day, the battlefield was finally opened. The moment one stepped inside, they would find that it was a disorderly space with an endless sky of nothingness.

Here, there were peaks that were as big as independent worlds, and a galaxy that stretched from the northernmost to southernmost reaches with stars floating about…

Unfortunately, this was a location that could have created a series of worlds but had been shattered into pieces. The mountains were destroyed and the galaxy fragmented with the destruction of the stars. The only thing in sight was a scene of ruin and destruction.

One could easily imagine the terrible war that took place here. Either that or this place used to be a brutal training ground. The destruction of the world was the most appropriate term to describe the field ahead.

The ancestors from the kingdom who had sinned had all arrived. They also carried along the three imperial true treasures of the kingdom — the Brightflame Cauldron, the Divine Beast Zither, and one more item that looked to be a basket woven from bamboo leaves.

However, do not underestimate this basket. Its origin could scare people to death! It was the true fate weapon of the kingdom’s progenitor, Immortal Emperor Yao Zu. Its name was the Dragon Subduing Basket, an extremely powerful true treasure.

“Very good, all three imperial treasures are here. You all know the drill, I assume?” Li Qiye slightly nodded his head and said: “I need Heavenly Annihilations!”

Having said that, Li Qiye took out one treasure after another — the Yin Yang Immortal Mirror, the green lamp with the black fire, the Declivity-Mountain Bell, the Heaven Sealing Pentagate…

The ancestors’ eyes widened after seeing Li Qiye take out so many treasures. They were legendary masters and eternal existences. Some were even God-Monarchs! Of course they knew their stuff.

As a sect with three emperors, they had the most treasures and imperial weapons in the Stone Medicine World. To them, this was a source of pride since it signified their power.

However, Li Qiye alone took out this many treasures. Each of them was not necessarily weaker than their imperial true treasures… This sort of thing to them was simply absurd.

Their entire sect’s treasury was inferior to Li Qiye’s personal stash. This was unbelievably unfair!

The alchemy emperor, on the other hand, only smiled while the ancestors were astounded. These juniors had never seen the Dark Crow of past. His treasury back then could scare people to death. Even Immortal Emperors would feel envious before it!

Of course, this was normal for Li Qiye. He even gave away the Immortal Writ and lightning eye to Tie Yi. Treasures to him were not anything special. When he needed them, he had plenty of means to gather more!

“In addition to the Heavenly Annihilations from your true treasures, my items will also unleash an ultimate attack.” Li Qiye told the ancestors after taking out these treasures.

The ancestors swallowed their saliva. This was quite a difficult task for them. One of the ancestors couldn’t help but say: “I’m afraid that even if we drain all of our vitality, we wouldn’t be able to unleash so many Heavenly Annihilations.”

Unleashing an annihilation was very difficult. Although they were sinners so they had to do this, they were powerless to an extent.

“Don’t worry, I can personally unleash some annihilations! I just need some help in this process for stabilization.” He paused for a bit before continuing: “Though all of you are sinners, I will not mistreat those who work for me! Regardless of what you think, as long as all of you do a good job, I will refine several batches of heavenly medicines for you!”

The ancestors couldn’t help but glance at each other after hearing this. They were quite moved. Although their future was one of being sealed underground, they eventually would come out again in the distant future. As long as they were still alive, who wouldn’t want to live a bit longer?

Although the kingdom was the most powerful alchemy lineage in this world, only two people were able to refine heavenly medicines, the Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor and Ancestor Wushuang!

These ancestors had used many items to prolong their life including a large quantity of longevity medicines. However, they had never consumed heavenly medicines before.

Although their two oldest ancestors could refine these medicines, they would not continuously do so due to the negative effects the process had on their blood energy. Their lifespan was countless times more precious compared to the junior ancestors.

This was not the case for Li Qiye. He was still young and had no worries in this aspect. Moreover, he also had the ability to do so!

“What are you all waiting for? Show your gratitude to the lord’s benevolence.” Even the alchemy emperor was happy for his juniors. This was a rare opportunity.

“Thank you, my lord…” The ancestors were no longer arrogant. Even though Li Qiye decreed for them to be sealed underground, they were still very excited and moved. This was a blessing amidst a disaster.

Li Qiye insipidly said: “Let us begin.”

After some time, the atmosphere in the entire Stone Medicine World seemed to become suffocating. No one knew what was going on, but they could feel that something was coming. Every so often, there would be an explosion that caused the ground to slightly shake.

No one knew what was going!

“The old battlefield, someone is definitely opening the Godfiend Battlefield!” A few legendary masters and eternal existences understood the event that was unraveling.

Nevertheless, no one knew which lineage was opening this battlefield. Very few sects were able to have access to a battlefield of this level. People became afraid of what kind of battle required its opening. Speculations began to run amok all over the Stone Medicine World.

Of course, no one knew that during this period, Li Qiye was unleashing one Heavenly Annihilation after another, from one ultimate attack to another. After many repeated attempts, he was finally successful.

At the end of this process, he collapsed from fatigue. The other ancestors were not faring any better. Their lifespans were greatly spent. Fortunately for them, Li Qiye had agreed to refine heavenly medicines so their efforts inside this old battlefield were all worth it.

In the end, the group left the old battlefield. Although all of them were battered, Li Qiye had an astonishing harvest.

Outsiders didn’t know of his spoils, but the ancestors of the kingdom did. After finding out Li Qiye’s capabilities, the ancestors felt a fear that seeped into their souls. Even if they were ten times more courageous in the future, they still wouldn’t dare to oppose him. They realized that someone even more powerful than they would be easily crushed by him!

Yuan Caihe had lingered long enough at the Alchemy Kingdom, so after Li Qiye came out, she decided to return to the Serene Garden. On the second day, she went to Li Qiye to bid farewell.

“Big Brother, you have to come visit me at the garden some time.” At the time of her departure, even the calm Yuan Caihe was a bit unwilling to leave.

Li Qiye smiled in response: “I’m afraid I won’t be able to this time. I need to go visit many places, so we’ll have to wait until next time. Of course, you can also come to the Mortal Emperor World.”

No parting lasts forever; Yuan Caihe gently kissed him and eventually left.

After saying goodbye, Li Qiye called for the madam and spoke in a serious manner: “Zi Yan, you have followed me for some time now. Do you wish to go with me?”

The madam wasn’t prepared for this sudden question. She was slightly stunned before answering: “Where does Young Master want to go?”

Li Qiye revealed a mysterious smile and said: “Well, I’ll let you know after hearing your decision.”

The madam took a deep breath and solemnly replied: “If Young Master is willing to take me, then I am willing to follow you to the edge of this world.” She had made up her mind at this time.

Others would find this unbelievable. The madam was still young and was already a Heavenly King, a ruler of an entire country! Many people would find her to have boundless potential and an unreachable status.

No matter the perspective, being a ruler was much better than being a driver.

However, the madam did not share this thought. After staying by Li Qiye for all this time, she understood what miracles and unbelievable wonders were!

In her opinion, even if she continued to stay at Giant Bamboo, her final accomplishment would only be Virtuous Paragon. Her world would be limited to the Giant Bamboo Country. Even if she was able to take things one step higher, she would be limited to the Stone Medicine World.

However, this wouldn’t be the case if she followed her Young Master. She would be able to witness the secrets across the ages. Her horizon would no longer be limited to the Stone Medicine World, but all of the nine worlds!

By following her Young Master, her future would be full of miracles and possibilities.

“Very well, I’m glad that you have thought it through.” Li Qiye gently nodded. He personally held her in high regard. He would have fewer worries with her by his side.

He commanded: “You should go back to Giant Bamboo and deal with the matter of succession. Afterward, take the Imperial Draco-Bull to the Giant Bamboo Country. It will leave behind a divine ring there.”

“Young Master won’t go back to Giant Bamboo?” The madam was slightly surprised.

Li Qiye gently shook his head: “I want to go to the Drystone Courtyard with the kingdom’s portal.”